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Chapter 1407: Canghua Tree Duo

After escaping from the Starry River Tributary, and getting rid of their pursuer, Yan Zhaoge and Feng Yunsheng attempted to confirm their coordinates and return to the Awakened Sky Cosmos.

When they returned to the Awakened Sky Cosmos, returned to the Sky beyond Skies, and reached the Broad Creed mountain range, jade green radiances skyrocketed from the Northern part of the mountain range.

It caused the skies to be dyed in green.

The two went towards where the green radiances were shining.

It was a valley.

The Dao universes World beyond Worlds Kunlun Mountains Bright Connection Valley of the past was also brought away by Yan Zhaoge.

Currently, it was located by the Sky beyond Skies Broad Creed mountain range.

That was the Bright Connection Emperor – Hu Yuexins residence in the past.

At the moment, a towering divine tree was already placed within the valley.

Its leaves were luxuriant, and its white flowers were waving about.

Jade green brilliance surged from its tree branches.

It was the origins of the green radiances that skyrocketed from the valley.

It was a much larger Canghua Divine Tree, left behind by the Exalted Wood Luminary – Shao Junhuang in the past.

Besides, there was a cenotaph aside.

It belonged to Hu Yuexins disciple and Xue Chuqings master.

By the surroundings of the Divine Tree, within the valley, someone resided within.

Yan Zhaoge didnt conceal his presence, which allowed the person living here to notice him immediately.

She came out of her residence, looked towards the two people descending from the sky, and bowed with a smile, “Welcome back to the Sky beyond Skies, young master, and young lady.”

She was the “Jade Crane” Su Yun who lived in the Floating Life World in the past.

In the past, although she had yet to achieve the cultivation of a Martial Saint, the Broad Creed Mountain had sufficient treasures to receive part of the Floating Life Worlds Snow Crane Sect through the sky wounds, hence allowing them to reside by the Sky beyond Skies.

The environment here was exceptional, and the spirit qi was in abundance.

Naturally, it far surpassed a lower realm like the Floating Life World.

It was also convenient for Xue Chuqing to interact with Su Yun and the others.

This place could also be considered as Xue Chuqings private cave manor within the Sky beyond Skies, as she had inherited Shao Junhuang and Hu Yuexins inheritance.

Although Xue Chuqing was in a good relationship with those of the Broad Creed Mountain, she didnt belong to the Broad Creed Sect after all.

When Yan Di wasnt around, she would mostly return to reside by the Bright Connection Valley and quietly await Yan Dis return.

However, due to Yan Zhaoge leaving the Sky beyond Skies, Xue Chuqing had to look after the formation and the Pill Hall for him.

Thus, she temporarily remained by the Broad Creed Mountain.

To take care of the Canghua Divine Tree by the Bright Connection Valley, as well as the matters regarding Xue Chuqings masters cenotaph, Su Yun had been keeping herself busy.

To Xue Chuqing, rather than a master and servants relation, her relationship with Su Yun would be considered more towards that between sisters, or even master and disciple.

However, Su Yun had always abided by etiquette.

Even when facing Yan Zhaoge and Feng Yunsheng, she still referred to them as “young master” and “young lady.”

“Aunt Yun, you have worked hard these days.” After the two descended, they both greeted Su Yun.

Then, they looked towards the Snow Crane Sects disciples that came to the Sky beyond Skies, like Shen Rong and the others, “Youve all worked hard as well.”

Shen Rong and the others quickly replied courteously.

Su Yun looked towards Yan Zhaoge, “If the young master is here, that means the Bright Connection Emperor…”

“Thats right.” Yan Zhaoge let out a soft sigh and opened his palm.

Within his palm, a clump of jade green brilliance appeared as well.

It shone together with the towering Canghua Divine Tree in front of them.

Then, another tree glittering with jade green luster flew out from Yan Zhaoges palm, which instantly grew into a vast, towering tree.

Yan Zhaoge carefully tidied it up and placed the second Canghua Divine Tree within the Bright Connection Valley.

The two towering divine trees stood together with a certain amount of distance in between.

