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Chapter 1413: Heaven Containing Purified Soul

“The load off your mind…” Xie Youchan realized what Xu Fei talked about, “The matters regarding Shi Jun and Aunt Yuzhen”


Its happening very soon.” Xu Fei sat down and lightly nodded his head.

Xie Youchan extended her hand and grabbed Xu Feis large hands, “Everyone has been preparing for so long.

Theyll definitely make it through.”

Xu Fei held his wifes slender hands, “The Nine Underworlds Evil Devils had also been preparing for many years.

Whether they can make it through is still an uncertainty.”

“Youchan, I dont view myself as someone narrow-minded.

However, I really cant get this thought off my mind.”

The man whose figure resembled a mountain had his eyes filled with water, “About how tiny I am.”

Xie Youchan grabbed her husbands hand.

As a pair of husband and wife, she naturally wished for Xu Fei himself to be safe.

However, she understood her husband and knew what was going through his mind.”

Xie Youchan was also a straightforward person.

“In this world, everyone has their own shortcomings.

There are some things that you shouldnt force, and there are some matters where you have to give it your all.

At the very least, you should try your hardest and do your best to make our expected outcome slightly better.”

“Ill do my best.” Xu Fei smiled, “You better not.”

Xie Youchan titled her head slightly, “Based on your description, if our opponents are that strong, theres no point even if I do my best.

I can only try and not be a dead weight.”

Xu Fei embraced his wife, “Yeah, our opponents are strong.

Theyre so strong that even I am incapable of dealing with them.”

His eyes were calm yet resolute, “However, as long as Im able to contribute to something, I wont run away from my responsibilities.”


After Yan Zhaoge bid farewell to Xu Fei, he continued walking towards the hall used to receive guests.

Upon his arrival, he saw two women chatting by the shade.

The one in white was naturally Feng Yunsheng, while the one in green was Yu Ye.

“Its been a while, senior apprentice-sister Yu.” Yan Zhaoge greeted her with a smile.

Yu Ye turned her head over, “Junior apprentice-brother Yan, long time no see.

I still havent congratulated you for pushing open the Immortal Door and ascending to the Immortal Realm.

The Fallen Deity has already returned to the Nine Heavens, huh.”

“Youre too polite, senior apprentice-sister Yu.” Yan Zhaoge sat beside them and analyzed Yu Ye, “Ugh… You also decided to commit to Sheathe Edge and Nurture Sword”

Yu Ye nodded, “Thats right.

My grandparents and my uncle advised me to do so.”

Currently, Yu Ye was in the Martial Saint Tenth Level, a Human Exalt.

In the past, when the Awakened Sky hall spirits physique crafted by all sorts of medicines and treasures had been torn apart within the Pill Hall, it transformed entirely into pill qi essence.

Then, it was distributed separately among Yan Zhaoge and the others.

Yu Ye was among one of them.

Even if a sword cultivator would face difficulties in improving their cultivation, Yu Yes natural talents, as well as her majestic amount of pill qi essence, had laid down a solid foundation for her.

As a result, it saved her large amounts of time.

She could attempt to push open the Immortal Door and challenge the Immortal Mortal Tribulation to achieve the Leakless True Immortal physique.

For example, Nie Jingshen had ascended to the True Immortal realm after Yan Di, which was much earlier than Yan Zhaoge.

Only, after ascending to the Immortal Realm, he still spent most of his time cultivating in seclusion.

Even though the pill qi essence was distributed evenly among everyone present at that time, there was still an abundance of the essences within each and every one of them.

A Martial Saint couldnt possibly refine them all.

Even after Yan Zhaoge, Yan Di, Nie Jingshen, and Yu Ye ascended to the Immortal Realm, they were still benefiting from it, as it would assist in their future cultivation.

For a certain period of time after ascending to the Immortal Realm, they didnt have to put in effort to accumulate vitality.

This alone allowed them to improve much faster than others of similar conditions.

