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Despite slowing down, the light storms released by the Great Rocs wings tore through the fabrics of the void, making Traveling Monk Hui Ans metal rod unable to advance any further.

The Great Rocs lowered their claws and attempted to grab Traveling Monk Hui Ans limbs.

If they managed to grab him, no matter how tough a Buddhists Vajra Body was, their limbs would still be torn apart upon force exertion.

A golden lamp lit up atop Traveling Monk Hui An, and a sarira appeared within the golden lamp.

As the sariras treasured light radiated, the surrounding space suddenly turned blurry.

Using this opportunity, he turned around and avoided the two Great Rocs lunge.

However, at this moment, sunlight illuminated the entire world.

A silhouette suddenly appeared beside Traveling Monk Hui An.

It was Gao Han.

Gao Han shook the Holy Radiance Banner with his right hand, parrying Traveling Monk Hui Ans Reckless Metal Rod.

Then, he grabbed towards Traveling Monk Hui Ans crimson red gourd with his empty left hand.

Traveling Monk Hui An retracted the Curved Twinblades of Wu behind his back, and flung them towards Gao Han.

Brilliances concentrated atop Gao Hans head, and his vigor experienced a fanatical surge.

As Yan Zhaoge and Feng Yunsheng saw it, they were both surprised.

The one that appeared on Gao Hans head was the Duo Flowers Converged Crown.

After Suo Mingzhang destroyed one flower, Gao Han managed to recover it back.

The speed of recovery was much faster than anyone had anticipated.

However, after noticing it for a while, they had to retract their concentration.

The other Buddhist Bhantes that came along with Traveling Monk Hui An started making their moves.

Yan Zhaoge and the others had to deal with them carefully.

All of a sudden, more than one Virtual Immortal Realm expert made their moves, and the sonorous voice of the great dao filled the entire surroundings.

Even if Yan Zhaoge was proficient in the Peerless Heavenly Scripture, and his foundations of cultivating the Three Clear arts were solid enough, he felt as if his eardrums were going to burst.

He was dazed with stars spinning around his head.

He took a deep breath and calmed his mind.

He didnt care about the current situation and took out the treasures and materials he had prepared beforehand.

Then, he shook them within the void.

Feng Yunsheng stood firmly beside him.

With the long saber in her hand, she slashed it in a circular manner.

The black saber left an indelible mark within the void as if the entire space was being separated from the voids boundless outskirts.

Within the marks, black lights shot towards the skies, as if it was forming a shapeless barrier that was isolating Yan Zhaoge and Feng Yunsheng away from the outside world.

The jet-black sword-light seemed to be the ending point of everything.

No matter what was facing it, they could do nothing but halt.

The majestic sonorous voice of the great dao was immediately cut off.

Shapeless sonorous voice and Buddhism chantings dissipated upon coming in contact with the black-light barrier, forming circles of powerless ripples.

A Buddhist Bhante got near to the barrier and looked towards Yan Zhaoge and Feng Yunsheng.

He softly chanted the sutra and extended both his palms together while striding forward in an attempt to pass through the saber mark left behind by Feng Yunsheng within the void.

Buddhism lineages martial arts were unique.

They were perfected and flourished by the hands of the central Blessed Lands of Sahas owner, the Mystical Mountain Tathagata Buddha that had already transcended.

Before the central Blessed Lands of Saha, when the Western Pure Lands appeared within the world, the Western Second Patriarch had already ventured a new pathway before the Grand Clear Daoism disseminated their teachings to the world.

Now, the new path was the embodiment of the current Buddhism lineage martial arts.

Both of these arts fused together and slowly formed the Buddhism martial arts, a martial art that was different from the Daoism martial arts.

Although there were points of reference, many parts were inherently different.

Among Buddhism martial arts, the ones that used the Threefold Teachings as its base, the Four Noble Truth as its essence, and the Thirty-seven Bodhipakkhiya Dhamma as its backbone would be the official lineage.

Below, all other separated ones would develop to become branches.

Just like the Daoism lineages, when fighting against external enemies, Buddhisms branched martial arts wont necessarily pale in comparison to Buddhism lineages martial arts.

