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Chapter 1425: A Creation with Each Attack, a New Era with Each Step!

A myriad of Devils was chewing on the Grand Simplicity Splendour Cloud.

The instant the Devils manage to taint the Grand Simplicity Splendour Cloud, Yan Dis entire vitality would be sucked dry, devoured by them.

Although Devils look ferocious, humans would delve within the realm of blissfulness when these Devils were sucking their vitality.

No pain would be felt, nor would they sense that they were parting from the world.

Currently, Yan Di was facing a dense amount of Devils.

Numerous ferocious-looking Devils lunged towards him, filling up the entire void, with no crevices to be seen.

In fact, the Devils were tearing and devouring each other, which displayed their extreme ferociousness.

Yan Di coldly stared at the scene transpiring in front of him.

Then, he advanced towards where the eerie sight was taking place at.

Smokes wreathed around his body.

As the Immortal Aura formed by the Righteous Qi and Changing Qi coursed around, phenomena of absolute resoluteness, eternal existence, and endless transformations were displayed.

However, as Yan Di strode forward, the Evil Qi, which signified the transformation of calamity, destruction, and ruthless vileness, suddenly flourished.

The Evil Qi wasnt leaking out.

Instead, it was being sucked in by Yan Di.

The third type of Immortal Qi started to fuse with his Immortal Aura!

Yan Di then strode forward.

From a Duo Qis Profound Immortal, he had ascended to the Three Qis Profound Immortal Realm.

He had only challenged the Pure Profound Tribulation not long ago and ascended to the Tranquil Profound Immortal Realm.

Yet, he had already moved forward from the Duo Qis Fused Aura and experienced an increment in strength!

As he stepped forward, his saber came slashing downwards!

In that instant, the entire world seemed to have changed.

The roving momentum of creation pushed forward.

As the world flowed through the passage of time, the myriad of matters and affairs had already transformed anew.

Everything had broken off from their old shells, ushering the coming of a new era.

All the old affairs had been compiled into a stack of historical papers, becoming the eras relics.

As the horrifying saber-light descended, the myriad of Devils besieging Yan Di and the Grand Simplicity Splendour Cloud were swept away into nothingness!

“This is…” The Blissful Devil Monarch was startled for a moment.

He seemed to have remembered something.

Without caring about the shocking factor, he continuously tapped his finger by the air.

Rays of red lights descended, which continuously attempted to make the Blissful Myriad Devils Formation much sturdier.

Yet, at that very moment, Yan Di strode forward once again!

The Bright Qi filled with transformations of brightness, kindness, and forward-movingness wreathed around his body with this forward step.

Then, a fourth kind arose, fusing with Yan dis Immortal Aura!

With Yan Dis second step forward, he ascended to the Four Qis Profound Immortal, achieving the Tranquil peak Realm!

With his step forward, Yan Dis saber intent arose fanatically once again.

The saber formed by the Grand Illusory Spatial Thunder adhered by Yan Dis strength and came descending once again!

With this attack, the enormous Blissful Myriad Devils Formation turned into a speck of dust in history.

As the passage of time continued to flow, the speck of dust was then washed away by the inevitable transformations of creations!

The saber-light broke through the large formation and headed towards the Blissful Devil Monarch.

It forced the Devil Race bigwig into continuous retreat.

“The insightful strength of eras interchanging, and the world transforming!” The Blissful Devil Monarch discarded all forms of doubt he held and yelled in surprise.

After receiving Yan Dis attack, he sensed the horrifying insightful strength of eras interchanging!

Due to the Great Calamity, many people were used to classifying the Pre-Modern Era and the Modern Era into two different eras.

Yet, strictly speaking, the two were considered as one era.

The Blissful Devil Monarch was born during the pre-Great Calamity era.

He had never truly experienced the true replacement of an era.

However, with his current cultivation and his perception of the worlds laws, he was confident that the marvelous display of the interchanging eras was happening within Yan Dis attack.

A Grand Virtual Immortal could only live up to one hundred twenty-nine thousand and six hundred years, signifying one yuan [1].

