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HSS143: A cooked duck can also fly


As the Underground Splitting Shuttle progressed, its pointed end suddenly encountered thin air, facing much less resistive force as it seemed to have pierced through to somewhere.

In what had originally been a pitch black underground world, a large quantity of purple light suddenly appeared, dazzling and eye-catching.


Residing within the Underground Splitting Shuttle, Yan Zhaoge and Ah Hu could hear the incessant buzzing of electricity flowing.

The two blinked momentarily.

Opening their eyes once more, they saw that in the midst of the underground layer of rock actually existed a massive cave.

A little purple light of thunder hovered in mid-air within the empty underground cave.

With it as their centre, bolts of purple lightning were dancing about within the surrounding space incessantly.

On the walls of the cave surfaced numerous indistinct runes, their spiritual qi silent and peaceful.

The runes intermingled, red and white, resembling flames and ice combining.

The two spiritual qis of harsh winter and unbearable heat congregated, guarding the purple light of thunder in their midst, while also preventing the electrical energy within from leaking outwards.

At the same time, cold and hot maintained an equilibrium, not a single bit of coldness or heat dissipating to the outside world.

The brightest purple light of thunder in the middle was shrouded in fog, that resembled a clump of violent thunderclouds.

Within those thunderclouds, a purple orb that was fully the size of a human fist was visible at times whilst obscured at others.

Looking at that orb, Yan Zhaoge snapped his fingers, “It is indeed so.”

Ah Hu stared wide-eyed, “According to the legends, the Sacred Artifact fragment that Old Man Great Sorrow obtained transformed into a purple orb shrouded by lightning, but it was only around the size of an egg.

This one is quite a lot bigger than that ah.”

“Is this the manifestation of another Sacred Artifact fragment”

Yan Zhaoge said, “That’s right.

It was probably that, as a result of the autonomous spirituality of this Sacred Artifact fragment being too strong, Old Man Great Sorrow was hard pressed to take it for himself and wield it despite having found it that year.”

“Thus, he set up this spirit formation, wanting to relying on grinding, slowly refining this Sacred Artifact fragment over time.”

Yan Zhaoge surveyed their surroundings, looking at those numerous spirit patterns of fire and ice intermingling, “Sadly, his longevity reached an end before he was able to completely do so.”

Ah Hu asked whilst stuttering a little, “Young…Young Master, you calculated all of this from the remnant words on Old Man Great Sorrow’s coffin”

Now, he understood why Yan Zhaoge had replicated Old Man Great Sorrow’s spirit formation back in the Underground Splitting Shuttle earlier.

It had been as a guide, making use of the traces left behind by Old Man Great Sorrow to guide the Underground Splitting Shuttle to arrive here.

Yan Zhaoge shrugged, “Since we were riding the Underground Splitting Shuttle and entering deep underground to avoid the pursuit of the blazing fire and lava, we might as well just try it out.”

“Those remnant words of flame left behind on the coffin stayed untouched throughout the ravages of time-from this, it can be seen how intense Old Man Great Sorrow’s regret was that year, almost nearing the point of obsession.”

“To the point that his essence, energy and spirit were condensed so greatly right before he died,” Looking at that purple orb within those thunderclouds, Yan Zhaoge sighed, “We can also be considered as having benefited from this senior’s grace.”

Whether it had been that Sacred Artifact fragment that Lin Zhou had beaten them to or this one right before their eyes, both of them had been slowly refined over time by Old Man Great Sorrow.

Otherwise, let alone Martial Scholars, even a Martial Grandmaster like Old Man Great Sorrow would have been hard pressed to relaxedly grasp and wield it as his own.

Ah Hu grinned, “Young Master, although I haven’t seen the other Sacred Artifact fragment, with reference to the rumours and looking at this fragment right here once more, they should originate from the same Spiritual Artifact.”

Looking at that thundercloud, Yan Zhaoge’s voice was faintly discernible, “That’s right, it’s the same.”

“It’s named the Eye of the Thunder Emperor, and also Thunder Emperor’s Pupil.”

Exiting the Underground Splitting Shuttle, Yan Zhaoge took flight, stepping on the air and approaching that purple orb.

Just as he appeared, crackling noises began to resonate within the surrounding space, before numerous lightning snakes materialised within the air, simultaneously launching an assault!

