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Chapter 1420: Chaotic Heavenly Devil Slaying Ritual

At this moment, hidden undercurrents were surging within the vast and boundless void.

Nine Underworlds seemed to have revitalized.

It transformed into an independent life form that continuously expanded outwards and devoured the vast void.

However, a strong intent that was unimaginable, unassessable, and indescribable was instantly displayed within the void.

That was an existence existing in a plane much higher than the creation of the world.

It was ethereally lofty as if it existed in both planes.

Even those that had pushed open the Immortal Door couldnt notice it, nor could they sense the profundities from within.

Yet, the Nine Underworlds felt it.

As a result, the Nine Underworlds restlessness came to a stop.

However, this didnt stop the Great Devils on par with Immortal Realm experts to leave the Nine Underworlds and disappearing into the void.

The devil in the lead was a clump of dark shadow.

He didnt have any form, nor did he have any shape.

He just blended in together with the dark and vast boundless void.

He was the Wood Devil – one of the Six Ancestral Devils among the Twelve Devilish Gods.

He could also be called the Shadow Devil.

The Shadow Devil led a group of devils towards the domain in which Chen Xuanzong, Chu Lili, and the others had vanished.

Behind him, devilish auras filled the entire area.

Other Grand Heavenly level Devils came along with him as well.

This battle was related to the two Extinct Devils reincarnation – the Water Devil and the Earth Devil.

Naturally, the Nine Underworlds couldnt just ignore it.

Even if they were aware of the possibilities of being besieged, they had to risk it.

However, very quickly, someone had blocked their paths within the boundless void.

They were Daoisms Grand Heavenly experts.

The two sides immediately clashed against each other.

Both sides had their scruples.

While the Nine Underworlds had to prevent other forces from intervening, the orthodox Daoism had to prevent others from taking advantage of the situation.

Even if the Immortal Court and the Blessed Lands of the White Lotus were in a fierce war against each other, one couldnt possibly underestimate the mightiness of the Immeasurable Heavenly Lord.

After all, the Immortal Courts sticky situation was caused by Suo Mingzhang massacring those of the Immortal Court.

If the Immeasurable Lord had the opportunity to lock onto Suo Mingzhangs traces, the possibility of him making a move wasnt zero.

Under such influence, as the two contended against each other, the Nine Underworlds Devils couldnt do anything about their path being blocked.

Only the group of devils previously scattered at the outer area could shrink their group and continue locating Yan Zhaoge and the others whereabouts.

With such limited manpower, their speed of locating Yan Zhaoge and the group would decrease considerably.

As time went by, the devilish intent between Chen Xuanzong and Chu Lili was continuously being extracted.

The rune suspended in mid-air grew bigger and bigger, while the ice-blue radiance grew brighter as well.

The ice-cold and cruel intent originating from the Water Devil continuously struggled while letting out thunderous roars.

The rune wasnt remaining stationary in mid-air.

Instead, it continuously swayed from left to right.

At first, the rune attempted to close in to Chen Xuanzong.

Chen Xuanzong and Chu Lili had finally met each other.

The devilish pattern that broke apart thanks to Yan Zhaoge and Jie Mingkong had finally been completed.

To the Water Devil, the most compatible physique was still Chen Xuanzong.

However, Chen Xuanzongs cultivation was much stronger than Chu Lili.

While Chu Lili was close to being senseless, Chen Xuanzong was still wide awake.

As such, after a moment of contemplation, the rune decisively shifted towards Chu Lilis side.

However, Yan Zhaoge and Chen Xuanzong had full control over the situation.

Even if the Water Devil was dominating, he couldnt possibly succeed.

However, at this moment, everyone present felt a sense of fluctuation in their heart, and something blinked before their eyes.

No matter if it was Chen Xuanzong, Yan Zhaoge, Feng Yunsheng, or Yan Di, they both felt an insuppressible surge within their hearts.

Chu Lili, who hadnt been speaking or moving, suddenly opened her eyes.

Her eyes were pitch black.

There wasnt any radiance, nor was there any emotions contained within.

Although the voice still belonged to her, her tone was completely different from her usual self, “So, its the Domain of Thousand Scales.

No wonder why communication between us could be hindered.”

As Yan Zhaoge suppressed his emotions, he stared at Chu Lili.

“…Heart Devil!” He shouted in a low voice.

Being classified as one of the Six Extinct Devils along with the Water Devil and the Wood Devil, he was once of the oldest existence among the Devils.

Someone who wouldnt perish – the Heart Devil!

According to the legends, as long as intelligent life forms still existed within the world, the Heart Devil would be able to reincarnate.

As the public acknowledged, he was the most formidable existence to be killed off!

His tone was peaceful as if an old man was casually conversing with his grandchildren, “Youre Yan Zhaoge, right During the past few years, your name stormed my ears very frequently.

Now that Ive finally had a look at you, as expected, youre truly someone exceptional.”

As he was talking, “Chu Lili” turned to look at Feng Yunsheng, “After you finished relieving your boredom, remember to return, my child.”

Feng Yunsheng shook her head and said, “Im afraid you might have recognized the wrong person.”

The Heart Devil smiled, and his gaze swept towards Yan Di.

Then, he nodded, “The Nine Underworlds welcomes a talented prodigy like you anytime.

The Elder Lord remains unpredictable, and your Daoism has no Dao Realm bigwigs leading you all.

In the end, youre all barely surviving with the dangers looming around.

Even if your Daoism lineage wouldnt end, theres no insurance for your safety.

With one wrong move, youll cease to exist.”

“Even though other forces are oppressing our Nine Underworlds, were still stronger than the current orthodox Three Clears.

While improving yourself still depends on your luck, at the very least, you wouldnt have to worry about your safety anymore.”

“Chu Lili”s tone was neither rushed nor unhurried, nor did it sound overly sincere.

It was sufficient in bewitching someone, as it was filled with sincerity as well.

One couldnt help but harbor good impressions toward his words.

However, Yan Di remained silent and calmly stared at the Heart Devil.

Upon seeing Yan Dis response, the Heart Devil didnt say anything else.

He merely smiled and shook his head while staring at the father and son duo, “No matter how things turn out today, my previous words still apply to you.”

“She” then looked at Chen Xuanzong, “Ive sensed your disturbed heart since long ago.”

“As for why it doesnt matter.

The important thing is that your heart has experienced discomposure.” The Heart Devil smiled and shut his eyes again.

Chu Lili then returned to her initial state.

Meanwhile, Chen Xuanzong let out a groan and frowned tightly.

Within his eyes, black lights flickered.

However, Chen Xuanzong remained calm.

In fact, his expression remained calm and composed.

Because, after the conversation, Yan Zhaoges hand seals changed rapidly.

As both of his hands formed a seal, he placed them in front of his chest and remained in his position.


A loud yell resounded from his mouth.

The gold sphere which enveloped everyone, including the void around them, underwent another transformation!

Within the sphere, the eighty-one embers were already burning blazingly.

At this moment, the gold sphere released a brilliance that rendered it transparent.

Hundreds of millions of runes converged together and formed eighty-one radiating orbits with different trajectories.

With Yan Zhaoge and the others as their center, they started circulating.

While the radiating orbits spun in different directions, their centers remained the same.

As such, different trajectories were intertwining with each other as they circulated.

As if the eighty-one stars trajectories were currently circulating the entire skies.

“While the Chaotic Heavenly Devil Slaying Ritual is used as a precaution against other devils, its mainly used against you, Heart Devil,” said Yan Zhaoge quietly.

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