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Chapter 1421: Unprecedented Invention

As the eighty-one light radiating orbits circulated, streaks of lights descended upon Chen Xuanzong and Chi Lili.

Basking under the illumination, black radiances surfaced from Chen Xuanzong and Chu Lili.

Then, the black radiances distorted and transformed into a riot of colorful irregularly shaped clouds.

Within the colorful clouds filled with vivid lusters, a myriad of phenomena was contained within, as if all sorts of matters in the world were being displayed.

The scenes were displaying copious amounts of mortal affairs, as well as the lively voices of the mortal realm.

As the dark radiance vanished, colorful clouds took over its position.

The devilish intent disappeared entirely from the void.

Even though hardships existed, rather than the violent and callous intent, they originated from all sorts of mortal worlds phenomena.

Staring at the colorful clouds was equivalent to watching the vicissitudes of life occurring in the mortal world.

Only, just like how the distortion of the colorful clouds was indescribable, one would sense the queerness and awkwardness filled within the ordinary life when looking closely into it.

At this moment, the streaks of lights that descended from the void entangled the colorful clouds as if they were reels of chains.

Upon being sealed by the streaks of lights, the colorful clouds influence towards Chen Xuanzong and Chu Lili was weakened.

The radiance enveloped even Yan Zhaoge, Yan Di, and Feng Yunsheng.

Their previous wavering emotions had also returned to normal.

“Chu Lili” reopened her eyes.

However, the dark radiance within interchanged between brightness and darkness, with no way of maintaining a stable state.

The streaks of lights surrounded the colorful cloud atop her head.

Even when its shape was distorted, it had no way of escaping.

“Chu Lili” asked, “What… is this I dont think of myself… as someone lacking in knowledge… Yet, I cant recognize this… Chaotic Heavenly Devil Slaying Ritual Ive never heard of such a treasure…”

In terms of seniority, the Heart devil was considered one of the oldest existences in the world.

With no way of perishing, he had experienced the Primitive era, the Ancient era, the Middle era, and survived until now.

Even if he wasnt born before the establishment of creation, he had heard of all sorts of matters within the primordial gulf.

Due to his superior authority, he became someone possessing an astronomical amount of knowledge.

Even among the Grand Heavenly Realm experts, he was considered one of the top-notch existences.

As one of the most top-notch, most robust, and most ancient devil, the Heart Devil had experienced all sorts of wars against other lineages.

The Heart Devil had the grasp on other lineages methods to eradicate and slay devils.

Yet, at this moment, he felt extremely foreign toward the transforming gold sphere.

The Heart Devil could discern some of the theories just by looking at them.

Yet, when combining them, the Heart Devil was left confused.

“Surely you jest.

However, its normal for you not to recognize it.

“This Chaotic Heavenly Devil Slaying Ritual is merely something that Senior Chen, my wife, and I had invented during the past few years.” Yan Zhaoge changed his hand seals again without stopping, “Which means it never appeared before.”

“The Chaotic Heavenly Devil Ritual youre looking at today is the very first in history.

Moreover, this is also the first time its being used.”

Yan Zhaoge combined his hand seals in front of his chest once again.

Then, he pushed his arms forward, “Its prepared solely for you.

Please do guide us in our mistakes.”

The eighty-one radiating orbits spun quicker and quicker.

At the same time, their radius shrunk and started compressing inwards.

The chain-like streaks of lights increased in number and became denser.

Under the entanglement of the streaks of lights, the colorful clouds slowly turned into sparsed mists, which vanished through evaporation.

“The younger generation is truly fearsome… So many youthful talents are appearing…” The Heart Devils voice slowly turned muffled and weak until it finally vanished completely.

The colorful clouds atop Chen Xuanzongs head and Chu Lilis head vanished along with it.

Chu Lili closed her eyes once again, as if she had lost her consciousness, and succumbed to slumber again.

On the other hand, Chen Xuanzongs eyes regained their brightness.

He continued extracting the devilish intent contained within the bodies of Chu Lili and him.

“Dont be careless.” Yan Zhaoges voice resounded within the void, “The Heart Devil is someone unpredictable.

Now, hes merely being isolated through the Chaotic Heavenly Devil Slaying Ritual.

If we arent careful, he will take the opportunity to enter once again and repeat his actions.”

“If we take too long, he could even slowly barge in on his own.”

Yan Zhaoges expression was serious, “As for the other Devils, they might have already reached the Domain of Thousand Scales.”

Everyone else nodded with a serious expression written on their faces.

Everyone present was aware of the risks Chen Xuanzong, Chu Lili, and even Shi Jun and Ying Yuzhen, who were hiding by the Awakened Sky Cosmos, might face the longer they stalled.

While Chen Xuanzong still had an indifferent expression on his face, his gaze turned focused.

The ice-blue radiance between Chu Lili and him turned much brighter and expanded even more.

As time passed, the progress became more and more prominent.

However, very quickly, Feng Yunsheng, standing aside, frowned, “They still located us.”

Within her eyes, devilish blue-black flames pranced about.

Yan Zhaoge and the others were aware of how sensitive Feng Yunsheng was towards most other Evil Devils.

Even with the Chaotic Heavenly Devil Slaying Ritual and the Domain of Thousand Scales, she could still sense the Devils closing in to the Domain of Thousand Scales.

The Domain of Thousand Scales had the remarkable effect of isolating the Evil Devils away from it.

After all, it was nurtured from the worlds creation and was one of the well-known Sacred Lands used to oppress the devils.

The group of Great Devils had spent a tremendous amount of effort to locate this place.

On the other hand, since they couldnt locate Yan Zhaoges group, the group of Devils didnt hesitate further upon noticing the Domain of Thousand Scales.

They very naturally knew that their target was located there.

Upon locating the Domain of Thousand Scales, they started contacting other devils.

Without any hesitation, everyone started gathering at that spot.

In almost an instant, the Great Devils had already contacted each other.

All of them traversed through the void and finally descended upon the Domain of Thousand Scales.

In that instant, all sorts of distorted holes, as well as spirals, appeared within the pitch-black void.

All-encompassing Devilish qi that was either filled with a fanatical rampage or ice-cold bloodlust surged from within.

As if they were stormy clouds that filled up the void, they enveloped the entire space.

Within the roving Devilish qi, distorted blood-red bolts of lightning flashed.

Under the Great Devils groups unison, the universe seemed to have transformed into the Nine Underworlds.

The surrounding boundaries had signs of transforming into the lands of tranquil streams.

Under the devilish clouds besiegement, only the Domain of Thousand Scales was still radiating with prancing lights, as if fishes with glittering scales were continuously jumping in and out of the water surface.

Within the boundless devilish domain, a majestic intent manifested itself.

Queer and profound musical notes were being chanted.

Different from the messy languages used by the Evil Devils, these musical notes were filled with the feeling of inverted distortion.

Yet, compared to the great dao, it seemed to contain its unique laws, making it incredibly profound.

As the musical notes changed, albeit remaining its profoundness, other Nine Underworlds Evil Devils could already tell the meaning contained within.

“Im here to deal with the woman who stole the Doomsday Heavenly Devils authority and was led astray.

Quickly break through the Domain of Thousand Scales.”

“Today, we shall welcome the return of Devil Emperor Water and Devil Emperor Earth.”

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