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Chapter 1406: Life Is Impermanent, and Full Of Mockery

“Here, whether you two can survive isnt up for you to decide anymore.

Its up to me.”

If a True Immortal dared say such words towards two Virtual Immortals, others would assume that he had gone crazy.

Previously, the two had assumed so as well.

However, when they remembered what Yan Zhaoge had previously said, boundless chilliness leaked out of their hearts, which sent a chill down their spine.

At this moment, Li Xingba didnt harbor much resentment towards Yan Zhaoge anymore.

Instead, the ones he resented the most were Gao Han and Chen Qianhua!

To Li Xingba, Chen Qianhua was merely someone unreliable.

However, Gao Han had used him as cannon fodder.

Using the Pill Hall as bait, he was lured to cause Yan Zhaoge troubles.

And yet, no matter if it was Gao Han or Chen Qianhua, no one told him that Yan Zhaoge had techniques like the Nine Bends Yellow River Formation up his sleeves.

Otherwise, with such a vast water vein like the Starry River Tributary, how would he be silly enough to step into his own grave

Previously, when Chen Qianhuas original body didnt enter the Starry River Tributary and instead used the Phantom Mirage Pearl as a substitute, Li Xingba assumed that Chen Qianhua knew the limits of his capabilities as a True Immortal.

Now, he finally understood that Chen Qianhua indeed understood the limits of his capabilities.

However, it was completely unrelated to his True Immortal Realm cultivation.

At this moment, the Crane Demon was filled with regrets and strongly desired to bang his head against the ground.

Under the suppression of Yan Zhaoges palm, their limbs started to distort.

Two opposing strengths were pushing against their bodies, causing every bit of Li Xingbas skin to be torn apart.

“Traveling Monk Hui An was right.” Yan Zhaoge looked towards Li Xingba and smiled, “Youve managed to become an Investiture God.

Ultimately, you should condition yourself and remain as low-key as you can.

And yet, you had to cause troubles by your own accord.

Do you hate your life that much”

“You…” Li Xingba contracted his neck muscles and attempted to raise his head to look at Yan Zhaoge.

However, he was rendered unable to move.

Yan Zhaoge said calmly, “The Ancient era wasnt your time to stir troubles, yet you blindly went out.

As a result, you perished and became an Investiture God instead.”

“Now, the current era is even more inappropriate for you to stir up problems.

If you go ahead to seek death, youll end up perishing.

You cant be saved through becoming an Investiture God anymore.”

As Yan Zhaoge was speaking, he continued exerting more strength.

Li Xingba growled in pain.

Under Yan Zhaoges palm, his entire body was crumbling and falling apart!

From his body till his soul, everything dissipated.

Li Xingba was a bigwig expert that had acquired the dao during the Ancient era.

After becoming an Investiture God, he managed to survive through the transition of two eras safely.

After the Great Calamity, and he finally escaped the position of an Investiture God.

Not only did he not perish by the Great Calamity, he even regained his freedom and survived until now.

Many experts with more substantial cultivation than him had perished for various reasons and had already perished for many years.

Yet, Li Xingba managed to survive until now.

However, this Ancient era bigwig had perished today, by the hands of a True Immortal.

He perished somewhere that he never imagined his life would end.

Life was impermanent and full of mockery.

The Crane Demon was also being suppressed by Yan Zhaoges palm and followed after Li Xingbas steps.

A Daoism Virtual Immortal and a Demon Race Small Saint that was on par with a Daoism Virtual Immortal Heavenly Monarch had perished by Yan Zhaoges hands.

Yet, Yan Zhaoges expression remained unfazed.

He waved his hand, and a pearl appeared by the dark yellow river.

It was the Earth Splitting Pearl that was previously devoured by the Nine Bends Yellow River Formation.

Without a master controlling it, and after being suppressed by the Nine Bends Yellow River Formation, the pearls brilliance turned dim, and it remained silent.

However, it still refused to come in contact with Yan Zhaoge.

