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“News came from the Immortal Court that the Three Clear Lineages successors are coming for the Three Brilliances Sacred Water.

Theyre talking about you lot, right” asked Traveling Monk Hui An.

Gao Han smiled and said, “You know about my name.

Im truly proud of it.”

“New generations are surpassing the old ones.

Theres no need to remain so modest,” said Traveling Monk Hui An with a smile.

“Although our peers had retreated into hiding for ages, we hadnt sealed off our external news sources.

How could I not hear the name of you lot Youre all the most exceptional prodigies of Daoism after the Great Calamity.”

“Compared to the four of you, Ive only been managing to survive for a few years.”

Traveling Monk Hui An lowered his head and looked towards the crimson red gourd within his hand, “Ive already entered Buddhism, and all sorts of attachments to the past have already been disregarded.

If it was any other matters, I dont mind fulfilling your desires due to our past relations with each other.

However, the Immortal Court are coveting these Three Brilliances Sacred Water as well.

It isnt good for me to humiliate my alliances.

Therefore, Im unable to present it to you.”

Yan Zhaoge cupped his hands, “Were in dire need of the Three Brilliances Sacred Water as well.

If thats the case, we can only offend you.

However, were merely fighting temporarily.

Please dont let this affect our future relationship.”

“Youre an amusing person.

Despite being in the Leakless True Immortal Realm, you have such an arrogant way with words.

Although Ive heard of your name before, whether you live up to your name or not requires further affirmation.” Traveling Monk Hui An smiled, “As for whether I would be offended, that depends on how capable you lot are.”

Yan Zhaoge smiled slightly, “Please do give me some pointers later on.”

Li Xingba scolded, “Just take action already! Why are you blabbering so much”

Before he finished speaking, he had already swung his hand.

A stream of dark yellow light flew out and shot towards Traveling Monk Hui Ans head, leaving numerous cracks within the void.

“The amount of Three Brilliances Sacred Water I possess is limited.

If not for that, my seniors wouldve already used it to suppress the Roc of Ten Thousand Cloudy Miles.” Traveling Monk Hui An plucked his gourds cap, “However, it should be sufficient in dealing with you lot.”

“Speaking of it, if you lot managed to snatch it away, whether youre all able to distribute it equally is still an uncertainty.”

Amidst his laughter, a stream of water flew out from the crimson red gourd.

Green, yellow and white brilliances permeated, forming a screen of water.

Li Xingbas Earth Splitting Pearl crashed upon the screen of water, causing the screen of water to undergo a vibration.

The water screen, originally a single entity, seemed to have broken down into numerous water droplets.

All the water droplets were vibrating, jumping around.

However, in the next instant, all the water droplets regained their stability and reformed together.

The change of events happened too quickly, rendering Li Xingba unable to utilize the gap of time to execute his next move.

Instead, his own Earth Splitting Pearl was stuck to the screen of water.

Although the dark yellow pearl was continuously vibrating, the vibration was halted by the water, rendering it unable to utilize its potential.

“Youre truly someone fortunate.

Even after dropping out of the Investiture Gods rankings, youre able to survive until today without joining the Immortal Courts, the White Lotus, or the Devils.” Traveling Monk Hui An looked towards Li Xingba and said, “What is it for other than idiocy that you come here to be slain by my blade, instead of appreciating the chance to survive”

Li Xingbas red face turned dark, “Bastard, Ill take my revenge upon you!”

“Youre truly stubborn.” Traveling Monk Hui An smiled and said, “In the past, if you hadnt become an Investiture God, youd have died by my blade.

Although your life was secured, youve suffered huge damage to your vitality.

Although Investiture Gods cant cultivate, their flow of time was different.

It allowed your lifespan to grow by a huge margin.”

“Youve finally dropped out of it and should be nurturing your vitality.

Otherwise, you might not be able to improve at all and might even lie in your grave sooner or later.”

“Youre seeking revenge.

And yet, with your current strength, wont my sword just end up piercing through your head once more” As Traveling Monk Hui An spoke, he raised his hand and lifted his Reckless Iron Rod.

Then, he swung it towards Li Xingbas square-edged golden swordbreaker.

