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Chapter 1422: Flurry of Devils

Majestic intents were displayed, which almost turned the entire void into a devilish domain.

Even with the top-notch Daoism bigwigs holding them back, with the Demon Race and the Western Pure Lands interference, the four sides fought an ugly battle against each other to hold each other back.

With no way to discern between foes and allies, a Grand Heavenly level Devil escaped in the end.

The Great Devil didnt bother with such a sticky situation anymore.

Instead, he led other Devils in search of Yan Zhaoge and the others.

At this moment, he descended upon the Domain of Thousand Scales.

His all-encompassing Devilish qi instantly oppressed the Domain of Thousand Scales.

Under the command of the horrifying Grand Heavenly level Great Devil, blood-colored radiances flickered from the boundless Devilish aura.

They tore through the void, causing numerous strong Devils to present their original form.

All these Great Devils came in different forms.

There was an existence that resembled a Devilish God.

It possessed four heads and four arms, with no facial features on its face.

Below, its body was like a clump of cloudy mist, with no feet to be seen.

This was a Great Devil that was nurtured through the sinister Devilish qi of the Nine Underworlds and had never taken the form of a human before.

There was a devil with horrendous apish appearances.

Its face was covered in fur, and its arms hung lower than their knee.

Since they were born, it had already possessed the appearance of a Gigantopithecus [1].

Its bodies were dyed black; only its eyes were blood-red, appearing like bloody streams.

This was originally a Monkey Demon.

After succumbing to the Nine Underworlds, it transformed into a Great Devil.

While it retained its Gigantopithecus appearance, the Devilish qi released from its body was no different from the four-headed and four-handed Great Devils.

There was a Devil with a much smaller figure.

Yet, his strength didnt pale in comparison to others as well.

Since he was born, he already came with the appearance of a middle-aged human scholar.

Other than his face being paler than average, and the blood vessels in his eyes, making him look haggard, his appearance wasnt any different from any other humans.

Yet, he was also a Great Devil.

Way before the Great Calamity, he was a top-notch Devil expert whose name was well-known among the great thousand worlds.

He was referred to as the Blissful Monarch.

He was initially a Human Race expert that cultivated the devilish martial arts and was referred to as the Blissful Devil Monarch.

After thoroughly succumbing to the Nine Underworlds, he truly became an Evil Devil and ceased to be human any longer.

“Our main goal here is to welcome the return of Devil Emperor Water and Devil Emperor Earth.” The Great Devil that still used the guise of a human said nonchalantly, “However, itll be much better if we could bring that woman back with us as well.”

The Gigantopithecus-looking Great Devil stared at him, “She possesses the Doomsday Heavenly Devils authority.

Youre thinking of dealing with someone like that”

When the Nine Underworlds Evil Devils referred to the Six Extinct Devils, they would add honorifics like “Devil Emperor” most of the time.

Upon mentioning the Six Ancestral Devils, they would then use the “Heavenly Devil” honorific.

It wasnt a disrespectful honorific.

Instead, the “Heavenly Devil” title was of the utmost honored one.

Only a Dao Realm Devil Ancestor was qualified to wield such a title.

The way Evil Devil views the honorific “Heavenly Devil” was similar to Buddhists referring to Buddhas [2] and Daoists referring to the Three Clear Grand Masters.

“This woman was the one that stole the Doomsday Heavenly Devils authority.

Taking her along with us is merely punishing her.” The Blissful Devil Monarch said casually, “If I could be favored by the Doomsday Heavenly Devil and was picked to be his intended incarnation physique, thatll be my pleasure.”

The Gigantopithecus laughed, “Then, be my guest.

I wont stop you.

But, have you forgotten about what Devil Emperor Heart said Shes only a step away from reaching the Grand Heavenly Realm.

Do you think youre capable of defeating her, someone who possesses the Doomsday Heavenly Devils authority”

“Then, do you reckon that shes able to contend against our Nine Underworlds Ultimately, shell still fall into our hands.” The Blissful Devil Monarch laughed, “I dont mind sharing the rewards with everyone.”

The faceless Great Devil with four heads and four arms said coldly, “The Vast Freedom Heavenly Devil and the other Devil Emperors will decide how to deal with her.

If you plan on making a move, prepare to face your death.”

“Ultimately, we would still have to capture her first, right” The Blissful Devil Monarch wasnt angered at all.

