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Chapter 1405: Weaken All the Way Till the Bottom!

Yan Zhaoge strode forward and unleashed another punch in front of Li Xingba.

Li Xingbas ferociousness was incited.

He decided to ignore Yan Zhaoges fist and punched Yan Zhaoges vital spots as well.

Mitigating offense with another offense.

A battle technique that causes damage to both sides.

Even if the Yellow Rivers Nine Bends weakened him, he still possessed a Profound Immortal physique.

Tranquil Profound Immortal, which a True Immortal couldnt possibly harm.

Li Xingba decided to rely on his Immortal Auras protection to fend off the Immortal qis attacks and brawl against Yan Zhaoge.

At most, he would receive Yan Zhaoges punch.

Nothing would happen to him.

However, Yan Zhaoge couldnt possibly handle his punch.

A Profound Immortal against a True Immortal.

Such a combat technique was already close to him being shameless, without regard to his ego at all.

However, for the current Li Xingba, defeating Yan Zhaoge was the number one priority.

Others werent important anymore.

Although Yan Zhaoge wasnt currently fighting against them, nor was he handling the formation, the Nine Bends Yellow River Formation was still continuously displaying its uses.

Within the faint yellow river, numerous glittering seals started operating on their own.

The chilly winds and dark mists had no stop to it.

They continued to wear down the twos Immortal physique and Immortal Aura.

After losing the Five Qis Unifications and dropping from the Virtual Immortal Realm to the Profound Immortal Realm, they found it harder and harder to hold up against the queer yet dominating strength of the Nine Bends Yellow River Formation.

With only such few exchanges of blows, Li Xingba had already felt that he was weakened once again, degrading from a Four Qis Profound Immortal to a Three Qis Profound Immortal!

He dared not delay any longer and only hoped to defeat Yan Zhaoge as soon as possible.

Otherwise, if he took his sweet time, he dare not imagine the repercussions.

Yan Zhaoge remained unfazed by Li Xingbas strategy.

The instant his punch landed on Li Xingbas body, a power exploded within the void.

Yan Zhaoge punched through the void within the Starry River Tributary.

Wherever his fist landed, everything remained empty.

There werent any water flows, there wasnt any air, nor was there anything at all.

The concept of time and space ceased to exist any longer.

In the next moment, the surrounding space was forcefully pulled towards the hole, which exploded through Yan Zhaoges fist power, and filled up said hole.

Being affected by this, Li Xingbas fist was directed towards that hole as well.

“Jade Clears Heaven Opening Scripture capable of breaking through creation.

It even vaguely recreated the insight of heavens and earth being split open.” Li Xingba felt bitter in his mouth.

However, his fist was pulled towards the hole uncontrollably.

Even when his fist was so close to hitting Yan Zhaoge, it currently felt like the distance between the skies and the earth, which he found hard to breach.

If he was still a Four Qis Profound Immortal, he could still attempt to forcefully continue his attack and resist the influence caused by Yan Zhaoges fist.

However, after dropping to the Three Qis Profound Immortal, Li Xingba already lacked the strength to do so.

Being an Ancient era expert whose name was renowned in that era, he still kept his calm.

He wasnt in a rush to retract his power or release his power earlier like Yan Zhaoge.

On the contrary, Li Xingba went along with the pulling force, and his entire body lunged towards that empty spot.

He intended to forcefully tear apart the Nine Bends Yellow River Formation and use that opportunity to rush out of the formation!

He fought against Yan Zhaoge solely to locate an opportunity to crash out of the Nine Bends Yellow River Formation.

Now, everything was happening precisely as he desired.

“You react quickly.” Yan Zhaoge praised him as well.

However, Yan Zhaoges actions never slowed down at all.

Without any delay, the Heaven Opening Scriptures insight strength was immediately switched to the Cyclic Heavenly Scripture.

Yan Zhaoge flipped his palm and reversed yin and yang, which blocked off that empty space.

Li Xingba wasnt going towards a pathway anymore.

Instead, he was now facing Yan Zhaoges Cyclic Heavenly Seal!

Roving air streams intertwined with each other, forming a vast whirlpool, trapping Li Xingba within.

It prevented Li Xingbas attempt of bringing Yan Zhaoge down with him and was forced to receive Yan Zhaoges attack before going against Yan Zhaoge himself.

Li Xingbas red face darkened in anger.

However, he couldnt do anything but to receive Yan Zhaoges palm forcefully.

One trembled violently, while the other was knocked backward again.

Only, Yan Zhaoges body merely trembled a little this time.

His arm shook a little, and everything returned to normal.

Meanwhile, Li Xingbas entire body was knocked backward.

He couldnt even control his own body and was forced to spin around.

Under the weakening of the Yellow River Nine Bends, Li Xingbas strength plummeted all the way.

On the other side, the Crane Race Small Saint was receiving the same treatment as well.

The three clones manifested using the Grand Commencement Divine Fingers Transformation of One Prana Three Clears were weaker than Yan Zhaoge himself.

However, with the three working together, everything went as they willed.

With them originating from one body, they could connect their aura together and disperse as they pleased.

Even the Profound Sovereign – Gao Qingxuan, could only cooperate so well with her clone.

As Yan Zhaoges three clones worked together, their combination of strength wasnt additive, like how one plus one equals two.

Instead, they displayed the Three Clears supreme martial arts profundities, which prevented the Crane Race Small Saint from advancing at all.

The three clones were weakened very quickly and ultimately disappeared.

However, in just that short amount of time, the Crane Demon grew weaker and weaker under the Nine Bends Yellow River Formations influence.

As time passed, the twos Immortal physique were abraded.

From the Three Qis Fused Aura, they degraded to the Duo Qis Fused Aura.

The chilly winds and dark mists continued blowing about, causing them to desire sleep.

However, when the twos cultivation truly dropped to the Duo Qis Profound Immortal, the two were shocked.

What made them awake was the fear that suddenly arose in their hearts!

The Duo Qis Fused Aura Gong Sunhui was dragged to the True Immortal Realm by Yan Zhaoges sword and was killed after that!

At their current level, Yan Zhaoge did not need to wait for them to weaken any longer.

The brilliant yet profound sword-light appeared once again.

Yan Zhaoges expression remained calm as he stood atop the Nine Heavens and looked down on Li Xingba and the Crane Demon, who were in the mortal realm.

The sword-lights came descending from the heavens, onto Li Xingba and the Crane Race Small Saint.

At this moment, the pouring sword-lights seemed even more majestic than the dim yellow river waters.

After the sword-light flashed through them, the Duo Qis Profound Immortals Immortal Aura suddenly became unstable.

Then, they dispersed in an instant and transformed into intertwining Immortal qis.

After being struck by Yan Zhaoges Fallen Deity Sword, the two descended towards the True Immortal Realm.

The Nine Bends Yellow River Formations chilly winds and dark mists took the opportunity to rile them up, forcefully suppressing their cultivation at the True Immortal Realm.

Not only that, their cultivations were weakening even further,

“Now, do you still want to use that kind of fighting technique” Yan Zhaoge smiled, and his palm came descending upon Li Xingba.

Li Xingba helplessly raised his hand to block Yan Zhaoges punch.

However, Yan Zhaoge squashed his waist.

The seemingly boundless and endless strength crushed Li Xingba until his entire Immortal qi was close to falling apart.

His soul and consciousness were close to being numb.

On the other side, Yan Zhaoges other palm descended, which oppressed the Crane Demon so much that his original form appeared.

“Are the two of you still doubting my words” Yan Zhaoge stood atop the waves with a relaxed expression.

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