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Chapter 1423: Close Ties

While the Grand Heavenly level Great Devil displayed an even stronger might, he became more patient.

Even when facing someone with a lower cultivation realm like Feng Yunsheng, he still seemed to be holding back.

Only, despite holding back, vileness and ruthlessness were leaking from him.

He wasnt afraid of Feng Yunshengs saber at all.

As he attacked, he continued to defend other Great Devils from Feng Yunshengs attacks.

Most Evil Devils were either cruel or maniacal.

Very rarely would they care about other Devils wellbeing.

While the Great Devil might seem like he was assisting other Evil Devils to fend off Feng Yunshengs attacks, he was secretly executing his plan.

Layers of Devilish qi intertwined with each other.

They slowly connected without dissipating and gradually formed a vast net, trapping Feng Yunsheng within.

The Blissful Devil Monarch and other Devils intentions were also what this Great Devil was planning!

If Feng Yunsheng werent here, nothing would happen.

Since she was here, they decided to capture her here and bring her back to the Nine Underworlds!

Naturally, their main goal here was to welcome the Water Devils return and the Earth Devils return.

However, if they could bring Feng Yunsheng back to the Nine Underworlds as well, that would be a plus.

After all, Feng Yunsheng had been in the Awakened Sky Cosmos along with Yan Zhaoge.

Traces of her could hardly be tracked.

Now that they could prevent her from retreating, the Great Devils group would naturally grasp this opportunity that arrives once in a blue moon.

The other Evil Devils didnt interfere with the battle between Feng Yunsheng and the Grand Heavenly level Devil.

Instead, they continued invading the Domain of Thousand Scales.

The figures of Yan Zhaoge and Yan Di emerged from the streams of lights within the Domain of Thousand Scales.

Staring at the flurry of devils in front of him, Yan Zhaoge took in a deep breath and flipped his palm over.

Then, he struck it towards the prancing stream of light beneath him.

From the frolicking streams of lights that seemed to form a long river, clumps of radiances surfaced from within.

Then, numerous runes extended from each clump of radiances.

The runes intertwined with each other and slowly fused, forming a vast formation pattern.

Immediately afterward, Yan Zhaoge flipped his palm.

As he flipped his palm, the Domain of Thousand Scales seemed to be flipped over as well.

Upon witnessing it, the Great Devils group was startled.

Then, as the entire Domain of Thousand Scales was flipped over, space itself distorted.

After all, the Domain of Thousand Scales had the remarkable effect of fending off Evil Devils.

The boundless devilish domain that enveloped and sealed off the surrounding void could not resist the space being torn apart through distortion.

From the space that was torn apart, streams of lights flew within.

Exalted Lunar Luminary – Ling Qing.

Prime Clear lineage, Roving Jade Heavens number one expert – “Dual Swordplay” Gao Qingxuan.

The man who cultivated the Sheathed Edge and Nurture Sword.

Upon unsheathing, he instantly went from the True Immortal Realm to the Profound Immortal peak Realm, which changed his title from the Spring Emperor to the Spring Sovereign – Long Xingquan.

The person who similarly cultivated the Sheathed Edge and Nurture Sword and ascended to the Profound Immortal peak Realm as the Roving Jade Heavens was being migrated.

From the Cloud Emperor, Daoist Cloud Conquests title had been upgraded to the Cloud Sovereign.

One after another, orthodox Daoism lineages experts appeared and blocked the Great Devils from advancing to the Domain of Thousand Scales.

Even though todays battle has no relations with the Prime Clear Roving Jade Heavens bunch, this matter was related to the Nine Underworlds and the two great Extinct Devils reincarnation.

With the prevalence of their mutual problems, Gao Qingxuan, Daoist Cloud Conquest, and the others were willing to protect Chen Xuanzong and help him suppress the devils.

If the Water Devil and the Earth Devil return to the Nine Underworlds, they would regain their past strength upon going through the Spirit Divinity Overflowing Lid.

The threat contained within speaks for itself.

While the heretics were the enemies of the orthodox Daoims lineage, the Nine Underworlds were as well.

The ubiquitous Nine Underworlds Devils had always been seeping into the mortal realm whenever they had the opportunity to.