The reason why Yu Ye remained by the Human Immortal Realm wasnt because she was incapable of pushing open the Immortal Door.

Instead, she used the Prime Clears Sheathe Edge and Nurture Sword to suppress her cultivation temporarily.

Her current suppression was to enable a much smoother and faster improvement in the future.

However, such a method wasnt for everyone.

Ones talents had to be high enough.

Otherwise, the opposite of the desired outcome would occur.

Moreover, it differed from each sword cultivators martial arts intent.

Even if one possessed exceptional talent, he might not be suitable to train the Sheathe Edge and Nurture Sword.

For example, Yu Yes uncle – Long Xueji.

Or the Cloud Conquest Emperors disciple, the one coined as twin supreme heavens favored along with Yu Ye – He Mian.

Even if most sword cultivators were fierce and wild, each of them would differ from the other.

Their parents taught the twin brothers – Gao Xuebo and Long Xuejis sword arts.

Yet, Gao Xuebo could Sheathe Edge and Nurture Sword, while Long Xueji couldnt.

Letting Long Xueji nurture his sword would only sheath his edge forever, succumbing him to the state of an average person.

Similarly, if Yan Zhaoge and Yan Di cultivated the Sheathe Edge and Nurture Sword using their Prime Clear sword arts foundation, while nothing would happen to Yan Zhaoge, Yan Di might suffer from it.

“However, with your amount of accumulation, youll be able to unsheath your sword sooner or later,” said Yan Zhaoge.

While the Sheathe Edge and Nurture Sword might sound marvelous, it was ultimately a support-type art.

No matter how outstanding a Martial Saint was, it wouldnt be possible for them to jump straight towards the Profound Immortal Realm by skipping through the Immortal Mortal and True Profound Tribulation upon unsheathing.

Of course, the Sheathe Edge and Nurture Sword could be used more than once.

After most people managed to pass the tribulation, they would sheath once again in preparation for their second nurturing.

Upon unsheathing once again, their cultivation would then skyrocket.

“Ill nurture it for now.” Yu Ye asked with curiosity, “I heard from Yunsheng that the Nine Underworlds had made some strange moves Its related to the Astro Sovereign, and even Senior Chu”

Yan Zhaoge nodded, “Its not just the Water Devil alone.

The Earth Devil might be involved as well.”

“Two Extinct Devils sought after a chance of reincarnation together.

This is indeed a remarkable event.” Yu Ye slightly zoned out, “Water Devil, Earth Devil…”

Seeing the woman in green zoning out, Yan Zhaoge and Feng Yunsheng both looked at each other and laughed.

Feng Yunsheng secretly sent a voice transmission to Yan Zhaoge, “Zhaoge, do people with the Heaven Containing Purified Soul usually act like this”

“Almost.” Yan Zhaoge replied, “Those that possessed the Heaven Containing Purified Soul were extremely compatible with the heavens and earth.

As such, when they werent focused, they would unconsciously enter a thoughtless state, and automatically receive affirmation from the laws of the world.”

When Yan Zhaoge first met Yu Ye, he was already aware of her exceptional soul.

Only, he never expected it to be the Heaven Containing Purified Soul.

The appearance of such a soul had remained scarce ever since the dawn of time.

Those that possessed such a soul were naturally closer to the profundities of the great dao.

As a result, they would have a much easier time understanding the abundance of laws in the world.

Performance-wise, when cultivating martial arts, their comprehension was strong enough to make everyone jealous.

This could also be regarded as an extraordinary talent.

The scarceness and the heaven-defyingness of such a soul were comparable to Nie Jingshens Earlier Heaven Nascent Form.

Only one was present within the soul, while the other was present by the physique.

Even within history, the most recent records of someone in possession of the Earlier Heaven Nascent Form was the head of the Four Imperials of Daoism – the Heaven Reigning Purple Tenuity Polaris Grand Sovereign Emperor.

As for the most recent individual in possession of the Heaven Containing Purified Soul, Yan Zhaoge was too familiar with him.

His grandfather – Yan Xintang.

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