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Chapter 1438: The Troubles Come One After Another

“Yin Yang Reversal Distortion Awl…” The Nine-Headed Bug repeated.

“Even if Yan Zhaoge had acquired the Pill Hall, he wouldnt have acquired the secret formulae for that item, should he” The Jade Rabbit Demons face was filled with helplessness, “Was it the Southern Extremity Longevity Emperor or the North Star Emperor who passed it down to him However, after so many years, Ive never seen them using it at all.”

The Nine-Headed Bug snorted, “Stop blabbering.

Theres no need to remain here any longer, so lets leave for now.”

Despite saying that, among all the Demons that accompanied him over, only the Jade Rabbit Demon managed to escape the massacre.

Most others were already killed during the battle, while only a minority managed to survive the slaughter.

Among them even included the Demon Race Small Saints like the White Deer Demon and Dragon King Huanchen.

The Nine-Headed Bug could only be filled with humiliation.

Most importantly, while Yan Zhaoge and the others retreated safely, and the Water Devil failed to reincarnate, he didnt contribute to anything at all.

Such results made his conceited self filled with rage.

As a powerful Demon Race Great Sage that had survived since the years of yore, his pride was severely damaged.

The Water Devils reincarnation failed, yet he didnt manage to acquire the Pill Hall.

The Nine-Headed Great Sage subconsciously changed his target to the Grand Heavenly Realm Devil Lord.

If he could kill the opponent right in front of his eyes, he would undoubtedly cause a massive blow to the Nine Underworlds.

At the very least, he wouldnt return empty-handedly, as such a feat was deemed beneficial to the Demon Race.

However, the Grand Heavenly Realm Devil Lord knew his place very well.

Seeing how Yan Zhaoge and the others managed to escape through the Yin Yang Reversal Distortion Awl, and being aware of the fact that he couldnt possibly defeat the Nine-Headed Bug, his very first reaction was to retreat and flee from this area.

The Water Devils reincarnation failed, and he didnt manage to capture Feng Yunsheng.

There wasnt any more reason for the Great Devil to continue fighting against the Demon Race.

To him, this wasnt the end, as there was something else he had to attend to.

Other than the Water Devil, the Earth Devil had also been coveting for a physique to undergo reincarnation.

If he succeeded, the Nine Underworlds would undoubtedly reverse the outcome of this match.

“I dont believe that you can find another Domain of Thousand Scales.

Besides, that weird ritual mustve been created using countless resources and efforts.

Do you even have sufficient treasures capable of constructing a second one”

With an ice-cold killing intent permeating, the Devil Lord departed from the void.

As the Nine-Headed Bug paid attention to the Yin Yang Reversal Distortion Awl, the Great Devil took the opportunity to escape.

Now, he had finally calmed down, “Lets go.

Theres still the Earth Devil.”

Then, he immediately left the area.

The Jade Rabbit Demon and other Demons that were fortunate enough to survive quickly followed after him.

Within a different universe separated by multiple layers of space, the pitch-black void suddenly cracked open, disrupting the starry skies tranquil ambiance.

From the crack, Yan Zhaoge and the others appeared.

The Yin Yang Reversal Distortion Awl managed to incite the clash of strength between the Nine-Headed Bug and the Great Devil, causing them to offset each other.

However, since the Nine-Headed Bug was stronger, he managed to affect the black hole which Yan Zhaoge and the others used to escape.

Only, his powers were already weakened dramatically.

As a result, he couldnt prevent their departure.

With the two Grand Virtual Immortals – Gao Qingxuan and Ling Qings protection, the group didnt separate from each other within the whirlpool of space.

They managed to escape from the black hole together.

Yan Zhaoge held Feng Yunsheng and supported her.

The instant the space around them stabilized, Feng Yunsheng immediately sat down by the void.

The dark devilish embers burning by her skin released an encompassing aura.

Cracks even appeared by the black jade bottle gifted by the Southern Extremity Longevity Emperor.

Feng Yunshengs expression constantly changed.

They interchanged from calmness to the outbreak of vicious ferocity and occasionally ice-cold solitariness.

Currently, she had to suppress her devilish intents.

Outsiders wouldnt be capable of assisting her.

They shouldnt even come in contact with the devilish flames burning by Feng Yunshengs skin.

Otherwise, they might be infested with devilish intent.

