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Upon receiving the Star Shooting Bows attack, the blood-red star-looking Devil Monarch was forcefully transported away from the battlefield.

After he finally managed to stabilize himself, he found himself in a distant universe, remotely distant from the Domain of Thousand Scales.

The oppressive power imbued within the Domain of Thousand Scales against the Evil Devils were fully presented.

Even with the devilish domain created by a Grand Heavenly Level Devil Lord used to seal off the surrounding void, the Star Shooting Bow still managed to tear it apart, sending the Blood Star Devil Monarch away.

The tear recovered instantly, which prevented other Great Devils from chasing after it.

Such actions required utilizing all the Domain of Thousand Scales strength, which would undoubtedly cause it to enter a fatigued state.

As a result, the domains powers couldnt be used again within a short amount of time.

This was why Yan Zhaoge had always been remaining silent and only observed the situation.

Chu Lili had previously been captured by the Nine underworlds, while Jie Mingkong was initially searching for her.

Hence, Yan Zhaoge had prepared for the worst possible outcome and made preventive measurements just in case the Nine Underworlds had also captured Jie Mingkong.

The Star Shooting Bow was prepared to save her.

Yet, to his surprise, while his enemies did hold hostage, it wasnt the Female Emperor – Jie Mingkong.

Instead, it was the Vine Sovereign – Li Ying.

While this wasnt what he expected, his decision to save someone wouldnt change.

Upon being attacked by the Star Shooting Bow, not only was the Blood Star Devil Monarch transported to another part of the void, the counteractive powers of the Domain of Thousand Scales heavily wounded the Great Devil.

Under the influence of his wounds, the Blood Star Devil Monarch felt his Devilish Essence stagnant, and his entire body had turned numb.

Without mentioning hurting the entrapped Vine Sovereign, he could barely even continue his oppression towards the Four Qis Profound Immortal.

The blood-red radiances dissipated like mists and couldnt converge back together for the time being.

At the same time, other Immortal Realm experts auras appeared in the void.

As their auras surged, several sword-lights lit up the dark void,

The Blood Star Devil Monarchs heart sunk.

Yan Zhaoge couldnt have sent him here without reason.

If there werent any follow-up methods, the Vine Sovereign would still be trapped by the hands of the Nine Underworlds.

While it might delay his actions for a while, it was all for naught,

While the Star Shooting Bow had heavily wounded the Great Devil, transporting him here was to prevent other Great Devils interference, which would conveniently allow others to rescue the Vine Sovereign.

The location of transportation was fixed.

The Three Clear Lineages side had specifically ordered some people to lay in ambush here to rescue the hostage.

The sword-lights retracted a little, presenting three figures within the void.

With one in the lead and two following behind, they walked towards the Blood Star Devil Monarch.

The man in the lead was a middle-aged man.

Equipped with a tall hat and an ancient clothing, his serious expression resembled the Heaven Opening Sword.

While his power wasnt being displayed, he still looked loftily lonesome, as if he was alone by the mountain peak.

It was the Sword Sovereign – Yue Zhenbei.

Following after him were two person.

The teenager in black was his disciple – Nie Jingshen, while the woman in green was the Roving Jade Heavens Prime Clear successor – Yu Ye.

They were here as a safety measure.

If their opponents had a hostage, Yan Zhaoge would send the opponent here and allow Yue Zhenbei and the others to rescue the hostage.

If they had no hostage, and the Domain of Thousand Scales battle became too intense, they would have a chance to traverse through the fabrics of space.

With the reversed effects of the Star Shooting Bow and the power of the Domain of Thousand Scales, they would be transported to the battlefield.

Now that the Blood Star Devil Monarch was transported here, Yue Zhenbei and the others immediately started their actions.

Upon realizing that the hostage wasnt the Female Emperor – Jie Mingkong, but the Vine Sovereign – Li Ying, the three were a little surprised.

Yu Ye was shocked.

To her, the Vine Sovereign wasnt just her grandmothers master.

