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Chapter 1429: The Vine Sovereigns Decision

The Evil Devils would mostly showcase two types of personality.

They were either fanatically rampageous or sinisterly schemeful.

No matter how the Blood Star Devil Monarch usually acted, he was currently presenting the Nine Underworlds Evil Devils rampageous side.

The Vine Sovereign attempted to break out of his grasp from within.

Yue Zhenbei, Nie Jingshen, and Yu Ye attacked from the outside.

After the Great Devil regained control over his body through external power assistance, he immediately attempted to kill the Vine Sovereign.

Yue Zhenbeis sword-light split apart, instantly forming a myriad of sword-lights.

All-encompassing iridescent brilliance came shooting towards the star.

After the sword-lights pierced through his enemys body, the transformation in strength happening within the Blood Star Devil Monarch came to a halt.

Nie Jingshen and Yu Ye advanced together.

With their swords pointed towards the center of the star, they attempted to save the Vine Sovereign by cooperating with her.

The Great Devil let out a shocking roar.

After his rampage, his emotions slowly turned calm.

Only, his calm was so chilly; it made one shudder.

“Lets perish together!” Amidst his uneasy tone, the iridescent streams of lights surrounding the stars exploded outwards and started shooting everywhere!

As if they were arrows, countless streams of lights shot towards everyone else.

At that very moment, the Great Devil who was wounded by the Domain of Thousand Scales power seemed to have regained his dignity as a Grand Virtual level Devil Monarch.

In fact, the sonorous voice of the great dao resounded beside everyones ears.

Yue Zhenbei took in a deep breath.

The myriad of sword-lights was converged back to his own body.

Then, he slashed his sword forward.

Yue Zhenbeis figure became ethereal with this slash as if his ubiquitous self existed in all sorts of spaces.

Yue Zhenbei, who wasnt proficient in the Prime Clear Immortal Trapping Sword, could split open the heavens and earth and change creation itself with his Jade Illusory Heaven Opening Sword.

It could even contest against a Prime Clear Profound Immortal and achieve the highest perception obtainable through the Immortal Trapping Sword.

The dense iridescences were all blocked by the ubiquitous Yue Zhenbei, preventing them from harming anyone.

The Blood Star Devil Monarchs attacks were all dispersed by Yue Zhenbei.

However, upon the disappearance of the iridescent streams of lights, the location where the star previously was had turned pitch-black.

The darkness silently expanded and transformed into a black hole that devoured everything surrounding it.

The star couldnt withstand the boundarys distortion, which was capable of destructing everything surrounding it.

The Vine Sovereign and Yu Ye had already pushed open the Immortal Door and were Prime Clear sword cultivators who were proficient in the transformation of space practiced in the Immortal Trapping Sword.

Yet, they couldnt withstand it as well.

Nie Jingshen, Yu Ye, and the heavily wounded Vine Sovereign couldnt control themselves, and they were pulled into the dark black hole.

“While Im not certain what would happen, Jingshen and Yu Ye should remain safe after falling inside…” Yue Zhenbeis gaze swept around, “Li Zitengs injuries are too grave.

If she fell inside without anyones protection, she would perish.”

As the thought flashed across his mind, Yue Zhenbei said, “Jingshen, the two of you should take care of each other, and beware of being separated.

Carefully deal with the situation.”

As for himself, he dashed towards the Vine Sovereign – Li Ying.

His sword-wielding right hand broke apart the edge of the black hole, dispersing the distortion of space, while his left hand grabbed towards Li Ying.

Yu Ye, who could barely maintain herself, and was unable to close in to the Vine Sovereign, let out a sigh of relief as she saw what Yue Zhenbei was doing.

Nie Jingshen, who was beside her, also said, “Dont worry, master.

You dont have to worry about us…”

Yet, at that very moment, the heavily wounded Vine Sovereign widened her eyes and furiously stared at Yue Zhenbei.

“Yue Zhenbei! Id rather die than receive your help!”

Her complex became even paler.

She spat out a mouthful of blood, and cracks of wounds appeared throughout her entire body.

