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Chapter 1419: Regain the Upper Hand

Ever since they parted with each other, Chen Xuanzong and Chu Lili finally met each other again after a thousand years.

And yet, even though the master she missed so dearly was right in front of her, Chu Lili couldnt feel his presence at all, as if she had succumbed into a deep slumber.

Chen Xuanzong looked at his disciple.

The image of her joining his teaching surfaced once again within his mind.

At that time, she was merely an innocent child.

She wasnt aware that she was the Water Devils compatible physique, nor was she aware that her father and master were the same.

She wasnt aware that her master – Chen Xuanzong slew her father – Chu Heng, after his transformation into the Water Devil.

Gratitudes and grudges intertwined with each other.

Such was her life.

“This must be karma.” Chen Xuanzongs expression remained unfazed, “Hopefully, those matters can be settled this time.”

He closed his eyes, and a gap slowly cracked open from his forehead.

Ice-blue devilish radiances surged from within.

They presented the feeling of maliciousness, isolation, gloominess, and ominousness.

The devilish pattern on Chu Lilis forehead started cracking open as well.

The ice-blue radiance released from their foreheads vaguely presented signs of intertwining and fusing.

All of a sudden, Chen Xuanzongs hand seals suddenly changed.

At the same time, Yan Zhaoge at the side made the same move.

He made a seal move his hands and placed it in front of his chest.

The originally pitch-black space within the gold sphere was suddenly filled with radiances.

A total of eighty-one embers appeared in midair, which pattern followed after a unique formation.

The embers were surrounding both Chen Xuanzong and Chu Lili.

From the embers, flames extended from each of them and intertwined with each other in the void, which then fell upon Chen Xuanzong and Chu Lili.

As the ember flickered, the twos bodies trembled slightly.

As for the ice-blue radiance on their foreheads, it showed signs of turning dim.

Chen Xuanzong extended his finger once again and tapped it on the foreheads of Chu Lili and himself.

Then, his hands gradually closed in to the center.

Following his fingers movements, the blue radiances on their foreheads grew even more brilliant.

As if Chen Xuanzongs hands were pulling them, they were continuously extracted from the twos bodies and converged together in the void intertwined with blue radiances.

As the ice-cold devilish radiance slowly converged, they vaguely formed a seal with the size of a fist.

The seal became clearer and clearer, while the devilish intent released from within became more and more intense.

In contrast, the Devilish qi released from Chen Xuanzong and Chu Lili slowly weakened.

Throughout the whole process, no signs of the Water Devil could be seen from the crack of their forehead.

Instead, the glittering blue radiance became more and more brilliant on the seal that was slowly taking form.

From the blue radiance, a pair of eyes seemed to be opening slowly.

Horrifying intents filled with ice-coldness and bleakness released from within.

However, Yan Zhaoge and the others had already made preparations beforehand.

Intense brilliance was released from the group of embers, which gathered upon the seal.

As the crimson red brilliance intertwined, they tightly locked the ice-blue seal away, suppressing it.

Previously, the gold spheres form had been unstable.

At this moment, it suddenly circulated.

As the gold sphere circulated, the streams out lights outside of the Domain of Thousand Scales started circulating as well.=.

Various formations that were previously laid down started displaying their uses.

There was only one purpose.

To dispose of the devilish intent pestering Chen Xuanzong and Chu Lili, and to forcefully cut off the Water Devils path to reincarnation!

The ice-blue radiance released on the seal became brighter, while the intent released from within became more ruthless and ice cold.

Within that radiance, a powerful intent seemed to be causing a quake within the Domain of Thousand Scales.

However, under the efforts of Yan Zhaoge, Chen Xuanzong, and the others, it was forcefully suppressed!

The Water Devil had already undergone perishment after all.

Even when it was sought to be reincarnated, he shouldnt exist in this world at all.

Under the Domain of Thousand Scales imprisonment and the gold sphere, the Water Devil, Chen Xuanzong, and Chu Lili were utterly isolated from the world and the Evil Devils in the outside world.

It was practically impossible for both sides to communicate with each other.

Yan Zhaoge and the others first pressed the Water Devil into isolation, which also brought about suppression.

At this moment, within the deepest area in the center of the Nine Underworlds, the Abyss of Devilish Sea was undergoing a ruckus.

“The Water Devil is in trouble.

This must be because of those people.”

“The clue had just been cut off.

Now, we cant locate them anymore.”

“We can delineate the approximate area theyre located in.

If we send more people, well be able to locate them somehow.”

“We dont have much time.”

“If we cant assist the Water Devil, we can still assist the Earth Devil.

Lets go.”

A tremor occurred in the Nine Underworlds.

Previously, to prevent other forces from noticing, they had remained silent the entire time.

With the matters escalating, the brewing storm started making its move!

Many Evil Devils rushed out of the Nine Underworlds and entered the voids boundless outskirts.

Then, they dashed towards where Chu Lili had vanished.

The Devils group that was initially secluding themselves by the voids outskirts started making their moves as well.

To prevent being noticed by Yan Zhaoge, Feng Yunsheng, and the others, they didnt dare follow too closely.

As a result, they lost track of Yan Zhaoge, Chu Lili, and the bunch.

However, the approximate area had been delineated by them.

The Domain of Thousand Scales was among them.

Simultaneously, within the Awakened Sky Cosmos, which seemed completely unrelated to these matters, a queer transformation occurred within the Pill Hall in the Sky beyond Skies Broad Creed Mountain.

Within the core pill room, Shi Jun, who was initially cultivating, suddenly let out a groan.

Without any warnings, a vertical crack appeared on his forehead.

From the crack, dense and desolate ochre-colored radiances shot out from within.

As for Ying Yuzhen, who was in slumber within the ice coffin, the same devilish pattern appeared on her forehead as well.

Ochre-colored radiance surged from within as well, deeply resembling Shi Juns devilish pattern.

Yet, it was even more calamitous and sinister!

However, compact seals surfaced from the walls, roof, and the floor of the pill room in the same instant.

Chain-like radiances intertwined with each other and descended upon Shi Jun and Ying Yuzhen.

Seal formations appeared on their forehead as well, which continually suppressed the devilish patterns, as well as the ochre radiances leaking from within.

Upon noticing the rays of radiance flickering from the pill room, Xu Fei, who was guarding the pill room from outside, said, “Theyre here!”

During the commotion, an ochre-colored pearl appeared within the pill room.

It was the Earth Splitting Pearl.

The Earth Splitting Pearl transformed into a radiance clump, which fused with the pill rooms entire building structure.

Then, the runes by the pill rooms wall turned ochre color as well.

Under such suppression, the devilish intent surging from Shi Jun and Ying Yuzhen was suppressed even further.

“This should provide us sufficient time!” Xu Fei stared at the scene, transpiring in front of him.

When a Great Devil reincarnates, their strength upon reincarnation would be uncertain.

They might even be extremely weak and required time to recover.

Naturally, the Nine Underworlds hoped that the two Extinct Devils would safely return to the Nine Underworlds.

As such, the two Devils reincarnated at the same time to divert Yan Zhaoge and the others attention away.

Yan Zhaoge took advantage of such acts.

While holding the Earth Devils reincarnation back, he baited Water Devil into the Domain of Thousand Scales.

After dealing with the Water Devil, they would then take care of the Earth Devils threat.

Yan Zhaoge and the others had grasped the opportune moment and location in their hands.

They had finally caught up to the Nine Underworlds footsteps.

They even surpassed the Nine Underworlds!

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