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Chapter 1414: Vileness of the Nine Underworlds

“Its not solely because of the Heaven Containing Purified Soul either.” As Yan Zhaoge spoke, the corner of his mouth curled upwards, “According to senior apprentice-uncle Gao, senior apprentice-sister Yu herself was already… Erm, a martial arts addict”

“Just like the Exalted Fire and junior apprentice-sister Sikong, they would always delve deep within the sea of dao, unable to extricate themselves from within.”

Yan Zhaoge continued laughing and said, “When paired together with the Heaven Containing Purified Soul, she could enter the thoughtless state to comprehend the dao whenever she wanted to.

It fits her personality like a fiddle.

With the two combined, it truly makes the effects more apparent.”

“This is also a kind of happiness,” said Feng Yunsheng with a hint of yearning.

The thoughtless state was a state yearned for my many martial art practitioners.

The Early Heaven opportunities were secretly contained within.

Delving into the state would be equivalent to returning to the primordial gulf, which was the closest state to the dao itself.

Cultivating under such a state would ultimately grant the martial art practitioner the highest return in efficiency.

Its effects far surpassed wasting ones effort to enter a thoughtful state.

However, such a state was only something most could yearn for.

In fact, most of them wouldnt even encounter such a moment once in their entire lifetime.

Even for experts that had ascended to the Immortal Realm, such an experience was difficult to come by.

Only when ones realm was high enough would they be capable of entering this state whenever they desired.

After going around the Nine Underworlds once, Feng Yunsheng herself finally had a way of entering the thoughtless state when cultivating.

Of course, she couldnt just delve into it whenever she felt like it.

Other than the special cases like Chen Qianhua, those who reach a certain point in cultivation would ultimately be filled with yearnings and curiosity towards the profundities of the worlds laws.

The higher ones realm was, the more they feel like venturing further within.

Feng Yunsheng was of no exception.

As such, she held deep admiration towards Yu Yes state.

“The benefits dont just stop there.” Yan Zhaoge smiled and said, “Senior apprentice-sister Yu has a natural immunity towards the sonorous voice of the great dao.”

Feng Yunsheng thought for a while, “I see.

Even if she frequently enters such a thoughtless state subconsciously, she could easily back out from within as well.

While others could attempt to suppress her using the sonorous voice of the great dao, it will be not effective.”

Grand Virtual Immortal was always accompanied by the sonorous voice of the great dao.

Without being in the Profound Immortal Realm, and before possessing the Immortal Aura, ones mind would ultimately go blank under such suppression, as if they had entered the thoughtless state.

Strictly speaking, differences still existed between entering the true thoughtless state and being affected by the sonorous voice of the great dao.

One was on ones own accord, while the other was being pressured by an external force.

However, some similarities existed, as well.

Naturally, most martial art practitioners coveted such a state.

As a result, Virtual Immortals had been using their sonorous voice of the great dao to suppress their disciples since ancient times.

The disciples would be forced into a thoughtless state, thus allowing them to comprehend the dao.

However, such an act was detrimental when it continued for too long.

Moreover, experiencing the worlds laws wouldnt necessarily imply compatibility with ones own martial arts profundities.

As such, only a minor amount of Virtual Immortals conducted such an act.

Most of the time, the sonorous voice of the great dao was the status symbol of a Virtual Immortal, as well as a tool used to oppress those beneath the Profound Immortal Realm.

Yan Zhaoge had the Peerless Heavenly Scripture as his foundations, as well as the Grand Clear Taiyi Fist and the Prime Clear Immortal Exterminating Sword.

In fact, he cultivated the Three Clears and comprehended a variety of supreme martial arts, bending them to his will.

Only with these conditions was he able to fend off the sonorous voice the great daos suppression.

However, this was related to his cultivation as well.

If Yan Zhaoges cultivation were still too weak, he would still be suppressed by the sonorous voice of the great dao.

Meanwhile, it was different for Yu Ye, who possessed the Heaven Containing Purified Soul.

She naturally held an immunity towards the sonorous voice of the great dao.

