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The Nine-Headed Great Sage attempted to close in.

Now, the tables had turned, with Feng Yunsheng and the Great Devil hindering his path now.

The other Demons also continued attacking towards the Chaotic Heavenly Devil Slaying Ritual.

The Water Devil had already manifested into the Ice Devil and seemed like he was about to be reincarnated.

However, his reincarnation physique – Chen Xuanzong, was still a Profound Immortal.

As such, the current Ice Devil wasnt anyone outstanding among the Grand Heavenly Level Devil Lord, nor was he one of the Twelve Devilish Gods qualified to look down upon the entire universe.

Due to Chen Xuanzong being in the Profound Immortal Realm Peak, he was about to achieve the Five Qis Unification upon succumbing to the darkness.

However, the group of Great Demons was still capable of handling him.

Especially with the re-operation of the Chaotic Heavenly Devil Slaying Ritual, the Ice Devil couldnt immediately head straight towards the Grand Virtual Realm.

Thus, he remained as a Tranquil Profound Immortal.

The gazes of Ling Qing, Gao Qingxuan, and Daoist Cloud Conquest fell on “Chen Xuanzong.”

Their gazes became filled with hatred.

If one truly succumbed to the darkness, there was no way of turning back anymore.

A Devil would remain as a Devil.

He would cease to be human any longer.

There wont be any changes in his appearance or voice.

Even his habits and memories wont be affected at all.

However, fundamentally, he would become a completely different existence.

The Exalted Water Luminary – Chen Xuanzong would cease to exist any longer, being replaced by the Ice Devil – Chen Xuanzong instead.

To the Demon Race, whether or not Chen Xuanzong and Chu Lili had turned into Devils, they still planned to kill the two.

To Goa Qingxuan and the others, if they could help seal the Water Devil and assist Chen Xuanzong, they wouldnt hesitate to engage in battles against strong foes.

However, if the extraction of Devilish intent were a failure, Chen Xuanzong would succumb to the darkness and become the new generation manifestation of the Water Devil.

When that time comes, they would side with the Demon Race.

Like how Yan Xintang slew the Sword Devil – Yin Shiyang, and how Chen Xuanzong himself slain the previous Ice Devil – Chu Heng.

Long Xingquan frowned as well.

He raised his head and looked at Yan Zhaoge.

“Try to hinder these Demons, and stall time.

Something will happen.” As Yan Zhaoge spoke, he kept his Later Earth Text and quickly entered the light sphere formed by the Chaotic Heavenly Devil Slaying Ritual.

Everyone looked at each other.

Feng Yunsheng took in a deep breath, and all fluxes of emotions disappeared from her expression.

With her new calm state, she focused on holding the Nine-Headed Bug back.

On the contrary, hesitation arose within the Grand Heavenly Level Devil Lords heart.

Yan Di remained quiet and made his attitude clear using his actions.

He slashed his saber towards the White Deer Demon.

After a short contemplation, Gao Qingxuan and the others chose to continue preventing the Demons advancement.

The Exalted Moon Luminary – Ling Qing quietly watched everything unfolding.

The way the situation had developed far surpassed everyones range of control.

In other words, they lost control over the situation and reached the worst possible outcome – the Water Devil reincarnated.

Either Chen Xuanzong or Chu Lili would succumb to the darkness.

Their efforts to continue protecting Chen Xuanzong was futile.

It merely gave the Ice Devil more chance to return to the Nine Underworlds.

If it were someone other than Yan Zhaoge, Ling Qing would assume that they had lost their rationality and let emotions take over their mind.

Or, they might be unwilling to admit defeat and reluctant to face reality, to meet the results of their failure, which ultimately resulted in their futile struggle.

Most of the time, not being able to let go would cause harm not only to you but to the people around you.

However, since the one doing so was Yan Zhaoge, Ling Qing was struggling to make her judgment.

While her current stance was very passive, she was more willing to believe that Yan Zhaoge had something up his sleeves, which was the moment of revelation.

After a moment of hesitation, Ling Qing finally decided to join the fray and hinder the Demon Race experts along with Yan Di, Gao Qingxuan, and the others.

Within the light sphere manifested by the Chaotic Heavenly Devil Slaying Ritual, “Chen Xuanzong” raised his head and coldly stared at Yan Zhaoge.

Yan Zhaoge was also looking at him with an eerie gaze, “Ice Devil, this match isnt over yet.”

“What a waste of effort.” “Chen Xuanzong” plainly said, “While Im not sure if I can leave this place alive, Ive already won this match against you.”

“I managed to reincarnate from the Nine Underworlds and descend upon this land once again.”

“If I hadnt won, why would Chu Lili be awake”

As if Chu Lili was verifying his words, her eyelashes vibrated faintly.

Then, she slowly opened her eyes and stared at the scene in front of her blankly, as if she had awoken from a slumber.

Currently, she looked the same as when Yan Zhaoge first met her.

No more Devilish qi wreathed around her body anymore.

In fact, all the devilish intent within her body was cleansed away.

Because the Water Devil had already acquired a much more compatible reincarnation physique.

“Master…” Chu Lilis vision regained its focal point, and she blankly stared at Chen Xuanzong.

Complex emotions surfaced within her gaze.

Surprise, joy, longing, affection, worry, fear…

However, very quickly, everything turned into shock, “… Youre not master!”

“Chen Xuanzong” said calmly, “Why not Isnt Chu Heng your father”

Chu Lilis mind went blank.

“Chu Heng is still your father, and Im still your master.” “Chen Xuanzong” calmly said, “Im still me.

Only, from the previous Jade Clear Chen Xuanzong, Ive now changed into Ice Devil Chen Xuanzong.”

At first, the twos intent were still clashing against each other.

Now, the clash slowly died down, and the intent started fusing as one.

Chu Lili was rendered speechless as she stared at “Chen Xuanzong.” She was taken aback by the situation.

When secluding herself in the Roving Jade Heavens, she had been longing for the person right in front of her.

After leaving the Roving Jade Heavens, she bitterly withstood the devilish intents infestation and ultimately lost consciousness when she fell into the Nine Underworlds hands.

When she finally awoke from her slumber, the person she longed for was just right in front of her.

However, their way of the meeting was completely different from what she had expected.

“Like I said, the first round isnt over yet.” Yan Zhaoge suddenly took a step forward.

“Chen Xuanzong” attempted to evade.

However, under the disruption of the Chaotic Heavenly Devil Slaying Ritual, he had yet to gain complete control over his physique.

As a result, his movements remained clunky.

Yan Zhaoge quickly reached “Chen Xuanzong”s front and tapped his finger between “Chen Xuanzong”s brows.

Strength was inserted within, reaching “Chen Xuanzong”s Spirit Yin Center.

“It wont work.” Under such influence, “Chen Xuanzong”s intent seemed to be split into two again.

However, it bore no changes to the grand scheme of things.

Suddenly, frigid gases were excreted from between “Chen Xuanzong”s eyebrows.

As the gases intertwined, a rune was formed.

“This is your way of overcoming me You buried a rune deep within him beforehand” “Chen Xuanzong”s expression remained unfazed, “Ive already fused with him and had gained all his memories and knowledge.

Im aware of this runes usage.”

Anti-Devil Countering Rune.

Chen Xuanzongs last resort.

If all the previous plans had failed, and the Water Devil reincarnated using his physique, Chen Xuanzong himself decided to end his own life.

“So, your final resort is to perish along with me” said “Chen Xuanzong” coldly.

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