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Chapter 1411: Put In Your Effort, and Leave the Rest Up to Fate

“I cant be too sure about the specific time.

Although this is pretty frustrating, our opponent holds the upper hand.” Yan Zhaoges expression turned serious as well, “However, it is indeed happening soon.

No matter if its me, Yunsheng, or the Astro Sovereign, we hold the same viewpoint.”

Xu Fei nodded silently.

He took a leather bag from his waist and pulled out the cork.

The fragrance of wine started spreading everywhere.

He raised his head to chug it a few times.

Then, he casually passed it to Yan Zhaoge.

Yan Zhaoge was already used to such a situation.

After receiving the leather bag, he chugged it a few times before returning it to Xu Fei.

After receiving the leather bag, Xu Fei drank all the remaining wine and breathed out a long breath.

The few hints of gloominess on his face disappeared.

He then smiled and said, “Originally, we could only await our fate.

Yet, they merely hold the upper hand against us now.

Weve already improved a lot, and we could even possibly win against them.”

“The current chance is fifty-fifty.

However, since our opponents hold the upper hand, we should work to tackle their weakness.” After walking a few steps, Yan Zhaoge slowed down his footsteps and finally stopped.

He stood on the spot, contemplated for a while, and finally said, “Actually, we could even stir up some troubles first…”

Xu Fei stopped and looked towards Yan Zhaoge, “But that requires us to locate the Astro Sovereigns disciple – Senior Chu, right”

“Yeah, thats right.” Yan Zhaoge nodded, “Which is why I said our enemies had the upper hand.

Were lacking in this particular section.”

“If we can locate Senior Chus whereabouts before our opponents make their move, the upper-hand advantage would be neutralized.

When that time arrives, the Nine Underworlds wouldnt be the only side capable of taking the initiative.”

Yan Zhaoge stroked his palm and sighed.

“Could Senior Chu have already fallen into the hands of the Nine Underworlds Could it be, other than the Water Devil coveting for the Astro Sovereigns physique, why the Water Devil remained quiet was because he was waiting for the Earth Devil to complete his preparations Is he planning to work together with the Earth Devil” asked Xu Fei.

Yan Zhaoge slowly replied, “Its not impossible.”

Yan Di and Chen Xuanzong had ventured outside together.

Although they had yet to return, communication with them had never been broken off before.

Of course, to conceal the Awakened Sky Hall location, even if the two sides contact each other, the contents were kept extremely simple and hidden.

Currently, they were still working hard to locate Chu Lili and Jie Mingkong.

As of the moment, no great news had been reported.

However, they had obtained some notable gains.

Such rewards made ones mentality tremble with excitement.

However, when such a news was being spread around when the twos relations were about to experience an outburst, people had to remain cautious.

They had to be wary of falling into their opponents trap.

“The opposing faction is also planning on expanding their advantages and succeed in one swoop.” Yan Zhaoge laughed.

Even if Yan Zhaoge and the others could snatch back the upper hand, the possibility of them winning remained at fifty.

Of course, no matter if it was Yan Zhaoge or Xu Fei, they were individuals filled with heroism.

Even if they had some worries in their hearts, their fighting spirits were much higher.

“Just like how the Grand Master taught us, we should do our best before resorting to fate.

Doing everything through your efforts is much more important than relying on fate alone.” Xu Feis eyes were glittering.

Yan Zhaoge also smiled and said, “By doing our best, only would we be able to face our fate calmly.

As such, we should do our best and fight against the Nine Underworlds Great Devils that have existed since the dawn of time.”

The two looked at each other and smiled.

They raised their fists, bumped their fists together, and continued striding forward.

Previously, Xu Fei had mentioned that he had some sect affairs to settle.

While some words were indeed inappropriate to mention in front of Shi Jun, he was indeed busy with the sects official affairs.

“Among your peers, barely anyone is capable of shouldering your burdens.