“Then, lets not disturb her first” Feng Yunsheng looked towards Yu Ye, while Yan Zhaoge nodded with a smile.

However, they didnt have to wait for long.

This time, Yu Ye recovered reasonably quickly, “This matter involves the Twelve Devilish Gods.

Ill have to report this to my grandparents.

In fact, this might even alarm the Incongruence Divine Mother.”

“Theres no need to worry about this.

When we returned to the Sky beyond Skies, we also delivered a message to the Roving Jade Heavens, and informed Senior Gao, senior apprentice-uncle Long and the others.” Yan Zhaoge said, “You mightve already left the Roving Jade Heavens during that time, which is why youre oblivious to it.”

Yu Ye said, “Oh, alright.”

“Senior Gao and the others should be contacting the Incongruence Divine Mother as soon as possible.” Yan Zhaoge smiled and said, “On our way back, we also contacted the Southern Extremity Longevity Emperor and the Exalted Fire.”

“We have an obligation to ensure that everything is well-prepared before our battle against the Nine Underworlds.

After all, our opponents consist of more than one Daoism Grand Heavenly Level Devil.

Even if the entire world condemned the Nine Underworlds, we still have to remain cautious.”

Yan Zhaoge touched his lips, “The Evil Devils are the public enemy of all living beings.

As a result, when Daoism flourished and the Devils declined, they turtled themselves in the Nine Underworlds and only dared to do things secretly.

Even so, we must never underestimate the Nine Underworlds.

Despite being cornered by the entire world for so many years, they still hold an insurmountable amount of strength.”

“Naturally.” Yu Ye said, “Even if theyre an independent force, they might be even stronger than the Immortal Courts heretics and the Blessed Lands of the White Lotus.”

Feng Yunsheng nodded, “Righteousness and devils are like two opposite extremities.

Even if the two extremities werent balanced, we could already predict how vile and wicked these Evil Devils are.”

Before the heavens were split open, and creation began, the Daoisms Three Clear Grand Masters, the Ancient Three Sovereigns, and the Western Second Patriarch fought against each other within the primordial gulf.

However, when the Devils rose into power, everyone abruptly stood on the same side.

Among the Twelve Devilish Gods, the unparalleled Six Ancestral Devils appeared one after another.

Typically speaking, even if the final Doomsday Heavenly Devil didnt appear, there would be a total of five Ancestral Devils.

Without accounting for each devils strength and weakness, the sheer numbers of Dao Ancestors they had were more than any other forces.

As a result, due to each Ancestral Devils appearing at a different time interval, such weakness was exploited every time each one of them appeared.

The Daoisms Grand Clear Lord of Dao and Virtue manifested the Supreme Heavenly Devil and occupied the third Ancestral Devils position.

Meanwhile, the Western Religion of Buddhisms religious head – the Guide, also known as Amitabha, took over the fourth position of the Ancestral Devils and manifested the Faceless Heavenly Devil.

With this, the devilish Daos fate had been slain off.

Moreover, each force worked together to suppress the Devils.

The first Ancestral Devil, the forebearer of all Devils – the Primordial Heavenly Devil was suppressed.

The second Ancestral Devil – the Existence Creation Heavenly Devil was slain, while his corpse transformed into the Nine Underworlds.

By then, the Devils experienced declination, while Daoism started flourishing.

The Devils also turned into public enemies and got assaulted whenever they made an appearance.

Despite having the Nine Underworlds as their habitat, and always planning everything in secret, they never really got the chance to turn the tables over.

Even so, the Nine Underworlds was not to be underestimated.

This time, it wasnt just some random devils attempting to reincarnate.

Instead, two of the Six Ancestral Devils among the Twelve Devilish Gods were about to do so.

The Nine Underworlds would pay close attention to this matter.

“Even if Vast Freedom Heavenly Devil, the Heart Devil, or the Shadow Devil exist, theyd have to be wary of other forces holding them back, thus making it hard for them to take action.

There are other strong Devils within the Nine Underworlds as well,” said Yan Zhaoge softly.

Feng Yunsheng and Yu Ye both nodded in agreement.

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