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Chapter 1412: A Load Off the Mind

Ying Longtus Big Dipper Body was also referred to as the Thirty Six Acupoints True Dragon Body, or the Big Dipper Dragon Body.

His physique at birth resembles that of dragons, and his tranquil thoughts connect with divinities.

Not only was his body and vitality vigorous, but his mentality was also extraordinarily sharp.

It was a rare Early Heaven physique that contained exceptional mentality and soul.

In fact, such exceptionally was even presented unto his perception.

Although Ying Longtu was a little slow-witted and naive, those were merely under normal circumstances.

When learning martial arts, even his perception was extremely outstanding.

Body Refinement and Martial Scholar level martial art practitioners prioritized refining their vitality during the Inner Aura and Outer Aura stage.

As a result, Ying Longtu improved speedily in this stage.

No one could even compare to him.

While others required accumulation time to overcome their hurdles, his Early Heaven advantage allowed him to break through the hurdles in an instant.

After that, Han Longer would still be endowed with a unique advantage – his cultivation speed would even far surpass others.

Of course, it wouldnt be as swift as he previously was.

However, after this, he would welcome another sky-high growth.

That moment would be when he breaks through the void and finally sees a divinity.

To the past Ying Longtu and the Broad Creed Mountain, who were still within the Eight Extremities World, such a feat would be deemed unattainable.

Before this, no martial art practitioner had achieved the Seeing Divinity Martial Saint Realm and ascended to the World beyond Worlds using their capabilities.

The only exception was the Sacred Sun Clans previous clan master – Zhang Chao.

Later on, it was proved that the Radiant Light Sect only lacked a few steps before descending to the Eight Extremities World.

Of course, as time passed, the current Ying Longtu and Broad Creed Mountain werent comparable to their past self any longer.

The former Han Longer had already ascended to the Martial Saint Realm.

Moreover, he broke through the void and managed to attain seeing divinity.

When his first acupoint realized seeing divinity, all other thirty-six acupoints would realize seeing divinity as well, due to his Big Dipper Body.

After slightly stabilizing his cultivation, his sturdy foundations enabled him to rush towards the Martial Saint Fifth Level, thus achieving the Mid Seeing Divinity Realm.

In fact, Ying Longtu had even surpassed Xia Guang and Sikong Qing in terms of speed.

After this improvement, Ying Longtus speed of progress returned to normal.

Although he was still faster than average, he held no advantage over Xia Guang and Sikong Qing.

The higher ones cultivation was the more time required for a breakthrough to happen.

Afterward, Xia Guang and Sikong Qing slowly caught up to him.

In terms of proficiency in martial arts, other than Yan Zhaoge and Feng Yunsheng, who were considered as anomalies, Han Longer, Xu Fei, Sikong Qing, and Xia Guang were all regarded as the Broad Creed Mountains third generation disciples leading figure.

In the Sky beyond Skies, they were referred to as the East Mountains Four Prodigies.

When comparing their age with their current cultivation, they would be deemed extremely young individuals in possession of high potential and a bright future.

Of course, compared to Feng Yunsheng and Sikong Qing, Han Longer was even more inefficient when handling the sects internal affairs.

“There are some decent individuals among the fourth generation disciples.

You ought to develop them at a young age, senior apprentice-brother Xu.” Yan Zhaoge smiled and said, “Little Juns attitude resembles junior apprentice-brother Xia more.

Currently, while hes capable of managing himself, he requires more training if he were to shoulder the sects responsibility.”

Xu Fei also laughed along, “Indeed, there are quite a number of outstanding youth.”

Even within the World beyond Worlds, the Broad Creed Mountain already possessed sufficient charisma, which managed to attract all sorts of outstanding talents.

Now that the Broad Creed Mountain was in the Sky beyond Skies, they wouldnt have to worry about their source of talents anymore.

They had to be stricter than usual.

As the two continued their journey, Xu Feis disciple came to report his wifes arrival.