The Canghua Divine Tree left behind by Shao Junhuang was almost twice as large as the one left behind by Hu Yuexin.

The two divine trees stood together.

As if they resonated with each other, the jade green luster on their surface became even more eye-grabbing.

The luster reflected the surroundings of the entire valleys land and skies; the whole place was dyed with a shade of green.

Facing that towering divine tree, the second divine trees tree leaves moved without any wind blowing.

Only the sound of leaves rustling could be heard.

Yan Zhaoge, Feng Yunsheng, Su Yun, and the others quietly stood below the tree.

“Today, Ill have to depart first.

I sincerely wish that youre still alive.

Unfortunately, I wont be able to witness that scene anymore.”

Hu Yuexins last prayers were to pray that Shao Junhuang could safely return.

Yet thinking back to how Shao Junhuang had perished earlier than her, a sense of sorrow appeared within Yan Zhaoge and Feng Yunshengs hearts.

Looking at the two Canghua Divine Trees, Yan Zhaoge silently strode forward.

As he raised his hand, a vast black iron wheel appeared.

As the iron wheels rotated, radiances appeared by the holes on the surface.

They were neither bright nor dark and seemed to be shrouded in mists.

As the radiance intertwined with dimness and radiance came in contact with the Canghua Divine Trees shorter variant, numerous dim blue flowers bloomed by the divine tree without any warning, which hung by the tree branches.

No winds were blowing by the valley.

However, the white and blue flowers by the two Canghua Divine Trees swayed simultaneously, as if some soundless melody was playing.

Yan Zhaoge remained silent and bowed towards the two divine trees.

Then, Feng Yunsheng and the others behind him did the same.

“Senior, youre the same as Senior Shao and the Dim Connection Emperor.

Youve all done your best for our Daoism.” Yan Zhaoge looked towards the Canghua Divine Tree left behind by Hu Yuexin, and softly said, “People like the Di, Connection Emperor or you shouldnt be clinging onto the mindset of being together, right”

“Please allow me to continue using this Dim Radiant Wheel for a while longer.

It shall witness the decline of the heretics, evil demons, as well as the flourishing of our orthodox Daoism together with my peers.”

“Allow me to personally dispose of those heretics that besieged the Dim Radiant Emperor.

Then, I shall return it here and allow it to accompany you at all times.”

Yan Zhaoge waved his hand.

The Dim Radiant Wheel trembled for a while and returned to Yan Zhaoges hand.

The leaves of the Canghua Divine Tree swayed lightly as if it was signaling a silent farewell.

“Aunt Yun, Ill still have to burden you a little.

However, my mother would be returning very soon.

Ill go replace her position in the Broad Creed Mountain,” said Yan Zhaoge as he turned his head and looked towards Su Yun.

Su Yun replied, “Please rest assured, young master.”

Yan Zhaoge nodded.

After saying goodbye to the Snow Crane Sect crowd, he left the Bright Connection Valley along with Feng Yunsheng.

They only saw the Canghua Divine Trees shining against each other by the valley as they looked back.

It was both quiet and peaceful.

“Mothers master had never pushed open the Immortal Door before.

After perishing, she wouldnt turn into a Canghua Tree.

When she perished at the hands of Daoist Oneheaven in the past, no remains were left behind.

As such, mother could only build a cenotaph using the item belonging to her master.” Yan Zhaoge looked at the tree for a while and let out a sigh, “If not, there wouldve been three Canghua Trees here.”

“Lets go and report it to my mother.”

The two returned to the Broad Creed Mountain.

Yan Zhaoge presided by the Pill Hall once again, allowing Xue Chuqing to move around freely.

After listening to Yan Zhaoge and Feng Yunshengs narration, Xue Chuqings expression turned dim.

However, her emotions remained calm, “The wishes of my Great Grand Master, my Grand Master, and my master had been granted.

In the end, this allowed me to be together with my husband, and you, Zhaoge.”

“Their sacrifice wouldnt go to waste.

The future that they looked forward to would eventually arrive one day,” said Yan Zhaoge.

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