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To destroy the Yin Yang Nine Splendour Seven Treasures Array Formation, the Blissful Devil Monarch had taken the lead during the attack.

Yet, now, he was also the first to receive the Thousand Scales Leaping the Dragon Gate attack.

“The Domain of Thousand Scales countering our Nine Underworlds Devils wasnt anything new.

Its power was merely scarce.

Yet, Ive never heard of the Domain of Thousand Scales having such transformations!”

Being unable to evade, the Blissful Devil Monarch could only dissipate the layers of Devilish qi and formed two devilish golems that seemed to be hugging, containing him within.

The nebula intertwined with the color of red and black expanded with him as the center.

However, as the myriad of light dragons lunged towards him, their oppressive powers held towards the Devils were displayed to their maximum.

The Domain of Thousand Scales already had the effects of countering the Nine Underworlds Infernal Devils.

Now, the Carp Leaping the Dragon Gate displayed such effects to the fullest.

With their burning passion, they caused a destructive impact on the Infernal Devils.

The light dragons shot through the sky and tore apart the red-black nebula.

The golems hugging together were reduced into powders.

Then, the dragons group passed through the Blissful Devil Monarchs body, “tearing” him to pieces.

An ancient Devil Monarch that had survived for such a long time perished.

Under the Domain of Thousand Scales unique Devil-countering powers, the Devils would face insurmountable difficulties if they wanted to be reincarnated.

It wasnt limited to the Blissful Devil Monarch alone.

Even the four-headed four-armed Devil Monarch, the Gigantopithecus Devil Monarch that succumbed to the Nine Underworlds, and the other Great Devils were overwhelmed by the wave of light dragons.

The Devils had all rushed forward together and placed themselves entirely in the Domain of Thousand Scales.

With the destruction of the Domain of Thousand Scales, the group of Great Devils had also perished.

The minority who were in the outer area was currently grateful for being a little slower.

Then, they quickly took the chance and fled away.

However, the group of dragons continued flying around.

The domineering streams of lights shot towards all directions, traversing through the void, and chased after the Great Devils attempted to flee.

In the end, no more Devils were left.

The entire universe transformed into a blood-infested purgatory.

Only, this wasnt a purgatory for humans, but one for Devils!

The Devilish qi that previously enshrouded the entire area suddenly dissipated.

The Grand Heavenly Level Devil Lord attempted to prevent such events from transpiring.

However, while being held back by the Nine-Headed Bug, Feng Yunsheng had also specifically held him back when Yan Zhaoge made his move.

As a result, the Domain of Thousand Scales exploded, perishing along with the Great Devils group invading it!

While the light dragons held no special effects against the Demon Race, they were still extremely vicious.

It caused the Great Demons momentum to decelerate.

Without the few Devil Monarchs and the group of Infernal Devils, Yan Di, Gao Qingxuan, and the others immediately regained their composure.

With all the Devils gone, their pressure had decreased drastically.

They quickly regained their footing and stopped the Great Demons from advancing further to the Chaotic Heavenly Devil Slaying Ritual.

Yan Zhaoge let out a long breath, and his expression remained stern.

He took control over the Domain of Thousand Scales and governed over the transformations happening within.

The Thousand Scales Leaping the Dragon Gate was his final resort.

If he could, he would never resort to such a tactic.

After all, the Domain of Thousand Scales wasnt only used for defending against the Devils attacks.

It was also helping Chen Xuanzong and Chu Lili to suppress the Water Devil.

As the Domain of Thousand Scales exploded, it burned into cinders and turned into nothingness.

Yan Zhaoges mind also went blank, as he was also heavily fatigued.

He had the strong urge to sleep thanks to the fatigues.

After pushing himself to stay awake, Yan Zhaoge didnt even care about stabilizing the Yin Yang Nine Splendour Seven Treasures Array Formation anymore.

Instead, he quickly operated the Chaotic Heavenly Devil Slaying Ritual.

The metal sphere, which was filled with dents, regained its brilliance and turned invisible once again.

Eighty-one light circles appeared and speedily circulated.