Xu Feis wife was the Eight Extremities Worlds Turbid Wave Pavilions successor – Xie Youchan.

She was also familiar with Yan Zhaoge in the past.

Xie Youchan was an independent woman.

Albeit having a soft front, she was an iron fist in a velvet glove.

After Broad Creed Mountain gained a foothold in World beyond Worlds Southeastern Yang Heaven Territorys Royal Reed Sea, they started leading their successors towards the World beyond Worlds.

Compared to the lower realms like the Eight Extremities World or the Vast Ocean World, martial art practitioners would undoubtedly enjoy much higher benefits.

Xu Fei and Shi Jun had also went towards the World beyond Worlds.

After the Broad Creed Mountains situation was secured within the World beyond Worlds, Xu Fei returned to the Eight Extremities Worlds to meet up with Xie Youchan once again.

However, Xie Youchan hoped to break through the Seeing Divinity Level and ascend to the World beyond Worlds with her capabilities, instead of relying on Xu Fei.

Later, after the World beyond Worlds was separated, the Eight Extremities Worlds and various other lower realms were brought along as well.

At that time, the Broad Creed Mountains weight within the Eight Extremities Worlds became completely different.

Even if the Broad Creed Mountains ancestral property remained by the Eight Extremities Worlds, even if they allowed other sects to co-exist together within the Eight Extremities Worlds, the way the Turbid Wave Pavilion, the Jade Sea City, and the Infinite Boundless Mountain viewed their neighbor had changed entirely.

Even when the Broad Creed Mountain established their sect in the World beyond Worlds and even took over the Eastern Vast Heaven Territory to go against the Kunlun Mountain, the shock brought about to the Eight Extremities Worlds wasnt that severe.

From a certain point of view, the way the current Turbid Wave Pavillion and other sects view the Broad Creed Mountain resembled how the mortal realm looked up to the Nine Heavens Immortal Realm before the Great Calamity.

With this, the way the Turbid Wave Pavillion and other sects disciples state of mind would naturally change.

When the two were in a different position, the way they considered a problem would naturally change as well.

Similarly, Xie Youchan didnt have to persist any longer.

She never hoped to obtain anything from Xu Fei, nor did she have to tend the treads of relationship for the Turbid Wave Pavillion any longer.

As her background started to lose its position to a certain degree, everything else didnt matter anymore.

After all, the matter only involved her now.

At such a moment, loving each other was much more critical.

A warm smile appeared on Xu Feis face, “She came out of seclusion Judging by the time, she should be coming out around this time.”

Currently, his position and cultivation were sufficient for him to establish his own dao arena.

However, as he was still handling the sects affairs, Xi Fei had remained by the Broad Creed Mountain most of the time.

Of course, his original residence was preserved as well.

Just like Xue Chuqing, Xie Youchan wasnt a Broad Creed successor after all.

Usually, she would remain by Xu Feis dao arena to cultivate peacefully.

After exiting seclusion, she would reunite with Xu Fei for a few days.

“Its not like youre chasing a deadline.

Just go ahead and have a nice talk with her.” Yan Zhaoge smiled and said, “I wont be pestering you two for now.

Ill come and visit next time.”

Xu Fei laughed and shook his head, “Were both of old age already.

Youre exaggerating things.”

The two continued walking forward and separated from each other later on.

Yan Zhaoge went ahead to greet Yu Ye, while Xu Fei went to the Assignment Hall to settle some matters on hand with the intent of returning to his residence earlier.

Within the residence, a woman was drinking tea alone.

The woman had a tall figure, and her facial structure merely had an above-average score.

However, she had an aura of heartiness around her.

She was Xie Youchan.

“Seems like your results this time are quite decent.” Xu Fei smiled while walking to her side.

Xie Youchan then poured some tea into the teacup prepared beforehand.

Just as she was about to answer, Xie Youchan was suddenly startled for a moment.

She stared at Xu Fei, “Somethings the matter”

Xu Feis expression remained calm, “Nothing much.

However, no matter what the outcome is, it is a load off my mind.”

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