Throughout the process of her growth, she had received the teachings of the Vine Sovereign.

The Vine Sovereign was a senior who she held deep bonds with.

At this very moment, the green-robed woman who was usually daydreaming became unprecedentedly focused, and her gaze became sharp as her sword.

After his initial surprise, the Sword Sovereign – Yue Zhenbei, quickly regained his calm and became resolute.

Without any hesitation, he dashed towards the blood-red star.

“Yue! Zhen! Bei!” Upon seeing who was closing in, the Vine Sovereigns expression changed drastically, “Scram! I dont need you to save me!”

Yue Zhenbeis expression remained unchanged, and his sword came landing downwards, “After dealing with the Nine Underworlds, only will we talk about our grudges.”

Wherever the sword-lights passed, layers of blood radiances were blown away.

After being wounded by the Domain of Thousand Scales power, the Blood Star Devil Monarch couldnt recover the mightiness of a Grand Virtual Five Qis Unification.

Yue Zhenbei, who had already ascended to the Profound Immortal Peak Realm, swung his sword-light around, which rendered the Blood Star Devil Monarchs body numb.

With how stagnant his Devilish Aura was, the Blood Star Devil Monarch could barely even withstand Yue Zhenbeis attack and was forced into retreat.

“Ive no more dignity to meet Qinglian anymore if Yan Xintangs successor assists me.” The Vine Sovereign yelled, “Yue Zhenbei, if you want to save me, then I wont have the dignity to meet Qinglian in the afterlife anymore!”

Green brilliance sparkled within her eyes, and green radiances surfaced from her skin.

While the Blood Star Devil Monarch was still suppressing her, the Vine Sovereign forcefully operated her Immortal Exterminating Swords sword intent and utilized it to the maximum.

The chain-like blood-lights entrapping her body started crumbling.

Only, after the green radiance flickered on her face, she instantly turned pale, as she had wounded herself as well.

Even so, she never thought of stopping.

She continued to force her strength in an attempt to break free before Yue Zhenbei managed to reach her.

“Grandmother!” Yu Ye yelled.

Without any hesitation, she immediately unsheathed her sword.

As she unsheathed, boundless radiances came bursting out from the sword.

Initially, she planned to Sheathe Edge and Nurture Sword.

Now, she couldnt be bothered anymore and instantly unsheathed.

Being in the Exalt Realm, she couldnt even harm the heavily wounded Blood Star Devil Monarch.

While she trusted Yue Zhenbei and Nie Jingshen, the Vine Sovereign hated the two.

If a Prime Clear disciple were to free her, the Vine Sovereign would naturally not remain reluctant.

Without suppressing her strength any longer, Yu Yes sword qi skyrocketed, with a prideful roar resounding throughout the entire universe.

She instantly challenged the Immortal Mortal Tribulation and pushed open the Immortal Door.

Yue Zhenbei and Nie Jingshen frowned while looking at the Vine Sovereign.

The two shook their head, but their intention to assist her had never stopped.

They then continued dashing forward with their swords.

The Blood Star Devil Monarch who was in a dire state, suddenly burst with laughter, “You want me to die”

Amidst his hideous laughter, ethereal voices could be heard from within.

“Devil Emperor Heart, I beseech thee!”

The blood-red radiance enshrouding the Great Devils body quickly transformed into colorful brilliance.

The Heart Devil and the Shadow Devil were being held back by the Three Clear Lineages Heavenly Lord experts.

As such, they had no way of descending here personally.

However, with how queer and unpredictable the Heart Devils strength was, the Blood Star Devil Monarchs entire body was relieved of the numbness upon reciting the incantation.

The injuries inflicted by the Star Shooting Bow had yet to recover.

The Great Devil was currently still in a weakened state, with no ways of displaying a Grand Virtuals mightiness.

However, at that moment, he seemed to have turned fanatical.

The colorful streaks of lights enshrouding him quickly gathered towards the center and started compressing!

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