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Yan Zhaoge peacefully stared at “Chen Xuanzong” with a calm expression, “Since youve integrated your memories with Senior Chen, you should know that this Anti-Devil Countering Rune was researched by Senior Chen, my wife, and me.

After that, I created this Anti-Devil Countering Rune for him.”

“Chen Xuanzong” looked at Yan Zhaoge, “Are you implying that you never told him what other changes this Anti-Devil Countering Rune has”

“I didnt do that.” Yan Zhaoge said plainly, “Only, nothing is certain in this world.

Even in todays battle, many unexpected turns happened.

Some thoughts merely sprouted by adapting to the situation.”

Under Yan Zhaoges orders, the Anti-Devil Countering Rune made up of the frigid gases was engraved by Chen Xuanongs chest.

Then, rays of blue radiances started surging by Chen Xuanzongs body surface and continuously moved around.

In the end, they converged by his chest area.

Within Chen Xuanzongs ice-cold desolate gaze, radiances were still prancing around, signifying that they were unstable.

“What does Chu Lili plan to do” His gaze flickered a few times, and he looked towards Chu Lili.

Chu Lili was startled.

Complex emotions filled her face when she looked at the face she shouldve been very familiar with, yet seemed so foreign now.

The radiance within “Chen Xuanzong”s eyes was prancing about, but his voice was still as calm as ever, “Interested in leaving with me”

“To you, does succumbing to the darkness matter”

Chu Lili wanted to say something.

However, after hearing his words, she pursed her lips out of surprise and stared at “Chen Xuanzong.”

“Chu Lili, youre merely refusing to join the Devils because of my previous teachings.

Its merely because of the teachings youve received since little.” His voice was extremely calm, “Yet, right now, Ive already joined the Nine Underworlds.

Dont you wish to come with me”

Chu Lili lowered her head, “Youre not my master.

Youre the Water Devil! Right now, youre merely baiting me with your words and plan on using me as a means of escaping.”

“Indeed, Im searching for a method of escaping this place.” He admitted, “However, Im not using you.”

“I was original of the Jade Clear lineage and hold deep gratitude towards them.

Now that Ive succumbed to the darkness, the lineage would detest me and view me as a threat.

Theyd do anything to dispose of me.

Its only natural of them to do so.

How about you”

Chu Lili raised her head and looked at the pair of deep gaze.

“Since young, you were trapped within the back mountain of the Jade Sky Peak.

You were forbidden from going outside, nor could you meet anyone.

You had no playmate, and neither did you have a childhood.

The only ones you could interact with were warily watching over you.

After Chu Heng was killed, the only reason why you stayed by the World beyond Worlds was to study the secrets of the Nine Underworlds Infernal Devils.”

“Jade Clear, Daoism.

Is there anything you cant let go of”

Chu Lilis lips moved, but she only remained silent.

Indeed, she had no feelings of attachment to Daoism.

After all, she could only come in contact with so few people…

And the one she cared for the most was right in front of her…

“So, whats wrong with leaving together with me” said the white-haired teenager calmly.

Chu Lili took a deep breath and repeated her words, “You are not master!”

He was the enemy that killed the master!

“Chen Xuanzong” smiled, “Youre mistaken.

Im Chen Xuanzong, and Chen Xuanzong is I.

This isnt merely the husk of his former self.”

He lowered his head and looked at the rune that was getting clearer and larger, “Humans will change.

Now, Im currently undergoing the process of changing.

You can do so too, Chu Lili.

When you change your perspective and view the world the same way I do, youll experience a brand new feeling…”

“Involuntary change.” Yan Zhaoge interrupted him coldly.

“Chen Xuanzong” frowned and turned to look at Yan Zhaoge.

Yan Zhaoge said indifferently, “When someone succumbs to darkness, no matter what kind of bewitching or threat they faced, the one that decides to take that step forward would be themselves.”

“However, its different for a Great Devils reincarnation physique.

Even if theyre not willing to, they could still be forced into succumbing.”

Yan Zhaoge turned his head and looked towards Chu Lili, “If Senior Chu became the new Ice Devil in the end, the Astro Sovereign would use this Anti-Devil Countering Rune to move your devilish intent unto him, and perish along with the Water Devil.”

“After cleansing your body of the devilish intent, and the Water Devil perishes once again, Senior Chu wouldnt have to worry about receiving the Water Devils disturbance any longer.”

As long as she remained cautious from being taken advantage of by the Devils.

The reason why the devilish intent had been imbued in Chu Lilis body for thousands of years was because the previous Ice Devil – Chu Heng had left some mark within her body, with no way of disposing it entirely.

Even when Chen Xuanzong helped her undergo the devilish tribulation in the past, they were merely lucky.

It was incapable of solving the problem entirely.

With the Female Emperor – Jie Mingkongs previous actions, Chu Lili immediately suffered from it again.

Using the possibility of the Water Devil reincarnate, he would thoroughly dispose of the devilish mark affecting Chu Lili, thus preventing further troubles from affecting her.

Unless if a new devilish mark was left behind.

“The Astro Sovereign had said this previously,As a man sows, so he shall reap. When he made that decision in the past, he had already decided to bear the consequences till the end.”

“This was the Astro Sovereigns will.” Yan Zhaoge said plainly, “Not the Ice Devils plan.”

Chu Lili looked at Chen Xuanzong with a complicated expression.

The brilliance within Chen Xuanzongs eyes gradually turned dim.

Instead, the rune in front of his chest slowly solidified and turned into a field of ice that covered his chest.

The ice shards continuously expanded, and froze more parts of Chen Xuanzongs body.

As the ice spread, Chen Xuanzongs entire body seemed to have turned into a statue of ice, with no soul found within.

His vitality gradually withered, while the ice-cold ruthless devilish intent diminished along with it.

Then, a voice resounded from Chen Xuanzongs chest, “Indeed, this was his will.

Its just like how the person he loved had always been Jie Mingkong, not you.”

Chu Lilis entire body trembled upon hearing his words.

Voice continued resounding from within the ice shards, “Even before he adopted you.”

“Is that so” Chu Lili stood blankly on the spot.

Then, she let out a long sigh.

Loneliness overwrote her expression as she dazedly stared at Chen Xuanzongs face.

Chen Xuanzongs aura was currently weak, and his eyes were dim.

However, he gradually raised his head and looked into Chu Lilis eyes.

Although Chen Xuanzong was currently losing his vitality, his gaze was still as calm as ever.

“Im not sure of what I know.

However… I know.” Chu Lili softly said, “I… I was merely being hopeful, even if theres a little possibility…”

Frost began covering Chen Xuanzongs entire body.

No hints of agony were written on his expression.

Instead, he stared at his disciple with a gentle and kind gaze.

While no words were spoken, Chu Lili understood his gaze.

She stared at Chen Xuanzong and became entranced.

When she came back to her senses and wanted to say something, the ice shards had already reached the top of Chen Xuanzongs head, covering his entire face within.

The white-haired man was covered in frost, and his entire body was frozen.

His shadow became dimmer and dimmer within the frigid ice, and he was gradually turning into an ice statue.

“Just in time!” Yan Zhaoge, who had been waiting for something, and had a face filled with anxiousness, suddenly became energetic.

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