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Gao Qingxuan was the Vine Sovereigns disciple.

Since young, she had been training under the Vine Sovereign.

Although Daoist Cloud Conquest wasnt the Vine Sovereigns disciple, he had received some pointers from her when he was still weak.

It wasnt just limited to Daoist Cloud Conquest alone.

Most experts that were still active in the Roving Jade Heavens had received the Vine Sovereigns pointers, even if they werent her disciples.

As such, the Roving Jade Heavens Prime Clear successors would refer to the Vine Sovereign as their “Old Grand Master,” even if they werent in the same lineage as hers.

When they saw how the Nine Underworlds captured the Vine Sovereign, Yan Di, Long Xingquan, and even Ling Qing felt something weighing down on their hearts.

“Im ashamed that I cant end my life right now.

Whos afraid of dying” The Vine Sovereign peacefully said, “Just take revenge for me in the future.”

While her expression was calm, her words remained resolute and firm, with no means of negotiation.

Just by looking at how calm her gaze was, one would tell how calm she was deep inside.

Anyone could tell that the Vine Sovereign had already prepared to perish.

She had no more hopes of living or receiving assistance.

“Which is why I said, like master like a disciple.” The Great Devil chuckled, “Yet, even if I grant you the wish of keeping your pride, and your disciple kills me for revenge, shell still regret this for a lifetime, right Are you willing to see her in that state”

“Things can be settled so perfectly, and everyone can live happily ever after.

Aint that great”

The Vine Sovereign coldly said, “We give an inch, and youll take a mile.

Rather than allowing you to coerce my disciple, Id rather sacrifice myself.

My only dying wish would be that Qingxuan and the others can kill you in my stead!”

Crimson-red starlights wreathed about.

The Devil Monarch wasnt angered at all.

Instead, he chuckled and said, “How so Ive said it already.

Im not asking them to work for my Nine Underworlds.

As long as they dont hinder us from welcoming our Devil Emperor Water and Devil Emperor Earth, thatll be plenty sufficient.”

“Ive always admired the Prime Clear lineages sword cultivators for being prideful deep down to their bones and how they wont bend to external forces.

As such, Im not looking to do anything further than that.”

The Vine Sovereign, who was entrapped within the crimson-red star, coldly snorted and said, “Do the words of the Nine Underworlds Evil Devils have any credibility”

“At the very least, Im trustable.” The Great Devil said towards Gao Qingxuan and Daoist Cloud Conquest, “How about the two of you consider it Ultimately, Chen Xuanzong and Chu Lili arent of the same lineage as you.

Is it worth sacrificing Practitioner Zitengs life for them”

As the Great Devil was speaking, the Vine Sovereign suddenly yelled angrily, “Stop wasting your efforts.

Ill give you my life.

My disciples would never relent to your threats…”

Before she finished speaking, her voice was suddenly cut off.

While her figure could still be seen, the crimson-red starlights prevented her voice from leaking out.

The Great Devil chuckled and said, “Such bravery, such commendable resolutions.

Of course, whether she lives or not isnt for her to decide.

Its yours.”

“Lets not talk about whether youre capable of killing me or not.

Even if you all could, do you think its worth it”

“Once a human perishes, they cant reincarnate.

Theres no point in killing me.

Its not like there arent any options in saving her.

What are you all hesitating for”

The Devil Monarch continued talking, in an attempt to persuade Gao Qingxuan and Daoist Cloud Conquests decision.

While they were talking, the attacks directed towards the Taiyi Imperial Breaking Formation and the Domain of Thousand Scales had never stopped.

The two sides continued fighting against each other.

As the Nine Underworlds Devils attacked, they intentionally focused on Ling Qing, Yan Di, and Long Xingquan to relieve Gao Qingxuan and Daoist Cloud Conquest of such attacks.

They were paying attention to the twos current state.

As long as the twos hearts wavered and their performance weakened, the Great Devils wouldnt mind infiltrating through the weakened areas.

As for the blood-red star-looking Devil Monarch, while he was paying attention to the five people within the Taiyi Imperial Breaking Formation, he was also observing Yan Zhaoge.

