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Chapter 1437: Yin Yang Reversal Distortion Awl

The Chaotic Heavenly Devil Slaying Ritual had the effects of suppressing and slaying Devils.

It was incredibly proficient in resisting the Heart Devils interruption and suppressing ones inner demons.

The Primordial Heart Devil was the very first devilish intent that existed among living beings.

Being coined as one of the Six Extinct Devils, he had lived since the dawn of time and would continue existing for eternity.

If his main body descended upon this realm, even the Chaotic Heavenly Devil Slaying Ritual would be powerless against him.

However, the Primordial Heart Devil didnt present himself and merely imposed his influence from the faraway void.

As such, the Chaotic Heavenly Devil Slaying Ritual utilized its effects to counter its opponents action.

Yan Zhaoge was currently using one of the Jade Clear Primordial Scriptures Late Heaven Six Scriptures – the Hearts Will Heavenly Scripture with his full might.

With a thunderous explosion, the Hearts Will Thunder exploded, causing the Chaotic Heavenly Devil Slaying Ritual to crumble.

Then, the ritual was reversed!

The light whips formed by the Chaotic Heavenly Devil Slaying Scripture reversed the effects and used the Heart Devils powers as its own!

The rituals might was related to Yan Zhaoges cultivation, as well as his opponents cultivation.

Yet, it was also associated with the ritual itself.

Through the meticulous preparations done by Yan Zhaoge, Chen Xuanzong, and the others, paired with all the top-grade materials used to lay it down, the formation managed to reach its peak state.

Moreover, the key factors that the ritual had been withstanding the Primordial Heart Devils infestation!

With the reversal, a part of the Primordial Heart Devils authority was imbued within the ritual.

Through the lashings, it immediately took effect on Yan Zhaoges opponents.

Moreover, its effects were much stronger than the Primordial Heart Devils influence, cast from afar.

Most importantly, everything happened too suddenly, which caught everyone off guard.

The Demons attempted to evade, yet the light whips had already lashed onto them.

After the Demons beneath the Grand Virtual Realm received the lash, they froze on the spot, unable to move.

With their inner darkness disrupting their thoughts, the Heart Devils presence made illusions appear within their mind.

Fighting aside, they couldnt even stand properly anymore.

The White Deer Demon and the other Grand Virtual Realm Demon Race Small Saints were in a somewhat better condition.

While the darkness within their hearts started acting up, they diligently tried to stabilize their state of mind and suppress the thoughts.

However, just a moment of confusion was sufficient.

After all, the Great Demons were still facing opponents like Yan Di, Gao Qingxuan, and Ling Qing!

With the explosion of the Hearts Will Thunder, the Chaotic Heavenly Devil Slaying Ritual fell apart, signifying Yan Zhaoges command to start the counterattack.

All-encompassing saber-lights and sword-lights skyrocketed, frenziedly sweeping throughout the entire void.

With the lashes effects remaining intact and the group of Demons was being troubled by the Heart Devil, Yan Di and the others started their brutal counterattacks.

The Demons beneath the Grand Virtual Realm were all slain, causing a vast sea of blood to appear by the void.

The Demon Race Small Saint who had achieved Five Qis Unifications – Dragon King Huanchens body was split into two by Gao Qingxuan.

Without putting up any form of defense, the White Deer Demon received Ling Qings punch, instantly inflicting heavy casualties upon him.

When he finally managed to overcome the mess in his heart and attempted to flee, Yan Di had already closed in onto him.

The White Deer Demon transformed back to his original form and fled with his hooves.

Wherever he passed by, visible hoofprints were left behind by the void.

Then, they transformed into mountains individually, forming a formation that sealed the void.

Then, it came crashing down on his opponents.

However, as Yan Dis brutal saber-light flashed across, the mountains crumbled into specks of dust.

Using that opportune moment, Ling Qing rushed towards him while holding the Holy Radiance Banner.

The White Deer Demon could only watch in despair as the ax-like banner came crashing down with insurmountable momentum.

The White Deer Demon, who was already deeply wounded, died by Ling Qings attack.