However, without the protection of a higher-up expert, a Virtual immortal would still perish by the eras interchangement.

Ultimately, they would perish along with the previous era and meet their ends.

Although Yan Dis attack didnt injure the Blissful Devil Monarch, his Devilish Auras circulation slowed down, with signs of being stagnant.

This was the influence caused by the eras interchanging and the ushering of a new age!

These were the results of Yan Dis continuous study and perfection of his saber arts throughout the past few years.

Creation Saber, existing beyond the Extinguishing Heavens, re-accomplishing the arts of changing eras once again!

The unique, profound, yet majestically domineering saber-intent allowed him to stand fearless against Grand Virtual experts with Five Qis Unifications even with his Tranquil Profound Immortal Realm!

With a sharp gaze, Yan Di broke through the Blissful Myriad Devils Formation.

His ferocious saber-light continuously slashed around non-stop, as if lightning were flashing across everyones eyes.

The Great Devils of the same level as him and those beneath the Grand Virtual Realm were being slaughtered.

“The youthful experts after the Great Calamity.

Such an extraordinary person had emerged from the orthodox Three Clears Lineage.”

A loud sigh resounded from afar.

Then, more Nine Underworlds Great Devils arrived.

After locating the Domain of Thousand Scales, and after confirming that Chen Xuanzong and Chu Lili were here, more and more Nine Underworlds experts started gathering here.

Other than the Devil brawling against Feng Yunsheng, no other Grand Heavenly level Great Devils had appeared.

It was apparent that others had halted them.

Yet, relatively speaking, the Daoism Grand Heavenly Immortal experts were also being halted by other top-notch Great Devils comparable to the Wood Devil and the others.

As such, more and more Nine Underworlds Devils managed to flee from them and infiltrated the area where the Domain of Thousand Scales was located.

The one in the lead was a Devil with the Grand Virtual level cultivation.

However, as the Great Devil swept his gaze across the battlefield, his heart sank.

The four-headed and four-armed Devil Lord was being rendered powerless to defend against Gao Qingxuans attacks.

While his fate of being vanquished had already been sealed, he was merely delaying it a little longer.

Ling Qing was also oppressing the Devil Gigantopithecus, who became a Devil Monarch after reincarnating in the Nine Underworlds.

While he remained furious, he was powerless to regain the upper-hand, nor could he close in to the Domain of Thousand Scales.

He was retreating, which increased the distance between him and the domain.

The Blissful Devil Monarch was even more powerless.

He was rendered helpless in front of a Profound Immortal, with no way of retorting.

Judging from his appearance, if he hadnt achieved the Five Qis Unifications and had the Devilish Essence protecting him, he wouldve perished under Yan Dis saber long ago.

Yan Di, Gao Qingxuan, and Ling Qing firmly grasped onto their advantageous stance and casually massacred other Devils by the meantime.

Despite amounting to an overwhelming number, the Great Devils could barely avoid the threes attacks.

Even if some managed to evade, Long Xingquan and Daoist Cloud Conquest ensured that no one would escape, which thoroughly trapped all the Great Devils within!

The reinforcements that came afterward dared not underestimate the Daoism side anymore and quickly assisted other Great Devils.

Only with the addition of a fourth Grand Virtual Level Devil Monarch joining the battlefield did Yan Di and the others feel a little pressured.

It wasnt that they couldnt defeat the newcomer.

Instead, under the circumstance where they were short-handed, they still had to prevent the Devils from closing in to the Domain of Thousand Scales.

“Ji!” Upon sensing the change in the situation, Yan Di, Gao Qingxuan, Long Xingquan, and Daoist Cloud Conquest yelled in unison.

Large numbers of formation artifacts flew towards the sky, automatically forming runes atop the four of their heads.

Then, they quickly connected as one.

As the Taiyi Imperial Breaking Formation appeared, white radiances skyrocketed, causing the surrounding dark devilish auras to be cleanly swept away.

The formation remained on its spot, shielding the entire Domain of Thousand Scales within.

The Great Devils that attempted to invade the domain had their heads bashed against the formation!

[1] Rather than a currency, it meant 129600 years.

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