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“Ive never doubted that as well.

Only, Im not sure if Ill live long enough to witness that day.” Xue Chuqing smiled.

She stood up and bid farewell to Yan Zhaoge and Feng Yunsheng, “Zhaoge, since youve returned, Ill leave this place up to you.

Ill pray for my Grand Master in the Bright Connection Valley.”

Compared to Shao Junhuang and Hu Yuexin, Xue Chuqing was much closer to her master.

As such, even though she looked sad, she still seemed calm enough.

However, now that Hu Yuexins remains had finally returned from the voids outskirts, she would naturally have to pray for Hu Yuexin.

After all, there was still the bond of grand master and grand disciple.

Yan Zhaoge and Feng Yunsheng bid farewell to Xue Chuqing, who was leaving the mountain.

Looking at her disappearing silhouette, Feng Yunsheng sighed, “The Exalted Wood Luminary lineage had been passed down to only one person throughout each generation.

Yet, each of them perished one after another.

Fortunately, such a tragedy doesnt happen anymore during your mothers generation.”

“Our predecessors perished one after another for this to happen.

However, thats still not enough.

This is merely the start,” said Yan Zhaoge slowly.

A hint of sternness flashed in his eyes, “In the past, my mother had also been living dangerously.

If it wasnt for my father and I remaining cautious the entire time, as well as the assistance of the Jade Capital Crags senior apprentice-brother Nie, senior apprentice-brother Wang and the others, who knows what wouldve happened.”

Feng Yunsheng had already heard about the details of the matters regarding the Earth Exalt – Wang Zhengchengs plan to capture cranes from Yan Zhaoge.

“Wang Zhengcheng, Daoist Oneheaven, and the Black-clothed Brocade Emperor were the main threats.

There were also Chen Qianhua and the Heavenly Emperor among the key figures.” She frowned, “If it werent for Chen Qianhua using the Origin Heavenly Scripture, Wang Zhengcheng and the others wouldnt have located her so easily.

We havent even settled our grudges against him, yet he came to incite more problems with us.”

Yan Zhaoge said coldly, “If he ever falls into my hands, Ill let him know how a living hell feels like.”

“After that day, that person had been hiding.

With the Origin Heavenly Scripture in his possession, itll be hard for us to locate him.”

“When we first entered the Pill Hall, he attempted to interfere with us.

Sadly, I was busy dealing with that Awakened Sky hall spirit during that time.

Otherwise, todays matters wouldnt have occurred.”

Yan Zhaoge pouted, “This person is truly slick.

This time, his original body didnt even enter the Starry River Tributary.

Otherwise, I wouldve killed him off on the spot.”

“Youve knocked him down from the Immortal Realm and inflicted his body full of Dao wounds.

Even if he were to cultivate once again, he would face an absurd amount of difficulties, and could very possibly perish by the Immortal Mortal Tribulation,” said Feng Yunsheng.

“Im merely giving him a lesson and taking some interests.” Yan Zhaoge jeered.

After contemplating for a while, Feng Yunsheng said, “Even though Li Xingba summoned the Nine Underworlds Ancient Devil, he might still be related to Chen Qianhua.

As youve said previously, he had entered the Nine Underworlds before.”

“Do you think he…”

As Feng Yunsheng spoke, she looked towards Yan Zhaoge with hesitation.

“Its possible, but Im not certain as well.” Yan Zhaoge could tell what she meant.

He then nodded and said, “That person doesnt care whether he succumbed into the path of devils or not.”

After a short pause, Yan Zhaoge seemed to have remembered something, “When others succumb to the path of devils, its mostly due to how deep their stubbornness or malicious intentions are.

After surpassing a certain boundary, only would it transform into Devilish intent.

Ultimately, with the Nine Underworlds Devilish qi intertwining together with the intentions, only would they transform into Evil Devils.”

“Rather than succumbing to the path of devils, Chen Qianhua was already a devil among humans himself.”