Neither panicked nor harried, Yan Zhaoge swiped with his fingers within the air, tracing out numerous spirit patterns.

His aura-qi formed spirit patterns, which remained within the air, not dissipating for a long time.

The surrounding spiritual qi instantly pulsed, leading the numerous spirit patterns of fire and ice that intermingled on the surrounding stone walls to suddenly glow brightly.

A great amount of radiance emanated, intercrossing in mid-air.

Touched by this radiance, the numerous lightning bolts that had originally been chopping towards Yan Zhaoge instantly calmed down once more, taking the form of scattered bits of electricity as they dissipated within the air.

Walking on the air, Yan Zhaoge arrived at the boundary of the thunderclouds.

After observing carefully and feeling the flow of spiritual qi within for a moment, Yan Zhaoge directly extended his hands to touch the thunderclouds.

The intermingling spirit patterns of ice and fire on the surrounding stone walls shone as numerous streaks of red and also white light landed on Yan Zhaoge’s body.

At the same time, a huge amount of purplish-blue electricity also sped out from within the thunderclouds, moving about unceasingly on the surface of Yan Zhaoge’s body.

Seeing how Yan Zhaoge had been enveloped by lightning, the Ah Hu within the Underground Splitting Shuttle was extremely nervous.

The next moment, the thunderclouds abruptly swelled, nearly swallowing Yan Zhaoge whole before suddenly retreating once more.

The numerous lightning bolts were all absorbed within the purple orb, which, with a ‘weng’ sound, now transformed into a dazzling bolt of lightning, shooting into the skies!

The spirit patterns on the surrounding walls dimmed simultaneously, no longer able to suppress the orb that was the manifestation of a fragment of the Eye of the Thunder Emperor.

In the form of a bolt of lightning, the orb directly pierced through the layer of rock, escaping far away.

Completely unharmed, Yan Zhaoge instead smiled as he leapt back within the Undergrounds Splitting Shuttle, “We chase!”

The Underground Splitting Shuttle set off once more, swiftly breaking apart the rock layer as they pursued in the direction in which the lightning bolt had vanished.

And at the same time, the Lin Zhou who had just exited Old Man Great Sorrow’s tomb, with a somewhat mocking smile on his face, was currently looking over the group of black-clothed martial practitioners of Yan Zhaoge’s whom he had left guarding the outside.

Then, without their knowing, neither panicked nor harried, Lin Zhou left the group of mountains where the tomb was located.

Having successfully obtained the treasure as planned as well as had some unexpected gains, Lin Zhou was really in quite a good mood.

But he had not gone far when, his face suddenly changed!

The baggage which he used to store treasures vibrated intensely.

The next moment, a purple bolt of lightning directly ripped apart that baggage, shooting away!

It was, shockingly, that fragment of the Eye of the Thunder Emperor which he had obtained from Old Man Great Sorrow’s tomb!

Letting out rumbling thunder noises, the smooth purple orb the size of an egg, was about to escape into the distance!

Sucking in a deep breath, Lin Zhou lifted his hands and threw out a massive dark red net.

The net grew as it flew through the air, instantly expanding to the point where it looked to obscure the heavens and cover the earth, causing the entire sky to be painted a dark shade of red.

The escaping fragment of the Eye of the Thunder Emperor slammed headlong into the massive dark red net, and was caught.

Watching the trembling red net, Lin Zhou’s gaze flickered unceasingly, “This phenomenon, if it isn’t from the summoning of the Sacred Artifact’s previous owner, it must be that there is another, even stronger Sacred Artifact fragment of the same kind in the vicinity, suddenly experiencing a change to its state, thus attempting to draw my fragment over!”

The Sacred Artifact having already broken into fragments, its owner being long dead, the first possibility could be eliminated.

That left only a single possibility, which was that there was still a second, even stronger Sacred Artifact fragment in the vicinity!

Fiery hope welled up within Lin Zhou’s heart, yet a faint ominous feeling was also present.

Not waiting for him to breathe out a sigh of relief, the Sacred Artifact fragment, exploding with the dazzling glow of lightning, actually forcibly dragged the red net along with itself as it shot off into the distance.

A duck that had already been cooked, that had already entered the mouth, actually regained its ability to fly again-Lin Zhou nearly spat out a mouthful of blood.


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