However, at that very moment, vigorous Devilish qi exploded from the center of the light circle.

Its might wasnt as strong as the Grand Heavenly Level Devil Lord outside.

It even paled in comparison to some Grand Virtual Level Devil Monarchs.

However, the eerily horrifying intent leaking from within made one feel a chill down their spine.

It was a horrifying aura on par with top-notch Devils like the Heart Devil and the Wood Devil!

The ice-blue devilish light permeated, became more and more vigorous.

Then, it started expanding outwards, as if it was about to fill up the entire Chaotic Heavenly Devil Slaying Ritual.

“This is bad…” The hearts of Yan Di, Gao Qingxuan, and the others sank.

During the most crucial moment, the Demon Race had disrupted the Chaotic Heavenly Devil Slaying Ritual.

The Domain of Thousand Scales exploded to prevent the Devils from attacking any further.

Upon losing these two layers of protection, Chen Xuanzong had no way of contending against the Water Devil any longer!

There only existed a subtle line of thread between the twos competition.

Yan Zhaoge and the others finally snatched the upper-hand through insurmountable efforts.

Combined with Chen Xuanzongs efforts, they were only one step away from victory.

However, if an accident occurred, and the Water Devil managed to regain the upper-hand, Chen Xuanzongs progress would be flipped over and turned into the Water Devils progress!

All their previous efforts would then belong to the Water Devil.

As for the very last step, the Water Devil finally managed to advance at this very moment!

Chen Xuanzong couldnt escape the fate of becoming the Water Devils reincarnation.

Ice-cold aura spread around endlessly.

The Water Devils transformation this time was still the Ice Devil.

Just like Chu Heng in the past.

Upon witnessing this, the Nine-Headed Great Sage closed in to the Chaotic Heavenly Devil Slaying Ritual, with no changes in his emotions.

He didnt care whether the Nine Underworld succeeded or not, nor did he care whether the reincarnation physique was still a human or the Water Devils reincarnation.

His aim was merely to kill Chen Xuanzong on the spot.

Whether he was still a human or Devil doesnt matter at all.

The Grand Heavenly Level Devil Lord was initially annoyed by the unexpected Thousand Scales Leaping the Dragon Gate.

After feeling the ice-cold aura, he became overjoyed and immediately exerted his full force to hold back the Nine-Headed Bug.

While Feng Yunsheng also held the Nine-Headed Bug back, hints of worries appeared within her ice-cold eyes as she looked at the glittering Chaotic Heavenly Devil Slaying Ritual.

With a stern expression, Yan Zhaoge was entirely concentrated on communicating with the ritual.

While cracks appeared by the light circles from time to time, the strong power capable of suppressing Devils started displaying its might once again.

Upon being suppressed by the Chaotic Heavenly Devil Slaying Ritual, the ice-cold radiance became quiet for a while, as if it transitioned from boundless lights into tangible ice.

Within the ice, the devilish pattern by Chen Xuanzongs forehead had already vanished.

However, his gaze wasnt as calm as it was in the past.

Instead, it was replaced with ice-cold darkness, with maliciousness lurking within.

They werent the gazes of the Exalted Water Illuminary – Chen Xuanzong anymore.

They now belonged to the Ice Devil.

However, under the illumination of the Chaotic Heavenly Devil Slaying Ritual, his gaze flickered slightly.

As if the ice layer was defrosted and cracked open, Chen Xuanzongs face was filled with struggle.

His gaze ceased to remain calm anymore and was instead filled with the fluctuation of emotions.

“Its too late already.

Youve no way of replicating what I just did.” Chen Xuanzong spoke, yet his tone was queer and deep, “This time, its my win.”

He raised his head and looked towards the light circles, “This ritual is merely keeping your soul intact.

Theres no way to suppress me anymore.”

Because he had already returned to the mortal realm.

“To me, the only problem now is how I should leave without being killed by the Demon Race.

It would be a pity if I were to die the moment I was reincarnated.”

“Chen Xuanzong” coldly said, “Or, would you be the ones that kill this reincarnation of mine and return me into annihilation”

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