There are many matters that you have to take care of by yourself.” Yan Zhaoge sighed.

Xu Fei smiled and said, “Im not someone that does everything.

If my peer is capable of being independent, I wont be stingy in giving them authorities and allowing them to do whatever they willed.”

Among the Broad Creed Mountains third-generation outstanding characters, Yan Zhaoges condition was special so that he could be excused.

As for the others, Feng Yunsheng was also considered someone special.

However, even if she never entered the Nine Underworlds in the past, she was neither proficient nor interested in handling the sects affairs.

Although Sikong Qing was managing the Martial Inheritance Hall, she had always been passionate about martial arts and held an indifferent attitude towards other matters even until now.

Handling the Martial Inheritance Hall was already pushing her to her limits.

There was no way for her to be independent or take over Xu Feis position to handle the Assignment Hall.

After passing the assessment, Xia Guang would then inherit the Disciplinary Halls first seat position.

Although he wasnt as grumpy as he was during his youth period, his fierce and upright attitude had never changed.

As such, he couldnt handle any sorts of mistakes at all.

While there wasnt any problem in him presiding over the Disciplinary Hall, he wouldnt be capable of handling the grand scheme of things.

Most importantly, his reputation within the sect was far inferior compared to Fang Zhun and Xu Fei.

Of course, with the increment in experience and age, whether Xia Guang would improve was still uncertain.

However, as of now, among the disciples of his peers, he had already become Xu Feis left and right-hand man.

Whether he was to preside over the sect or to remain independent outside, there wouldnt be any problems.

Frankly speaking, while the Disciplinary Hall and the Martial Inheritance Halls requirements included the martial art practitioners cultivation, it didnt matter within the Assignment Hall, which included taking care of matters related to the sects internal affairs.

After all, people like Yan Di, Fang Zhun, or Xu Fei, who were well-versed in literary and martial arts, were considered scarce.

Of course, this included the individuals age and their ability to cope with unpredictable situations.

A perfect balance had to be weighed out.

For the middle-lower level staff, the Assignment Hall could actively settle their positions.

However, in the higher level, especially the Assignment Halls first seat position, they still had to be mindful.

“In the past, junior apprentice-brother Xia had never forgotten about two things.

One was to take revenge, while the latter was to find his relatives.” Yan Zhaoge said, “The Three Foot Mountain had been annihilated since long ago, and he already got his revenge.

However, he never managed to locate his relatives.”

Xu Fei nodded, “Although weve moved away from the World beyond Worlds, we continued contacting the other sects that remained within the World beyond Worlds and asked them to find his relatives.

Yet, nothing worth mentioning had been reported back to us.

From the looks of it now…”

He didnt complete his sentence.

Naturally, Yan Zhaoge understood what he implied and let out a sigh.

“During the past few years, although junior apprentice-brother Xia had never given up, he mustve already prepared himself mentally and stabilized his emotions.” Xu Fei decided to stop mentioning such a sorrowful matter.

He then changed the topic and said, “He possesses the Thunderbolt Blood and is imbued with an extreme amount of yang.

If he rashly rushes forward, he would easily come across a bottleneck.

As long as hes able to stabilize his emotions, his improvements would experience a drastic increase.”

“Although he fell behind his junior apprentice-brother, hes starting to catch up once again.”

The junior apprentice-brother that Xu Fei mentioned was naturally Han Longer – Ying Longtu.

Now, Han Longers had matured a lot.

He wasnt as naive as he was during his childhood days.

Yet, his personality was still considered pure and innocent.

“With the Big Dipper Body, when Han Longer reaches the Seeing Divinity stage, he wouldnt slowly train his acupoints one by one.

Instead, all thirty-six of his acupoints would see the divinity in one go.

Once one of his acupoints succeeded, all thirty-six others would see divinity as well.” Yan Zhaoge smiled and said, “Truly makes one jealous beyond comprehension.”

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