If Gao Qingxuan and Daoist Cloud Conquest pulled out of the battle, the remaining three wouldnt be able to maintain the Taiyi Imperial Breaking Formation.

However, Yan Zhaoges name was well-renowned.

Despite possessing low cultivation, if he could compensate in time, he could very possibly maintain the Taiyi Imperial Breaking Formation along with Yan Di, Long Xingquan, and Ling Qing.

When that time comes, even if he were a True Immortal, as long as he had the formations assistance, the group of Devils wouldnt dare underestimate him either.

“If the two Prime Clear sword cultivators planned on retreating, we have to take action instantly and tear the formation apart.

Dont give Yan Zhaoge a chance to repair it.” The Devils group quickly sent a voice transmission to one another.

However, at that very moment, Yan Zhaoge suddenly moved.

“As you said, the Vine Sovereigns fate is up for us to decide.” Yan Zhaoge raised his head and stared at the enormous blood-red star hanging by the dark void, “Moreover, your words hold no accountability at all.”

As his hand seals secretly changed, he had already completed his preparations.

Just as Yan Zhaoge spoke, an abrupt transformation occurred by the Domain of Thousand Scales below him!

The streams of lights, which resembled a myriad of fishes leaping out of the water, suddenly stopped for a moment.

The streams of lights werent leaping anymore, as if the river had turned into frigid ice.

The far-reaching radiance river seemed to have transformed into an ice river, with lights refracted by the ices surface.

Every stream of lights had solidified into a diamond-shape mirror.

Then, streams of radiance shot out from the center of the mirror.

They traversed through the Taiyi Imperial Breaking Formation and instantly shone upon the blood-red star!

As if everything were returning together as one, a myriad of light streams gathered by one spot – the blood-red star.

As the blood-red Great Devil was startled, the streams of lights were already gathered upon him.

The Devil Monarch knew that Yan Zhaoges aim was the Vine Sovereign.

He immediately attempted to make his move.

However, the mirror lights were gathered by Li Yings current location.

The myriad of refracted lights passed through the Great Devils body, which froze the surrounding blood-red starlight around her.

The Devil Monarch even felt that his Devilish Essence had become stagnant, causing his body to become numb.

“The Domain of Thousand Scales counters our Devils.

Yet, even without stepping inside, Yan Zhaoge had directed the domains power outside!” The unexpected turns of events made the Great Devil desire to retreat.

Other Great Devils rushed towards him in an attempt to cut off the myriad converging mirror lights.

However, Yan Zhaoge extended one of his hands forward and drew the other backward.

With the posture of an archer, he aimed his shot towards the blood-red star.

“Ive prepared this method in case the Female Emperor – Jie Mingkong fell into your hands.

While the hostage wasnt who I expected to be, I do hope that its useful.”

Yan Zhaoge let out a soft yell, causing another transformation by the Domain of Thousand Scales.

As the radiance flashed, the myriad of mirrors that froze returned to activity, transforming into leaping scale-lights.

The myriad of light beams which converged by the blood-red star turned into roving streams of lights, which then penetrated the insides of the blood-red star!

Thousand Scales Mirror, Star Shooting Bow!

As if they were arrows, the streams of lights penetrated through the Devil Monarchs body, rendering him unable to move.

At the same time, it forcefully tore apart the devilish domain, causing a massive black hole to be ripped open.

Under the guidance of the streams of lights, the blood-red star flew backward and disappeared by the black hole.

The black hole quickly repatched together, preventing other Devils from chasing after him.

The Grand Heavenly level Devil attempted to interfere.

However, this time, it was Feng Yunshengs turn to block his path.

In the end, he could only watch the disappearance of the blood-red star.

“Whats the point of this The Prime Clear Sword Cultivator is still in my hands…” The Devil Monarch felt light-headed from Yan Zhaoges attack.

After a while, he finally managed to stabilize himself within the void.

He was currently in another universe, far away from the Domain of Thousand Scales.

The Devil Monarch, with the appearance of a blood-red star, attempted to relieve the numbness of his body.

Suddenly, he felt a jolt in his heart.

Several auras suddenly surged around him, as if they had already been waiting in ambush for a long time.

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