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“The best possible outcome would be that Senior Chu was still safely venturing alone.” Yan Zhaoge rubbed his temples softly, “But, we should prepare for the worst outcome possible.”

Nie Jingshen looked towards Yu Ye, “Since something unexpected occurred, shall we delay our duel”

“Naturally.” Yu Ye nodded, “Ive met Senior Chu in the Roving Jade Heavens before.

Hopefully, shes safe and sound.”

Yan Zhaoge said, “Since the clue was related to the Exalted Solar Luminary, the Southern Extremity Longevity Emperor should be aware of it as well.

Lets try to contact Senior Suo and the Incongruence Divine Mother for now.”

Yu Ye replied, “Ill deliver the news back to the Roving Jade Heavens.”

Everyone started fulfilling their tasks, while Yan Zhaoge went to find Xu Fei first.

After the two met each other, Yan Zhaoge explained the situation that transpired.

Xu Fei then asked, “What are you planning to do”

“The worst-case scenario would be the Water Devil and the Earth Devil making their moves together, rendering us powerless to deal with the both of them.” Yan Zhaoge said calmly, “If we wanted to deal with both of them, wed have to split our forces.

With this, our enemies would catch two birds with one stone.”

“We will prevent anything our enemies are planning on doing.”

As Yan Zhaoge was talking, he made a hand gesture and walked outwards.

Xu Fei followed behind him, and the two headed towards the Pill Hall.

After a short while, Ah Hu and Shi Jun brought the ice coffin containing Ying Yuzhen to the Pill Hall, as per Yan Zhaoges order.

Under Yan Zhaoges guidance, the group entered the core pill room of the Pill Hall.

Yan Zhaoge took in a deep breath.

Then, he placed his palm in the center of the pill halls floor surface.

Then, rays of radiances were released from his palm.

They started expanding outwards and shrouded the entire room like waves.

The runes continued to surge and scattered themselves all over the floor.

After giving Shi Jun some instructions, he left Ying Yuzhen and Shi Jun in the room and left.

“If we leave them here, wont our enemies easily detect the location of the Pill Hall and the Awakened Sky Hall Later on, wouldnt they corner us externally and internally” asked Xu Fei.

Yan Zhaoge shook his head, “Unless if the Vast Freedom Heavenly Devil personally takes action, we can assure that nothing would happen for a short amount of time.

If that devil recklessly makes a move, other Dao Ancestors wouldnt just sit by and watch.”

He let out a long breath, “Once we fall behind by one step, well be left behind all the way.

Since our opponents held the initiative, we would have to face certain risks to turn the tables around.”

“You all should be careful as well.” Xu Fei nodded silently.

“I know.” Yan Zhaoge said, “Before I came here, Ive already informed my mother to come here.

Later on, she would assist me in presiding over the Pill Hall.

With the Pill Halls oppression, I believe that we can delay their actions for quite some time.”

Xu Fei sent him off, “Her attainments in formations are exceptional, and she even ascended to the Exalt Realm.

With such improvement, shell have no problems presiding over the Pill Hall.”

After bidding farewell to Xu Fei, Yan Zhaoge met up with Feng Yunsheng.

Then, they left the Sky beyond Skies, left the Awakened Sky Hall, and finally entered the voids boundless outskirts.

The two traversed through layers of void boundaries and followed after the traces left behind by Yan Di and Chen Xuanzong.

The flow of time was uncertain within the void.

After the two journeyed for an extended period, they felt something in their heart.

Then, they came out of the crack formed between two layers of void.

As they appeared, a silhouette slowly showed itself by the dark void.

It was the Exalted Water Luminary – Chen Xuanzong.

“Your father went ahead to look for Lili already.” Chen Xuanzong didnt waste his words and said, “Go meet up with your father.

According to our plans, Ill be heading towards the Domain of Thousand Scales first.”

Yan Zhaoge said sternly, “Relax, senior.

We will escort Senior Chu and allow her to meet up with you.”

Naturally, Chen Xuanzong strongly desired to locate Jie Mingkong and Chu Lili.

However, now that Chu Lilis whereabouts were located, he still had to suppress his emotions and keep his calm.

After all, it could be a trap set up by the Nine Underworlds.

Now that they released Chu Lili, it implied that their preparations had been completed.

Once Chu Lili and Chen Xuanzong meet up with each other, it might be the very moment the Water Devil makes his move.

As such, despite being filled with anxiousness, Chen Xuanzong kept his cool.

Yan Di, Yan Zhaoge, and Feng Yunsheng searched for Chu Lili while he went to another location.

No matter if it was Chen Xuanzong, Yan Zhaoge, or anyone else, they both held the same thoughts: To not remain passive by the Nine Underworlds actions and take the initiative.

When Chen Xuanzong and Yan Di had been searching for Chu Lili and Jie Mingkong, Yan Zhaoge had also been secretly making preparations along with them.

When Chen Xuanzong was venturing the voids boundless outskirts, he coincidentally came across a field of queer starry skies, known as the Domain of Thousand Scales.

Since then, everyone had been laying down their preparations there.

To a certain extent, the current Domain of Thousand Scales could be classified as a stage for Yan Zhaoge and the others.

“Mingkongs whereabouts are still unknown…” Chen Xuanzong raised his head and looked towards the faraway starry skies.

Then, he finally let out a sigh, “Let us meet again later.”

While watching Chen Xuanzongs silhouette left for a distance, Yan Zhaoge let out a sigh as well, “If what the Astro Sovereign anticipated was right, the Female Emperor should have been searching for Senior Chu by herself all this while.”

“If Senior Chu had already fallen into the hands of the Nine Underworlds, the Female Emperors situation isnt looking too well.

Well have to be on guard.”

He shook his head, “Of course, this is if the worst-case scenario happens.

Hopefully, it doesnt come down to this.”

“Lets go.

Lets meet up with uncle and Senior Suo.” Feng Yunsheng nodded silently.

After receiving further instructions from Chen Xuanzong, the two headed towards another space, searching for Yan Di.

Yan Zhaoge had never cut off contact with his father before.

However, it wasnt an easy feat to contact someone within the voids boundless outskirts.

After a while of twists and turns, the two finally located Yan Di.

Currently, Yan Di was standing by the exterior area of the starry seas filled with rubbles.

“Shes inside.” Upon feeling the twos presence, Yan Di spoke without turning around.

Yan Zhaoge looked towards Feng Yunsheng, and blue-black devilish flames arose from Feng Yunshengs eyes.

After a while, Feng Yunsheng lightly shook her head, “There arent any devils nearby as of now.”

The three entered the area filled with rubbles and traversed to the center of the area.

Above the meteorite with the size of a square acre, a stone mountain stood atop.

Beneath the mountain, a cave was formed.

As the three entered the cave, they were immediately greeted with the sight of a woman sitting in a lotus position.

The woman sat still, and her eyes were shut tightly as if she was currently in slumber.

On her forehead, a crack formed by a devilish pattern was radiating with ice-blue radiance.

The woman was naturally Chu Lili.

Her appearance remained as tender and delicate as if she was a teenager.

However, compared to the previously energetic woman, she was currently focusing on repelling the devilish intent.

She had no reactions whatsoever to anything happening in the outside world, or even herself.

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