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Chapter 1424: Blissful Myriad Devils Formation

The dazzling saber-light remained unobstructed.

The attacker was Yan Di.

Albeit similarly possessing the Tranquil Profound Immortal level cultivation, the group of Devils was rendered defenseless in the face of that magnificent and domineering saber-light.

Wherever the saber-light swept across, the group of Devils had no choice but to evade.

If they dared to stand still, only death would await them!

Compared to Gao Qingxuan, who used the Dual Swordplay along with her clone, Yan Dis strength seemed far inferior.

However, while Gao Qingxuans dual swords fused into one could display all the changes of creation, one could still see through the phenomena of fusion between the Heaven Opening Sword and the Apocalypse Sword.

With the two fused, only was she capable of creating such an unobstructable attack imbued with the power of creation.

On the other hand, Yan Dis attacks were all according to his own will.

Everything was done naturally without any external assistance.

The true essence of the profundities of creation was displayed whenever he attacked.

The advancing momentum of the heavens and earth showcased the peculiar yet magnificent laws which existed among the worlds endless great daos.

Upon seeing the attack, the Blissful Devil Monarch slightly frowned and advanced.

Martial art practitioners like Yan Di, who was proficient in the offense, were capable of dominating a large group of enemies who were inferior to them in terms of strength.

Relatively speaking, when facing a group of opponents who possessed inferior strength but were proficient in the offense as well, Yan Dis fighting method could also be overwhelmed by the weaker party if he wasnt careful.

Upon closer look, after seeing the Grand Simplicity Splendour Cloud atop Yan Dis head, the Blissful Devil Monarch knew that Yan Di had no chance of being overwhelmed.

With sufficient time, Yan Di alone could clear away all the Grand Virtual level Devils on the battlefield.

The Blissful Devil Monarch let out a sigh.

He strode forward and closed in to Yan Di.

With an unfazed expression, Yan Di immediately slashed his saber towards the Blissful Devil Monarchs head.

Only, the Devil was someone that had gained countless experiences through countless battles.

His figure, that was approaching Yan Di by tearing through the voids fabrics, instantly reversed his tracks.

The void which his body passed through became distorted, causing tears to appear all over.

However, while the Blissful Devil Monarch evaded Yan Dis attack, the distorted voids tears were utilized by him to block Yan Dis attack.

In that very instant, the Blissful Devil Monarch quickly halted his retreat and rushed forward once again!

With such close distance between the two, he instantly reached the front of Yan Di.

With an unwavering expression, Yan Di shattered the tear within the void with his saber.

As the horrifying saber-light volleyed around, it slashed towards the Blissful Devil Monarch once again.

Without evading, the Blissful Devil Monarchs Devilish Essence surged around his body and shielded him from Yan Dis attack!

Upon ascending to the Grand Virtual Realm and achieving the Five Qis Unifications, one would hardly be harmed by Immortal Auras.

The Blissful Devil Monarch relied on his realm to oppress Yan Di, who was still in the Profound Immortal Realm.

Then, he extended his index finger and pointed it between Yan Dis brows.

The tip of his fingertip was vermillion red.

It was brilliant yet misty, resembling the convergence of light and mist, causing it to look both real and illusory.

Even without coming in contact with his Blissful Finger, as long as one stared at the red light, their hearts would waver, and their thoughts would be fascinated.

The persons cultivation would become negligible.

His mind would only feel tipsy as if the Blissful Devil Monarchs finger was extracting him.

There were too many hardships in the world.

As such, humans would have many things they look forward to.

That glimmer of red light became the light of guidance which guided others to their blissful ecstasy and granted their desires.

All sorts of mortal desires and all kinds of human emotions.

Everything would be granted to them.

As a martial art practitioner, wouldnt one look forward to their improvement and their increment in cultivation and strength

Such was also a desire.

Something they look forward to, something they coveted after.

As long as they had any thoughts, the red light would grant them any wishes.

One would delve within the euphoria, with no means of snapping themselves back to reality.