In fact, it might even surpass the Buddhism lineages ones.

However, when cultivating within their own body, they would ultimately walk back to the same path in the end, no matter how much disparity existed between each martial art.

Going further up, they would break through karma, illuminate the true path, bear the true intent of having no identity, and achieve perfection in intelligence.

In this regard, the Western Pure Lands werent all that different from the central Blessed Lands of Saha.

However, the Blessed Lands of the White Lotus was different.

Due to the Future Buddha reformatting the scriptures, even if zen and martial art were still present within, zen wasnt used to cultivate ones own body, awaken ones intelligence, achieve ones goal, or illuminate the world anymore.

The Buddhist Bhante in front of Yan Zhaoge and Feng Yunsheng was of the Western Pure Lands lineage.

He raised his hands and executed the Thirty-seven Bodhipakkhiya Dhammas Satipatthana Seals final seal – Contemplating the Non-Selfhood of Phenomena.

Phenomena refer to the myriad of phenomena.

All sorts of living entities with emotions, and all sorts of items without emotions were all described as the myriad of phenomena.

After all, they were born from karma and the combination of falsehood.

The parting of karma and the disillusionment were all false.

Among the phenomena, the impermanence of life and death was initially the false notion of ego.

While executing the Non-Selfhood Seal, the Buddhist Bhante continued to circulate the Four Noble Truths third truth – Nirodha, the truth of annihilation.

Annihilation means Nirvana, the meaning of extinction, and the elimination of the troubles and the retribution of life and death among the Three Realms.

By liberating oneself from life and death, one wont experience lifes troubles and death from the Three Realms anymore.

They would achieve Nirvana and liberate themselves from such affairs.

As the two arts fused with each other, they transformed into an intent that signified the end of all phenomena, the breakthrough of all troubles, and the ascension to the relief of sufferings.

In actual combat, it had the same effects as one of the Prime Clear Lineages Numinous Treasure Four Swords – the Immortal Exterminating Sword Scripture.

Although this Buddhist Bhante hadnt been outside of the Buddhist Lands for ages, he could tell how remarkable Feng Yunshengs saber intent was.

As such, he dared not underestimate it and fused every essence he had learned in his first move.

Blue-black devilish flames jumped around within Feng Yunshengs eyes.

Without moving, she held the long saber horizontally in front of her chest and had no intentions of moving away, resembling an extraordinarily stable and sturdy mountain.

The Buddhist Bhante, whose cultivation was similar to Daoisms Virtual Immortal Realm, landed his attack on the black-light screen.

The black-light screen remained as calm as ever, and no ripples could be seen.

As for the translucent and clear Buddha light, it dissipated and disappeared into nothingness.

“Even by just guarding, she has such a force.” Everyone present was shocked, “She seems like the kind whose offense is much stronger than defense.”

Upon seeing this, Traveling Monk Hui An frowned as well, “No wonder why this woman was listed as someone to be held in high regard.

The Doomsday Heavenly Devils authority aside, her talents are exceptional as well.

Almost no one in the Virtual Immortal Realm can go up against her with the two combined.

It feels like shes deliberately holding herself back…”

He looked towards the side of Feng Yunsheng and saw the seemingly quiet Yan Zhaoge.

He frowned even harder, “This persons reputation isnt for nothing either…”

As he was contemplating, Traveling Monk Hui Ans figure dodged towards the side.

A scorching sun tore through the fabrics of the void.

It transformed into boundless and endless radiances, which he barely dodged.

Gao Han smiled, turned around, and parried away the Curved Twinblades of Wu.

Then, he attacked Traveling Monk Hui An once more.

“Hes much stronger than that Li Xingba.” Traveling Monk Hui An blocked Gao Hans attack and sighed in his heart, “The newer generation truly surpassed the older generation.”

At this moment, the battlefield was a mess, and fights broke out everywhere.

Other than Feng Yunsheng and Yan Zhaoge isolating themselves from the fighting resolutely, others had all begun fighting.

“Its done,” blurted Yan Zhaoge.

He clasped his palms together, and rays of radiances danced around the front of his eyes.

Finally, they dimmed down and transformed into dusky clumps of radiances.

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