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Chapter 1404: Supreme Early Heaven, One Prana Three Clears

After being hit by the vermillion red Immortal Bewitching Pill, Li Xingba and the Crane Demons Immortal physique became unstable.

Their Immortal Essence and Demonic Essence were being shattered apart, and their Five Qis were dissipating as well.

Under the chilly winds and dark mists effects, their cultivation descended to the Profound Immortal Realm.

At the instant when they were hit, they became so dizzy that they almost fainted.

Fortunately, the two possessed resolute will, and their souls were tough.

They could maintain their very last consciousness.

Currently, they were merely being oppressed by the formations power.

If they fainted just like that and ceased to put up any resistance, the Nine Bends Yellow River Formation would damage and grind their Immortal physique, thus causing their foundations to be thoroughly damaged.

When that happens, an Immortal Realm expert would fall back to the mortal realm.

They would lose many years of effort, just like that.

The Earth Splitting Pearl atop Li Xingbas head trembled violently.

Circles and circles of materialized waves started expanding outwards.

Within his own eyes, waves were vibrating as well.

As the external and internal waves converged with each other, Li Xingba maintained his consciousness.

He placed his hand on the Crane Demon beside him, and the vibration prevented the Crane Demon from fainting.

Even so, the mighty strength of the Yellow Rivers Nine Bends continued to display its uses.

After their Five Qis Unifications were destroyed, they felt the oppression of the formations power even more.

Under the effects of the chilly winds, the dark mists, and the yellow river water, their Immortal physique dissipated even quicker.

At this moment, their Immortal Essences were still refined by four kinds of Immortal qis.

However, as the formation continued to wear them down, they were about to degrade to the stage of a Three Qis Profound Immortal.

“Quick!” Li Xingba dared not have any more hesitations.

He kept all his selfishness away, and only one thought remained in his mind – to first defeat Yan Zhaoge and break through the Nine Bends Yellow River Formation.

Otherwise, he might be unable to leave this place alive.

With the will of his heart, the Earth Splitting Pearl atop his head shot towards Yan Zhaoge.

Meanwhile, Li Xingba himself jumped upwards and lunged himself towards Yan Zhaoge.

Although his Grant Virtual level Immortal Artifact – the square-edged golden swordbreaker was slashed apart by Feng Yunsheng, Li Xingbas current fist resembled the momentum of his golden swordbreaker.

With a loud “bang” resounding within the void, he smashed it towards Yan Zhaoges head.

The Earth Splitting Pearl and Li Xingbas fist worked together to inflict a vibrational force capable of shattering the dense earth, destabilizing the yin and yang.

Meanwhile, the Crane Race Small Saint was aware that his life was on the line as well.

While forcefully withstanding the feeling of dizziness, he exerted his full strength in his attack.

Within the cranes crystal unmistakable bellow, Yan Zhaoge could hear a few hints of ruthlessness.

The Crane Race Small Saints long neck extended, and his long beak pointed towards Yan Zhaoge.

Rays of harmonious winds emerged and temporarily blew away the chilly winds and black mists, shooting towards Yan Zhaoge.

Blown by the harmonious winds, Yan Zhaoge could feel that his Immortal qi was being blown away.

He was even facing difficulties in gathering his qi.

This was the Crane Demons innate talent.

It combined with his Immortal Aura, asserting a decent amount of force.

With the harmonious winds opening the path, an earthquake followed suit.

Li Xingbas Earth Splitting Pearl and fist approached of Yan Zhaoge in that instant.

Yan Zhaoge remained fearless despite that.

He changed his hand seals, and river water instantly surged, devouring Li Xingba and his Earth Splitting Pearl within.

Then, he stood up and straightened his body.

Without evading, he also delivered a punch, which contended straight against Li Xingbas fist!

Twelve undulating radiating circles arose at the same time, interchanging between brightness and darkness.

Between the interchangement, the darkness faded, and only boundless radiances remained.

Within twelve of the radiating circles, twelve divinities seemed to be sitting within.

The illusory divinities faces were shrouded within the radiance, with nothing perceptible.

As Li Xingba looked towards them, he saw the Lord of Broad Accomplishment, the Lord of Plentiful Treasure, the True Martial Emperor, the Southern Extremity Longevity Emperor, and many other mythical bigwigs silhouettes.

As Li Xingba remained shocked, the twelve radiating divinities manifestation moved along with Yan Zhaoges fist and punched along with him.