His leisure look remained unfazed.

The Gigantopithecus snorted, “What are you still blabbering for Lets quickly deal with them, welcome back Devil Emperor Water, and interrogate them about the location of the Devil Emperor Earths reincarnation physique.”

Other than them, more and more Nine Underworlds Devils appeared.

In that moment, the flurry of devils caused all-encompassing devilish flames to fill the skies.

Behind them, that Grand Heavenly level Evil Devil was supervising everything.

The group of Devils rushed towards the Domain of Thousand Scales in an attempt to tear it apart.

However, the glittering radiance coming from the domain was dyed with a shade of black at that very moment.

Then, a horrifying saber-light appeared, which swept across every corner of the void.

Other than assisting Chen Xuanzong and Chu Lili in extracting the Devilish Intent, Yan Zhaoge and the others who presided over the Domain of Thousand Scales were here to protect them.

Not only did the Domain of Thousand Scales and the Chaotic Heavenly Devil Slaying Ritual help in concealing their traces and isolating the incursion of the Devilish qi, but they also played an important supporting role – extract the Devilish Intent from the two.

Precisely because of such preparations and assistance, Chen Xuanzong successfully erased the devilish engravings left behind by the Water Devil.

Moreover, he could even attempt to seal the Water Devil, preventing the Water Devil from reincarnating.

As such, he had to focus more on regulating the ritual to deal with the Water Devil.

While the ritual could prevent the Heart Devils Devilish Intent from leaking into him, it didnt serve as a barrier against physical attacks.

When facing the Evil Devils, Yan Zhaoge and the others had to deal with them outside to prevent the destruction of the Domain of Thousand Scales and the Chaotic Heavenly Devil Slaying Ritual.

The reason why they delayed the Earth Devils reincarnation process using the Pill Hall and the Earth Splitting Pearl was mainly to effectively focus their power on protecting the Domain of Thousand Scales.

Feng Yunsheng quickly left the Domain of Thousand Scales and went up against Devils troops, hindering their paths.

However, very quickly, her mind went blank for an instant.

Under the envelopment of the devilish domain, an extremely horrifying existence deterred the void.

Feng Yunsheng wasnt a stranger to that Devilish Intent.

It was the Evil Devil who she previously fought against in the Starry River Tributary.

A top-notch Great Devil expert that had already ascended the Grand Heavenly Realm!

Without wasting any time, the two instantly fought against each other.

Despite only being a Grand Virtual Immortal, Feng Yunsheng didnt hold back when facing a Grand Heavenly level opponent.

With the twin dark brilliance radiating from atop her head, the Encompassing Abyssal Absolute Annihilation manifested itself.

As the saber-light swept across the universe, which prevented other enemies from attacking her, she was also greeting other Devils.

Yet, her opponent dealt with her brutal attack with gentleness.

Layers of densely packed Devilish qi surrounded Feng Yunsheng like spider webs, which then contracted tightly.

Despite possessing dominating strength, the Great Devil had to be wary of Feng Yunsheng.

After all, she was only a step away from the Grand Heavenly Realm.

Staying in the Grand Virtual Realm was merely to keep herself under control.

Naturally, the Nine Underworlds would happily watch Feng Yunsheng losing control over herself.

However, before that moment arrived, no one was willing to face the Grand Heavenly level, Doomsday Saber.

Even if the battles outcome was uncertain, Feng Yunsheng had already let go of all of her worries and only focused on the battle happening in front of her.

As such, she performed much better than her previous self.

Only, her opponent wasnt probing her anymore, like how he did at the Starry River Tributary.

Without holding back, he displayed an even stronger power as well.

Since the Devils group left the Nine Underworlds and wanted to do things publicly for once, the Great Devil discarded most of his worries as well!

[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gigantopithecus

[2] So in Chinese, there are two ways to refer to a Buddha, namely “佛” and “佛祖.” While they both mean the same thing, and their English translation counterparts are the same as well, we referred to both as “Buddha.” However, in this case, the term “佛祖” implied “Ancestral Buddha.” Only the Maitreya Buddha, the Tathagata Buddha, the Future Buddha, and the Mystical Mountain Buddha were referred to as the “Ancestral Buddha.” However, since such naming doesnt exist in most legends and myths, well stick with “Buddha” when referring to both of them.

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