Of course, for Yan Zhaoge, keeping the pearl for himself wasnt anything difficult.

After speedily cleaning up the battlefield, Yan Zhaoge raised his head.

At this moment, by the exterior of the Nine Bends Yellow River Formation, which was also the boundless void outside of the Starry River Tributary, horrifying devilish qi ran rampant all over the universe.

“Thank god.” Yan Zhaoge mumbled.

In the previous battle, although he remained confident, he still had some pressure in his heart.

Li Xingba and the Crane Demon didnt cause the pressure.

Instead, it was because of Feng Yunshengs battle outside of the enormous formation.

To prevent Feng Yunsheng from fighting for too long, Yan Zhaoge had killed off his opponents as fast as possible.

As the battle goes on, the Devilish intent would corrode Feng Yunsheng even further, causing her self-control to worsen.

Simultaneously, more Devil experts would be attracted here, or even the Grand Heavenly Immortal level experts of other factions.

Now that Yan Zhaoge didnt spend too much time on Li Xingba and the Demon Race Small Saint, the pressure by Feng Yunshengs side wasnt as pressing anymore.

Yan Zhaoge changed the seal of his hands and clasped them together.

The Immortal Bewitching Pill and the Secluded Immortal Mantra were all retracted by him.

With that, the chilly winds subsided, and the dark mists dispersed.

The dark yellow river water returned to its brilliant luster.

The Starry River Tributary gradually reverted to its original appearance.

The undulating stars regained their jarring brilliance and thoroughly shone the entire void.

As the stars agitated against each other once again, the originally convoluted space became even more distorted.

With the Starry River, numerous layers of water screens erected once again, separating each space apart.

After noticing how the Starry River Tributary had reverted to its original form, Feng Yunsheng parried her opponents attack away and immediately retreated.

She went all the way down and returned within the Starry River.

Yan Zhaoge had already been waiting for her.

The two cooperated and positioned themselves within the chaotic space.

By traversing through the layers of water screens, they fused as one.

However, the ruthless Ancient Devil had already chased after them.

The horrifying Devilish qi instantly tore through the Starry Rivers fabrics, causing the river waters to turn turbid.

Fortunately, the two had already made some preparations beforehand.

Feng Yunsheng slashed her saber against her enemy, while Yan Zhaoge dragged her other hand along.

After separating a water screen, the two dove within.

The Ancient Devil intended to lock away the spatial transformation of the Starry River Tributary.

However, Feng Yunsheng continuously slashed her saber nine times, causing the myriad of Daos to shatter apart, which cleansed the Ancient Devil off his Devilish qi.

In only an instant, the two had already disappeared.

Within the Starry River Tributary, space was convoluted.

Any path might lead to anywhere.

After entering a spatial pathway, the two instantly teleported far away.

Feng Yunsheng even slashed behind her, which slashed apart the spatial pathway leading to their location.

It prevented the Ancient Devil from following after them immediately.

Then, the dark blue devilish flames within her eyes instantly turned dim and dispersed.

All of her power was retracted to its maximum.

Yan Zhaoge took the lead and quickly shifted through spaces.

After traversing through the boundaries of the void folding against each other, they finally left the previous battlefield.

They werent able to distinguish their current location.

Of course, with this, the Ancient Devil would find it hard to track them down as well.

“We should be fine for the time being.” Feng Yunsheng let out a sigh of relief, “As expected, a Grand Heavenly level Ancient Devil is truly remarkable.

Luckily, he wasnt the Wood Devil or the Heart Devil.”

Yan Zhaoge smiled and said, “If your opponent is incapable of taking you down quickly, he wouldnt think of fighting against you for long as well.

Otherwise, if other Grand Heavenly Immortals arrived, things would still be difficult for him.

After all, the Nine Underworlds are still the public enemy.”

“The remains of the Bright Connection Emperor” Feng Yunsheng asked.

“Here.” Yan Zhaoge opened his palm, and jade green radiances circulated.

He whispered, “Lets go; lets bring the Bright Connection Emperor back home.”

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