The Great Demon, who had acquired the dao during the Middle era, and had survived through the Great Calamity, ultimately perished today.

After Dragon King Huanchen, another Grand Virtual Realm Great Demon perished.

The Jade Rabbit Demon sensed her enemies killing intent and felt a chill down her spine.

She tried to calm her frightened self and lifted her posture.

Then, she instantly transformed into a stream of white light and hopped far away, evading their attacks by a hairs breadth.

Then, she continued hopping away and finally managed to escape.

Meanwhile, the other Demons like the White Deer Demon and Dragon King Huanchen could only await their fate of being slain by the cold-blooded attacks.

Within the void, the Nine-Headed Bug radiated with brilliance.

Whenever the whip lashed him, the brilliance stopped shining momentarily.

Other than the Grand Heavenly Realm Devil Lord, only Feng Yunsheng could make out his figure.

The Nine-Headed Bug was startled for a while.

However, rather than his expression becoming blank, he looked more like he was shocked.

If the Primordial Heart Devil descended personally, he would remain cautious.

For a top-notch bigwig like him, it didnt matter if he received the Heart Devils attack, which came from a distance.

With his mild startle, Yan Di and the others had already made their counterattack, slaying countless Great Demons along the way!

Feng Yunsheng, who was in a grave situation, took the opportunity to retreat.

Instead, the Devil Lord roared and chased after her.

Feng Yunsheng exchanged blows against him, which forced him backward.

Then, Feng Yunsheng transformed into a blaze of dark inferno and quickly dropped downwards, joining Yan Di and the others.

The Chaotic Heavenly Devil Slaying Rituals light circles crumbled, transforming into eighty-one light whips that lashed outwards.

Being tightened to the extreme, the light whips finally broke apart, turning into roving streams of lights that flew apart.

Through the tug of these eighty-one majestic streams of lights, the void by the Chaotic Heavenly Devil Slaying Rituals location was torn apart.

A black hole formed, devouring the myriad of items around it.

After Yan Di and the others successfully executed their counterattacks and massacred the Demons group, they didnt covet killing the others.

Instead, they immediately retreated and entered the black hole along with Feng Yunsheng.

Yan Zhaoge, who was atop the black hole, did the same.

Seeing Yan Zhaoge and the others on the verge of disappearing within the black hole, the Nine-Headed Great Sage and the Devil Lord snorted.

Domineering Demonic qi and Devilish qi enveloped the entire space, freezing the black hole that was torn apart!

The space transformed and was close to returning to its calm state.

The two Grand Heavenly Realm experts forcefully sealed a black hole which even a Virtual Immortal would struggle to keep their footing.

Everything within the black hole remained on the spot!

However, Yan Zhaoge, who stood by the front of the black hole, threw an item forward.

Its two sides were sharp, and its middle part was thick, resembling a stitching awl.

It seemed so unremarkable, yet its effects were insurmountable.

The Nine-Headed Hydras Demonic powers and the Devil Lords Devilish Qi surged.

The surface of the stitching awl shone with vivid brilliance, causing the Demonic powers and Devilish qi to offset each other.

The Devilish powers were more potent, which offset the Devilish qi.

However, it became unstable as well.

The black hole immediately returned to normal.

As space distorted, it devoured Yan Zhaoge and the others before disappearing.

“… Yin Yang Reversal Distortion Awl!” The Jade Rabbit who fled afar looked back and saw the awl-like treasure.

Upon seeing it, she instantly became shocked.

The Nine-Headed Bugs majestic intent descended, and an unmaskable furiousness could be sensed from him, “Whats that”

“If Im not mistaken, this treasure is called the Yin Yang Reversal Distortion Awl.

Its specialty is to mediate and offset two completely different kinds of strength.

That treasure offset your Demonic powers and the Devil Lords Devilish qi.”

The Jade Rabbit Demons face was filled with disbelief, “Even in the past, the method of this treasure was considered a top-secret.

Even the Extreme Yin Star Lord didnt know the refinement method and merely remembered its name and appearance.

This is the first time Ive seen the actual thing.”

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