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Chen Xuanzong, Jie Mingkong, and Chu Lili sat together motionlessly side-by-side.

Jie Mingkong and Chu Lilis palms were placed on each side of Chen Xuanzongs shoulders.

Their bodies became frozen together within the layer of ice, forming a huge ice statue.

The three of them had their eyes closed within the frigid glacier as if they were in deep slumber.

The ice-blue devilish radiance by Chen Xuanzongs chest turned dim, yet it was sparkling intensely.

As if it was hanging by a thread, struggling to survive.

However, in the end, everything returned to silence, and the devilish intent dissipated completely.

Yan Zhaoge heard a voice filled with ice-cold despair and furious unwillingness that was gradually fading away.

It departed from this world and disappeared into another plane of existence.

One of the Twelve Devilish Gods, the Six Extinct Devils Water Devil, perished once again!

Having successfully taken the last step, he was going to be reincarnated already.

Yet, he was forcefully pushed back into oblivion.

With this, Yan Zhaoge could finally let out a sigh of relief.

He looked towards the three and solemnly bowed, “The three of you had worked hard.”

Yan Zhaoge extended his hand, and radiances appeared by his palm.

He carefully enveloped the ice statue and kept it within his pocket.

Fortunately, they located Jie Mingkong in time, and Chu Lili didnt cause any uproar.

Otherwise, Chen Xuanzong might have gone past the point of saving.

Only, due to the Anti-Devil Countering Rune and the Water Devil, Chen Xuanzongs life was still hanging by a thread.

Whether he would awake from his slumber and break out of the ice was still an uncertainty.

This was different from when he sealed himself alone within the land of tranquil streams.

At that time, he did it on his own.

This time, circumstances forced him into such a state.

This could very possibly last forever.

Currently, Jie Mingkong and Chu Lili were in the same situation as him.

Either both of them come out gloriously, or they might be sealed forever.

Fortunately, with the disappearance of the devilish mark, Chen Xuanzong and Chu Lili wouldnt have to worry about the Water Devils pestering any longer.

As long as no other Devils engrave a new devilish mark within them.

Being sealed by ice, they eliminated the possibility of the Water Devil communicating with them and alluring them to his side.

While the two compatible reincarnation physiques still existed within the world, the Water Devil could do nothing but watch.

“Those of goodwill will be returned with good favor…” Yan Zhaoge felt the chilliness in his palm.

Then, he raised his head and looked towards the void beyond the Chaotic Heavenly Devil Slaying Ritual with an eerie gaze.

Outside, it was the Demon Race that was initially attacking fanatically.

However, after seeing Chen Xuanzong cast the Anti-Devil Countering Rune, the group of Demons slowed down their attacks.

They could feel that the lofty Water Devils ice-cold devilish qi was diminishing very quickly.

The Great Devil was welcoming perishment.

The Devil Lord, who was initially blocking the Nine-Headed Bug and Feng Yunsheng, became furious and started closing in on the Chaotic Heavenly Devil Slaying Ritual.

After seeing Jie Mingkong entering the light sphere, a thought flashed through the Grand Heavenly Level Devil Lords mind, causing him even more uneasiness.

The instant Jie Mingkong came out, he could already tell who she was.

“Chen Xuanzongs senior disciple… Jie Mingkong…”

Someone of the True Immortal Realm was of no importance to him.

However, as a Grand Heavenly Level Nine Underworlds expert, he had many information within his grasp.

Naturally, he was aware of the relationship between Jie Mingkong and Chen Xuanzong.

Previously, they attempted to capture Jie Mingkong to disrupt Chen Xuanzong.

Only, their efforts were to no avail.

Seeing the appearance of Jie Mingkong, while he wasnt sure of what changes she would bring, the Great Devil still felt that something was off.

Then, he started fanatically rushing towards the Chaotic Heavenly Devil Slaying Ritual.

Feng Yunsheng remained expressionless, while the devilish blue-black flames within her eyes beamed vigorously, causing a dark twin brilliance to manifest atop her head.

At that very moment, the brutal yet sinister Encompassing Abyssal Absolute Annihilation improved once again, which made even the Grand Heavenly Realm expert to be filled with the sense of threat.

The Doomsday Heavenly Devils authority possessed by her had never been complete.

However, at this very moment, she seemed like she was close to completion.

The Nine-Headed Bug and the Devil Lord were startled.

In front of them, a volcano was already on the verge of erupting.

The Origin Heavenly Tribulation was right in front of Feng Yunsheng right now!

If she took the step forward, she would ascend to the Grand Heavenly Realm!

However, the intent of solitariness and perishment behind her would reach a brand new level.

The Devil Lord hesitated upon seeing this.

He was weighing whether forcing Feng Yunsheng into a breakthrough and ascending into the Grand Heavenly Realm was much beneficial to the Nine Underworlds or the Water Devils revival.

Only, the instant Feng Yunsheng breaks through, he could possibly be the first one to die under that Doomsday Saber.

Under such an attack, even if he were of the Grand Heavenly Realm, he would thoroughly perish without any hopes of revival.

On the contrary, as the Water Devil slowed down his flurry of attacks, the Nine-Headed Bug attacked once again without any hesitation.

Upon receiving his signal, other Demon Race experts started their attacks once again.

This time, their aim wasnt Chen Xuanzong or Chu Lili anymore, but the Pill Halls owner – Yan Zhaoge!

The Nine-Headed Great Sage lifted his Crescent Moon Shovel and struck it towards Feng Yunsheng.

Feng Yunsheng parried it with her saber, causing her body to be pushed backward.

However, the ferocious black qi wreathing by the Crescent Moon Shovel remained for a long time, causing discomfort to the Nine-Headed Great Sages Demonic energy.

Seeing this, the Devil Lord lunged forward once again, attempting to besiege Feng Yunsheng together with the Nine-Headed Great Sage.

He also changed his target.

Since the Water Devils perishing had been fated, he decided to bring Feng Yunsheng back to the Nine Underworlds.

The two decided to make Feng Yunsheng their enemy.

Feng Yunsheng was now in great danger.

The devilish flames within her eyes became much more vigorous and sinister.

At that very moment, a myriad of runes appeared in front of Yan Zhaoge, which hung in the air by his surroundings.


The Water Devil had already perished, and there was no more need to continue the Chaotic Heavenly Devil Slaying Ritual.

Without any more worries, he punched forward, destroying all the runes.

The streams of lights shattered and started spreading towards the surroundings.

All the runes in the air turned into scattered radiances.

Just like a tight bow, which finally couldnt stand any more pressure, the eighty-one light circles that had been circulating continuously started falling apart!

All the light circles broke apart, turning into eighty-one streams of lights, and flew towards the faraway sky.

The ferocious momentum resembled eighty-one thick and robust light whips, which started whipping in all directions!

The Chaotic Heavenly Devil Slaying Ritual followed after the Domain of Thousand Scales and ultimately crumbled!

At the final moment, Yan Zhaoge maintained his control over the ritual.

The light whips, like trails of stars, started whipping towards all the Demon Race experts present, as well as the Devil Lord.

Dragon King Huanchen was lashed by the whip, but he remained unharmed.

However, a queer image surfaced within his mind.

It was the battle that happened when the dao universes Roving Jade Heavens was being moved into the Pill Hall.

The scene where his claws were slashed apart by Gao Qingxuan flashed across his eyes.

The Jade Rabbit Demon was lashed and got wounded by it.

However, her former masters image- the Extreme Star Lord appeared in front of her eyes.

The Old White Deer was lashed as well.

As he blinked, the Longevity God appeared!

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