Li Xingba retorted, “Stop twisting your words! Thanks to you, I was forced to become an Investiture God and wasted so much time.

How much stronger are you compared to me, anyway Since the Ancient era until the Middle era, youve only been remaining by the Grand Virtual Immortal Realm!”

“And yet, I still have the chance of becoming a Tathagata, or ascending to the Grand Heavenly Immortal Realm, no matter how minuscule my chances of succeeding are.” Traveling Monk Hui An didnt mind Li Xingbas words and wasnt enraged by it.

He said peacefully, “But, do you have such a chance Im afraid even you have no confidence in yourself, right”

“Unless, if you join the heretics.”

Li Xingba was so furious; steam seemed to have been released from his nose.

He swung his golden swordbreaker and hit it towards Traveling Monk Hui An.

Traveling Monk Hui An sneered and held the metal rod with both hands, parrying his opponents square-edged golden swordbreaker once again.

Then, two rays of sword-lights flickered at the same time behind his back.

The Curved Twinblades of Wu were suddenly unsheathed, and the phantom-like sword-lights instantly reached the front of Li Xingba!

“Slow down!” Daoist Crimson Mist yelled lightly and extended both of his palms together, casting the Crimson Mist Ten Chapters arts.

The crimson red mists fell upon the screen of water formed by the Three Brilliances Sacred Water.

The water screen trembled.

Although it didnt dissipate, the Earth Splitting Pearl wasnt stuck to the screen of water anymore.

The dark yellow pearl flew back to Li Xingba.

Just as Traveling Monk Hui Ans sword-light was about to hit him, his pearl managed to fend off the sword-light.

Only, Curved Twinblades of Wu was a twinblade.

Even if one sword-light was blocked, another one continued slashing towards Li Xingba.

“I heard about the magnificence of the Curved Twinblades of Wu.

Now that I finally managed to see it personally, it truly lives up to its name,” said Gao Han in a complex manner.

He extended his hand, and a brilliant long banner appeared within his hands as if the sun and stars were gathered together.

With a hook, the Holy Radiance Banner managed to block the second sword-light.

The sword-light trembled and flew backward.

Both the Curved Twinblades of Wu re-entered the sheath behind Traveling Monk Hui An.

“Oh” Traveling Monk Hui An looked towards Daoist Crimson Mist, mildly surprised, “Youre able to suppress the effects of the Three Brilliances Sacred Water”

Daoist Crimson Mist remained silent.

Both his palms pressed onto the water screen at the same time and retracted.

With this, the crimson red mists seemingly tangible hands that were pulling the water screen slowly solidified itself.

On the other side, other Buddhist Bhantes came forward, surrounding them.

The group of Demon Race experts didnt make any move immediately.

Instead, they were still observing the situation.

After seeing Yan Zhaoge and the others fighting against the Western Pure Lands Traveling Monk Hui An for the Three Brilliances Sacred Water, the few Demon Race experts looked towards each other, nodded, and finally joined the fray.

In particular, the two Great Rocs aimed towards Traveling Monk Hui An with precision.

Previously, Traveling Monk Hui An was causing them troubles using the Three Brilliances Sacred Water.

Now that the problem could be solved, the two Great Rocs didnt intend to retreat just like that.

Even if they left now, they would merely welcome a moment of peacefulness.

However, if they could thoroughly take care of the Three Brilliances Sacred Water, it would be an eternal peacefulness for the Great Rocs.

Upon seeing this, Traveling Monk Hui An used his Curved Twinblades of Wu once again.

He forced Li Xingba and Daoist Crimson Mist into retreat and lifted the water screen formed by the Three Brilliances Sacred Water, hindering the two Great Rocs path.

A queer scene unfolded.

Great Rocs were able to travel hundreds of millions of miles with just a wave of their wings.

And yet, as soon as the wind current released by their wings were blocked by the Three Brilliances Sacred Water, even if the Great Rocs themselves never came into contact with it, their speed still slowed down abruptly.

As soon as the Great Rocs speed slowed down, Traveling Monk Hui An immediately lifted his metal rod and aimed it towards their heads.

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