As Yan Zhaoge unleashed his fist, the twelve radiating divinities manifestation shattered together.

The twelve radiating circles which they resided in shattered along with them.

After the radiance, no darkness remained.

As the great dao collapsed, the two extremities ceased to exist any longer.

After Yan Zhaoge ascended to the Immortal Realm, he fused all sorts of martial arts insightful strength within his Grand Shattering Brightness Pal.

Then, all sorts of daos crumbled, transforming into peerlessly horrifying power, which forcefully went against the ancient era Four Qis Profound Immortal expert – Li Xingba!

Explosion against shattering.

The two forces forcefully clashed against each other.

Yan Zhaoges body vibrated, and his arm couldnt help but tremble.

Meanwhile, Li Xingbas body was forced backward by the tremble.

“Such fierce and violent fist art!” Li Xingba was continuously forced backward as he attempted to dissolve the explosive power.

The instant the two fists clashed against each other, he even felt that his arm was about to burst apart if it wasnt for the Immortal Aura protecting him.

On the other hand, Yan Zhaoge felt as if his body had transformed into the vast land itself and that an earthquake was forcefully incited within his body.

His fist was trembling the most, with his arm being the second.

The closer it was to his fist, the more intense the tremble was.

For a moment, his Immortal physiques veins, bones, organs, and meridians seemed like they were about to fall apart.

The boundless chaos within, which resembled a bottomless abyss, absorbed the vibrational forces and dissolved them into nothingness.

Yan Zhaoge was unfazed.

As Yan Zhaoge was busy dissolving the force brought about by Li Xingbas fist, the Crane Race Small Saint took advantage of the situation and attacked from another side.

The diagram of yin and yang converging appeared in front of Yan Zhaoge.

As the diagram rotated, it was about to divert his opponents attack away.

The Crane Race Small Saint lightly extended his beak, and harmonious winds blew once again.

It blew away the yin and yang in front of Yan Zhaoge and dissolved Yan Zhaoges defense made up of the Jade Clear Yin Yang Heavenly Scripture.

His winds shook.

Sharp and strong winds that seemed capable of slashing the heavens and earth apart slashed towards Yan Zhaoge.

“Commendable!” Yan Zhaoge raised his brows, and the boundless chaos within his body circulated once again, creating all sorts of life forms.

He pointed his left finger towards the Crane Demon.

The intangible grand beginnings Early Heaven prana appeared at the primordial gulf gathered by Yan Zhaoges finger.

Wherever the grand commencements prana reached, it separated into three within the void and transformed into three different kinds of Clear Qi.

“Thinking of overwhelming me with your numbers” As Yan Zhaoge chuckled, the three Clear Qis manifested into three human figures.

As their facial structure slowly turned clear, the looks of Yan Zhaoge could be seen!

Within the void, four Yan Zhaoges appeared!

“One Qi Manifesting Three Clears!” The Crane Race Small Saint was in awe.

Li Xingba was taken aback as well.

However, he quickly reacted, “Its not the One Qi Manifesting Three Clears.

Its the Grand Clear lineages Grand Commencement Divine Fingers Transformation of One Prana Three Clears.”

Transformation of One Prana Three Clears, Grand Commence Divine Finger.

It was the Supreme Early Heavens One Prana Divine Fingers highest quality transformation.

One would easily relate it to the Grand Clear Lord of Dao and Virtue Grand Masters One Qi Manifesting Three Clears, renowned throughout the world.

This supreme martial art was a weaker and more simplified version of the One Qi Manifesting Three Clears.

However, even so, barely anyone managed to cultivate this art since ancient times.

At this moment, it reappeared within the world by Yan Zhaoges hands.

Three of his clones went up against the Demon Crane.

Grand Clear Taiyi Fist, Jade Clear Cyclic Heavenly Seal, Prime Clear Immortal Exterminating Sword.

The three clones aligned together as one, while the three supreme martial arts fused and formed into one singular qi.

With the Jade Clear Cyclic Heavenly Seal as their link, it connected the Grand Clear fist, which signified the worlds commencement, and the Prime Clear sword that signified the worlds end.

They performed the reversal of heavens and earth and the phenomena of birth and annihilation.

Cyclic Heavenly Seal, Reversal of Creation!

An overwhelming force crashed towards the Crane Demon.

Yan Zhaoge himself remained calm.

He strode forward with huge steps and unleashed another fist against Li Xingba!

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