Fortunately, as time passed, the devilish flames raging by her skin gradually died down, while her expression returned to peacefulness.

Seeing that Feng Yunshengs condition had temporarily stabilized, Yan Zhaoge, who had been paying close attention to her the entire time, finally let out a sigh of relief.

Then, he waved his sleeve.

As radiances sparkled, they devoured Feng Yunsheng, causing her to disappear.

Bringing Feng Yunsheng along with her, the group of people continued on their journey.

“Hows Senior Chen” asked Yan Di.

“Hes safe… Hes safe for now.” Yan Zhaoge spoke as he walked, “Fortunately, Senior Jie and Senior Chu had already ascended to the Immortal Realm, and their martial arts were of the same origin as the Astro Sovereign.

Thanks to that, they managed to secure the Astro Sovereigns life at the crucial moment.”

“Only, by doing so, they had a price to pay.

Just like how the Astro Sovereign is right now, their lives are hanging by a thread.”

Yan Zhaoge sighed softly, “Right now, were powerless to do anything.

We can only hope that theyll manage to overcome this hardship one day.”

Yan Di asked softly, “How long will it take”

“Maybe a hundred years, maybe a thousand…” Yan Zhaoge answered, “Maybe ten thousand, or maybe an eternity…”

Yan Di took a deep breath, “If the Demon Race didnt interfere, things wouldnt have ended up like this!”

“On the bright side, at least theres a sliver of hope left.

Senior Chen, Daoist Jie, and Daoist Chu will surely be safe.”

Yan Di was currently sitting on the Grand Simplicity Splendour Cloud, meditating in a lotus position.

He adjusted his breath and allowed the cloud to carry him as he was brought away by Yan Zhaoge.

During the previous battle, his saber had remained sanctimonious.

By borrowing the interchanging eras powers, he was exceptionally domineering when fighting against other Virtual Immortal experts.

Only, with such flashy fighting technique, came its repercussions.

It took a considerable toll on his stamina.

Even with the Cyclic Heavenly Scripture, the Yin Yang Heavenly Scripture, the Life Creation Heavenly Scripture, and many other supreme arts, he couldnt withstand the fatigue.

“Lets quickly return to the World beyond Worlds,” said Yan Di in a slow manner.

Yan Zhaoge nodded, “Right.”

Currently, Shi Jun and his mother were still located at the Awakened Sky Cosmoss Sky beyond Skies, within the Pill Hall.

Initially, the Nine Underworlds planned for the Water Devil and the Earth Devil to undergo the process of reincarnation together, which would undoubtedly cause distraction among Yan Zhaoges bunch.

However, with the Pill Hall and the Earth Splitting Pearl aid, Yan Zhaoge managed to delay the Earth Devils reincarnation, which allowed him to deal with the Water Devil first.

Now that the Water Devil had perished, he wouldnt be able to reincarnate for the time being.

Naturally, Yan Zhaoge and the others shifted their target and decided to deal with the Earth Devil.

“Is there still no response from Yue Zhenbei and Little Yes side” asked Gao Qingxuan, and they continued forward.

Yan Zhaoge nodded, “I tried to contact them just now, and only senior apprentice-uncle Yue replied.

He said that he would meet up with us later, but I didnt receive any response from senior apprentice-brother Nie and senior apprentice-sister Yue.”

Gao Qingxuan nodded slowly, with a worried expression filling her complexion.

Her husband – Long Xingquan, lightly grabbed her hand, “Old Woman Li will be fine.”

“Im not worried about Yue Zhenbei, Im…” Gao Qingxuan softly shook her head and stopped herself from continuing any further.

Yan Zhaoge and the others exchanged glances.

Within their gazes, hints of worrying were permeating.

Initially, they assumed that the hostage would be Jie Mingkong.

The ones waiting in ambush were Yue Zhenbei, who was comparatively much familiar with Jie Mingkong.

To everyones surprise, the hostage was the Vine Sovereign – Li Ying.

With the hostility they harbored against each other, no one could imagine how things would turn out.

“Senior apprentice-sister Yu might be able to amend their relationship,” said Yan Zhaoge as he comforted everyone.

Suddenly, the Exalted Lunar Luminary – Ling Qings complexion changed a little.

She slowly widened her mouth and said, “Ive received news from the Southern Extremity Longevity Emperor.”

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