Her last remaining strength gathered at one spot.

The Vine Sovereign then raised her palm and faced it towards Yue Zhenbeis left arm, reaching out to her.

Then, an explosion happened between the two.

The two palms struck each other.

With the recoil strength, the Vine Sovereign instantly fell deep into the dark black hole.

Yue Zhenbei stopped in mid-air.

He wanted to grab the Vine Sovereign, but it was already too late.

“Grandmother!” Yu Yes complexion turned pale.

She attempted to reach the Vine Sovereign, but her body was already being sucked into the other corner of the black hole.

Nie Jingshen was equally surprised.

However, he was also sucked into the same part of the black hole and disappeared along with Yu Ye.

Yue Zhenbei couldnt be bothered to take care of the two anymore.

He was a tenacious person.

Even if he suffered from a setback, he still dashed towards where the Vine Sovereign had fallen into.

Unfortunately, the Vine Sovereigns injuries were too grave.

The instant she fell into the black hole, her entire body was torn apart by the distorting power of the spatial boundaries!

An agonizing look was shown on her face.

Yet, no hints of regrets could be seen.

She merely widened her eyes and stared at Yue Zhenbei.

Then, her body was thoroughly torn into pieces and was devoured by the black hole.

Then, under the spatial distortion, her body was crushed, and her corpse ceased to exist any longer!

The Vine Sovereign – Li Ying, born before the Great Calamity, and had built the Roving Jade Heavens lineage, perished.

Yue Zhenbei couldnt catch up to her and grief-filled his face.

In the very next instant, his body was also dragged into the black hole, and he disappeared from the spot.

The massive blackhole fanatically devoured everything surrounding it.

After a long while, the blackhole finally shrunk and vanished.

Everything returned to normal.

No traces were left behind to indicate that a short yet intense battle had occurred here not long ago.

On the other side of the void, in the universe where the Domain of Thousand Scales was located, the battle had reached its climax.

The Nine Underworlds attempted to use the Vine Sovereign to sway the Prime Clear successors.

However, since Gao Qingxuan and Daoist Cloud Conquest were already aware of Yan Zhaoges preparations, they werent swayed at all.

While they werent completely free of worries, they kept their calm and decided to deal with their opponents first.

With Yan Zhaoge sending the Blood Star Devil Monarch and the Vine Sovereign away using the Star Shooting Bow, the Taiyi Imperial Breaking Formation erected by Yan Di and the others werent shaken at all.

They sturdily protected the Domain of Thousand Scales, preventing the Evil Devils from getting near it.

“Just hold on for a while longer!” While Yan Zhaoge was on guard against his opponents, he was also secretly paying attention to Chen Xuanzong and Chu Lili, who were within the Chaotic Heavenly Devil Slaying Ritual.

Based on their current condition, Yan Zhaoge calculated accordingly and finally saw the light at the tunnels end.

However, at that very moment, an overbearing aura appeared within the universe.

The horrifying power started tearing apart the devilish domain created by the Grand Heavenly level Devil Lord.

Feng Yunsheng and the Devil Lord were aware that the third batch of troops had arrived.

Demonic qi spread about, filling up the entire area.

A Demon Race Great Sage had arrived!

Besides, other Demon Race experts were accompanying him.

A profound yet fierce roar resounded softly throughout the entire universe.

The indescribable musical notes vibrated, and its oppressive power enveloped Feng Yunsheng and the Devil Lord at the same time.

“Nine-heads, are you planning on spoiling our Nine Underworlds plans” The Devil Lord roared in anger.

The dark, devilish domain cracked open.

Layers of demonic qi entered the cracks, directly opposing the sinister devilish qi.

One Great Demon after another rushed in.

Upon taking a closer look, Yan Zhaoges heart sank.

They were all familiar faces.

The Jade Rabbit Demon, the White Deer Demon, Dragon King Huanchen…

While the Nine Underworlds were undeniably the publics enemy, Yan Zhaoge couldnt remain optimistic when all these Great Demons were present.

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