Despite being proficient in the arts of extracting yin and yang, the Blissful Devil Monarchs current cultivation had already allowed him to return to simplicity.

Naturally, he wouldnt be addicted to the arts of pleasure between man and woman anymore.

His martial arts intent had already been filled with a myriad of scenarios desired by all living beings.

Only, when facing this finger of his, Yan Di didnt pull back his saber to block it!

A hazy nebula resembling a lotus flower was unfolding atop Yan Dis head as if layers of cosmic space were unfolding.

The existence that resembled a lotus and a clump of cloud seemed small compared to Yan Dis head.

Yet, it seemed so humongous; it could even envelop the myriad of skies and worlds.

No matter how the old Devils Blissful Finger transformed, it could never land on Yan Di.

Instead, his attacks only landed upon the hazy clouds.

Despite landing into the Grand Simplicity Splendour Clouds, the red light filled with a myriad of phenomena never dissipated.

It even attempted to break out of the Grand Simplicity Splendour Clouds envelopment.

Only, the Grand Simplicity Splendour Clouds and Yan Di and Yan Di were of one entity.

With the increment of Yan Dis cultivation and strength, the Grand Simplicity Splendour Clouds effects would increase alongside him.

When the Blissful Devil Monarchs finger attack landed on the Grand Simplicity Splendour Cloud, nothing happened, as if a drop of mud had entered a sea.

After pausing for a while, Yan Dis domineering saber-light attacked once again and landed on the Blissful Devil Monarch.

Although the Blissful Devil Monarch wasnt hurt, the overwhelming majestic power made his footing unstable, causing him to step backward.

Initially, other Devils were planning to invade the Domain of Thousand Scales when Yan Di was fighting against the Blissful Devil Monarch, who was of the Grand Virtual level.

Yet, Yan Dis unsuspecting attack immediately slashed towards them, causing them to be decapitated!

“This thing…” The Blissful Devil Monarchs expression wasnt so relaxed anymore.

He slowly raised his brows.

Five Qis Unifications, where one wouldnt be harmed by Immortal Auras.

He had no problems receiving Yan Dis attack.

However, under the Grand Simplicity Splendour Cloud protection, his Grand Virtual level attack couldnt even harm Yan Di, who was merely a Tranquil Profound Immortal.

Yan Dis saber-light cleaved everywhere in front of him as he looked to the surroundings.

He managed to stop the Blissful Devil Monarchs and the other Devils from advancing any further.

Upon seeing this, the Blissful Devil Monarchs expression turned cold.

With a long growl, black radiances converged atop his head, which displayed eerie radiances.

Rays after rays of red lights dance around by the void.

As they intertwined with each other, they quickly formed a formation, which trapped Yan Di within.

The Blissful Devil Monarch walked by the void.

Similar to the Steps of Daoist Astrology, he instantly formed a Blissful Myriad Devils Formation.

As the formation formed, red lights radiated, and dark gasses wreathed about.

They instantly manifested into tens of thousands of Devils and densely squeezed Yan Di within, in a compact manner.

As countless Devils slowly wore off Yan Dis saber intent, they also lunged towards the Grand Simplicity Splendour Cloud.

They then widened their mouths and attempted to chew on the chaos that resembled both a lotus flower and a clump of clouds.

“Lets see how long you can withstand this.” The Blissful Devil Monarch coldly stared at the vast formation, “All of you, quickly break through the Domain of Thousand Scales, and welcome the Devil Emperor Water.”

Other Great Devils heeded his command.

They were prepared to traverse through the humongous Blissful Myriad Devils Formation and continue advancing towards the Domain of Thousand Scales.

However, at that very moment, the humongous formation suddenly trembled!

The Blissful Devil Monarchs expression changed slightly.

Other Great Devils also halted subconsciously.

Within the Blissful Myriad Devils Formation where black gasses wreathed about, and red lights radiated, Yan Di raised his saber over his head.

With a cold expression and a relentless gaze, he then strode forward.

As he stepped forward, the entire huge formation started to vibrate!

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