No one could guarantee that their family members wouldnt be allured by the Devils or be coveted after by the Great Devils as a reincarnation physique.

As long as they could weaken the Nine Underworlds, Gao Qingxuan and the others were willing to contribute.

There were quite a number of Grand Virtual level Devils among the Nine Underworlds Great Devils present.

Albeit being similar to the sonorous voice of the great dao, the Devilish voice, which could distort ones mind, causing one to go crazy, resounded loudly throughout the entire universe.

Feng Yunsheng was busy brawling against the Grand Heavenly level Evil Devil.

She had no way of dealing with the Devilish voice.

However, with the arrival of the two Virtual Immortals – Ling Qing and Gao Qingxuan, the distortion brought about by the Devilish voice was weakened by their sonorous voice of the great dao.

The shimmering moonlight transformed into sequestered signs of brilliance and spread throughout the void, cleansing the layers of Devilish qi around.

Meanwhile, the scorching sunlight transformed into boundless golden radiance, which shone the dark away from the starry skies.

While Gao Han wasnt present, his Grand Virtual Immortal Artifact – the Holy Radiance Banner was in Ling Qings possession once again.

Under the shine of the sunlight and moonlight, the group of Devils was forced into retreat.

The Gigantopithecus looking Great Devil widened his mouth and displayed his ferocious-looking tusks.

Similarly, ruthlessness was written all over his eyes, which resembled a stream made out of blood.

As he roared fanatically, an astounding amount of strength exploded from his body.

He shook off the radiance of the sun and moon and dashed towards Ling Qing.

Ling Qing remained unfearful.

She combined both sun and moon and went head-on against the Demonic Devil as humongous as an ancient divine mountain.

She either fused the sun and moon to go head-on against her opponent, used the fusion of yin and yang to distort her opponents attacks, or used the Extreme Yin Ketu Stars transformation to defend against her opponents attacks.

All sorts of transformations changed according to her will.

She stood firm with both offensive and defensive stance while fighting against the Grand Virtual level Gigantopithecus Devil.

No matter how intense they fought, neither of them backed down.

They could only remain a fixed distance away from the Domain of Thousand Scales.

On the other side, Gao Qingxuans stance wasnt as firm as Ling Qing.

However, his killing intent, as well as Evil Qi, was far denser!

With the two sword-lights combined, he slew a few unsuspecting Evil Devils with a flash!

The four-headed and four-armed Great Devil with stormy clouds as its legs quickly dashed towards Gao Qingxuan.

However, he never expected Gao Qingxuans clones attacks to be so sharp.

With only one exchange of blows, one of his arms was chopped off!

Amidst his fanatical roar, dark radiances converged atop the Great Devils head, and majestic Devilish qi was unleashed.

Without holding back at all, he quickly attacked once again with all his might.

However, under Gao Qingxuans Dual Swordplay, her unstoppable sword-lights signified the passing of time and the cycle of birth and perishment.

It was displaying the changes in the worlds creation.

Despite possessing extraordinary strength, the four-headed and four-armed Great Devil was forced into a sorry state by Gao Qingxuans attacks.

As he wasnt able to react in time, Gao Qingxuan chopped off one of his arms!

The Great Devil was both shocked and furious.

While he was defending and counter-attacking, his heart was filled with awe.

With his astonishing regenerative powers, Devilish qis continuously gathered together in an attempt to regenerate the head and arm that was slain off.

However, he was greeted with minimal results.

Daoisms Prime Clear lineage sword arts were filled with cruelty, capable of exterminating all sorts of lifeforms.

Even a Great Devil would have a hard time going against it.

Upon seeing the Great Devils state, the Blissful Devil Monarch slightly raised his brows and closed in towards the Great Devil.

Albeit not having a close relation with other Great Devils, everyone was currently on the same boat in this situation.

He couldnt just let the Great Devil be.

However, very quickly, the Blissful Devil Monarch halted his movements.

A ray of magnificent yet domineering saber-light swept through the entire battlefield.

As if a group of sheep had entered the tigers den, the saber-light massacred those Evil Devils that attempted to close in to the Domain of Thousand Scales.

Even when possessing the cultivation on par with a Daoism Tranquil Profound Immortal, the Great Devils could hardly defend themselves against that saber-light.

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