Yan Zhaoge narrowed his eyes, “Even though he never succumbed, he doesnt mind working together with the Devils.

Even the Nine Underworlds wouldnt treat him like a normal person.

To him, turning into a devil was merely a ritual.”

“However, the instant he succumbed to the path of devils, it could tend to his wounds and assist him in challenging the Immortal Mortal Tribulation,” said Feng Yunsheng.

Yan Zhaoge looked up towards the sky, “Ill find a chance to kill him off.”

He looked back towards Feng Yunsheng, “How long more can you suppress yourself”

“If nothing out of the ordinary happens, I can continue suppressing myself up to a thousand years.” Feng Yunsheng said, “As long as I dont clash against a Grand Heavenly level opponent.”

Yan Zhaoge smacked his lips, “I can tell that we would meet at least one in the future.”

Feng Yunsheng nodded, “Theres the Exalted Water Luminary, Senior Chu, Little Jun, and his mother.”

“Other than them causing you troubles this time, the Nine Underworlds had been far too quiet for the past few years.” Yan Zhaoge lightly rubbed his temples, “As the heretics fought against each other, and the Demon Race fought against the Western Pure Lands, it released both our Daoism and the Nine Underworlds from the shackles.”

He turned his head to look at Feng Yunsheng, “When I think about it, the Ancient Devil that came to trouble us in the Starry River Tributary might not be seeking to contribute to the Nine Underworlds.

Rather, hes merely probing us.”

“Probing…” Feng Yunsheng mumbled.

They were both probing Feng Yunsheng and probing the reaction of other factions bigwig experts.

“After acquiring the results, they might retreat, or possibly…” Feng Yunsheng looked towards Yan Zhaoge, “Make a grand move”

Yan Zhaoge nodded lightly, “From the looks of it now, the latter seems much more possible.”

Feng Yunshengs expression turned serious.

However, she wasnt worried about herself, “The Exalted Water Luminary…”

“Lets be patient.” Yan Zhaoge said softly, “With danger comes opportunities.

This could possibly be an opportunity to solve the problems.

It all depends on whether we can take hold of that opportunity or not.”

Feng Yunsheng said, “Its a pity that were unaware of Senior Chus whereabouts.

Otherwise, we couldve chosen our place of action.

The Starry River Tributary was considered a decent place, as youre able to do as you will.”

“Lets just go with the flow.” Yan Zhaoge smiled and said, “Its their fault for having such bad luck.

Rather, it made things easier for me.”

As he talked, Yan Zhaoge took out a dark yellow pearl and held it by his hand.

It was Li Xingbas previous treasure – the Earth Splitting Pearl.

“Breaking through the earth using earth.

It truly lives up to his name.” Yan Zhaoge praised, “No wonder why he dared to trouble me despite knowing that I have the Later Earth Texts.”

Feng Yunsheng was also amazed.

She asked, “Do you have any other spoils of war”

Yan Zhaoge suddenly thought of something, and the corner of his mouth curled upwards, “Of course.”

“Not only is it a spoil of war, but its also considered a surprise.”

After keeping the Earth Splitting Pearl, he flipped his palm over, and numerous crane feathers appeared.

“That Crane Demons feathers are indeed valuable.


A strand of glowing radiance string appeared in Yan Zhaoges other hand.

“… However, all the feathers cant even compare to this thing.” His eyes narrowed.

After feeling the aura of the string, Feng Yunsheng contemplated, “This was the foundation of that innate talent which you previously mentioned, which was capable of dispersing your opponents arts”

“Thats right.” Yan Zhaoge said slowly, “With this, Ill have much more confidence in dealing with the Nine Underworlds.”

He stood atop the Broad Creed Mountain; he gazed towards the faraway mountain and rivers by the Sky beyond Skies, “Hopefully, well be able to settle all sorts of remaining problems this time.”

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