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Chapter 1441: Prime Clear Dormant Formation

Within a foreign environment filled with danger, a lone man and woman could very possibly rely on each other and thus admire each other, especially when both their background and age are similar.

No matter what kinds of weals and woes they experience, or even some near-death experiences, Yan Zhaoge felt that their bonds could easily turn into something else.

Nie Jingshen was Yan Xintangs great-disciple.

Yu Ye was the grandchildren of Long Xingquan and Gao Qingxuan.

Within their respective martial arts lineage, the two were the most exceptional successors.

In fact, during their growth, their viewpoints might even be influenced by their seniors.

However, this didnt imply that their fate would be the same as their seniors.

Both Nie Jingshen and Yu Ye had many points which they admire in each other.

Of course, they hadnt sprouted any feelings of ambiguity as of now.

The so-called “Transition from duels into marriage” was merely a jest Yan Zhaoge quoted.

Before this, he had never thought in such a direction before.

However, the current situation was way too appropriate.

It was so appropriate that no one would feel that anything was out of place, no matter what would happen.

“Others transition from war into peace, while we transition into marriage instead.

Some things truly cant be speculated based on past events.” Yan Zhaoge muttered, “While Feng Yunsheng and I never had any grudges before, strictly speaking, she was of the Great Sun Sect.

Since I sided with the Eight Extremities Worlds Broad Creed Mountain, she shouldve been counted as my foe…”

While the looks of dejection appeared on his face, Yan Zhaoge was speaking his inner thoughts.

He was thinking this through.

Especially after the Vine Sovereigns perishment, he felt that his future had been filled with uncertainties.

“If things truly happened like what you said, I wont interfere with the youths affairs.” Yue Zhenbei sternly said, “However, as for Li Zitengs perishment…”

Yan Zhaoge, Yan Di, and Yue Zhenbei looked at each other; they were at a loss for words.

“Maybe Im looking too deep into this, and senior apprentice-brother Nie and senior apprentice-sister Yu will safely return unscathed.” Yan Zhaoge mumbled in the end.

Yue Zhenbei didnt add anything, but Yan Di said, “At the very least, I hope that nothing happens to them.”

Yan Zhaoges gaze swept across the distant pitch-black void and softly said, “Yeah.

Hopefully, theyll return unscathed.”

“Where is this place”

When Nie Jingshen finally escaped from the spatial distortion, a weird scenery filled his eyes.

Amidst the yellow mist, he couldnt even see the silhouette of his fingers.

Being placed within, he felt a deep sense of uneasiness.

Nie Jingshen had already pushed open the Immortal Door.

Yet, even with his firm resolution, he still felt an intense chill down his spine, causing his flesh to pulsate.

After stabilizing his mental self, Nie Jingshen turned around to look at Yu Ye.

Contrary to him, Yu Ye seemed much more relaxed.

Their difference in strength didnt cause such a difference.

Instead, it was due to the Prime Clear sword intent stemming from Yu Yes body.

Within the yellow mist, her sword intent was freely moving about, causing the influence of the mist to weaken.

Nie Jingshen started contemplating upon noticing her state.

However, very quickly, he came back to his senses.

Then, he said, “Junior apprentice-sister Yu, dont worry.

The Vine Sovereign will be safe and sound.”

Being enveloped within the yellow mist, Yu Ye was much more relaxed compared to Nie Jingshen.

However, her expression became stern, with sorrows vaguely imbued within.

Before the blackhole devoured her, she witnessed everything.

She witnessed how the Sword Sovereign – Yue Zhenbei attempted to save the Vine Sovereign, yet his efforts were no avail.

To break out of the Blood Star Devil Monarchs imprisonment, the Vine Sovereign had already paid an enormous price beforehand, causing severe injuries upon her.

Yu Ye had personally experienced the fracturing mightiness that comes along with a spatial dimension being torn apart.

With how gravely injured the Vine Sovereign was, only one fate awaited her if she entered the blackhole – death.

When she aroused her remaining strength and slapped away Yue Zhenbeis hand, it was no different from her committing suicide.

How could Ye Yus heart not be torn apart by that

Now that she started thinking back to what had happened, while she was distraught, she had no way of knowing the results,

She wanted to quickly locate the Vine Sovereign – Li Ying and the Sword Sovereign – Yue Zhenbei.

Yet, due to the yellow mists disruption, she couldnt differentiate her directions, making it difficult for her to advance.

“Grandmother already had her older injuries holding her back.

With her new ones, if she truly entered the blackhole, I dare not imagine what happened after.” Even after hearing Nie Jingshens words of consolation, Yu Ye continued in anguish.

However, after a while, she said, “Ive witnessed it earlier on how noble the Sword Sovereign was.

He set aside their grudges and did his best to save my grandmother.

I witnessed all of these with very own eyes, and Im truly grateful for it.”

“Its just that… Ugh, I never expected grandmother to…”

She patted her forehead in distress, “No, I shouldve thought of that, with how strong of a temperament she has.

Only, I never knew that she hated the Sword Sovereign this much.”

“Its useless to overthink about it.” Nie Jingshen said, “Lets quickly find a way back.

Only with that can we confirm the safety of the Vine Sovereign.”

Yu Ye took a deep breath, “Right.”

“Weve entered a spatial distortion and were hurled into a formation.” She looked at the yellow mists surrounding her, “This seems to be the product of one of my Prime Clear lineages bigwig experts.

Only, Im not sure of who created it.”

Upon taking a closer look, she frowned, “The formation is dead silent.

It hasnt been activated yet.”

Due to her obsession with martial arts, as well as her Heaven Containing Purified Soul, she wouldve entered her dreamy state if she was her usual self.

However, her concern was now entirely on the Vine Sovereigns safety.

Her concentration was in a jumble.

“Can you tell what formation this is” asked Nie Jingshen.

Yu Ye shook her head, “When a formation is in its slumber state, no formation patterns would be shown, nor will there be any fluctuations of spirit qi.

Its outer appearance would appear to be vague as well.

Just by looking like this, I really cant tell what it is.”

She looked at her surroundings.

“However, the bigwig expert that laid this formation had cultivation that far surpasses yours and mine.

Its truly fortunate that this formation is in its dormant state.

Otherwise, once its activated, we might even lose our lives.”

The two looked at each other and smiled bitterly.

“I thought of someone.

If only he were here, we wouldnt have to worry anymore,” said Nie Jingshen first.

Yu Ye sighed, “I also thought of someone.

I feel like you, and I had the same person in mind.”

The two laughed and shook their heads.

Then, their expressions became stern once again.

No hints of dejections could be seen from them, only their firm resoluteness.

They concentrated and attempted to advance within the yellow mist, intending to find their way out.

Yu Ye, who was of the Prime Clear origins, walked in front.

The two started moving forward bit by bit.

Being disrupted by the twos sword intent and Immortal qi, the yellow mist happened to catch some reactions.

While no changes happened to the formation, the vast field of mists automatically started their counter-attacks, imposing more pressure on the two.

However, after feeling the yellow mists that became more active, Yu Ye started studying the faint formation marks.

Such was the convenience of being of the same Prime Clear lineage.

She even vaguely came in contact with the lingering martial true intent coming from the person who laid down this formation.

“This…” Yu Ye stopped her advancement and widened her eyes, “This place is…”

“Of what origins” Nie Jingshen calmly asked, “While many Prime Clear formations were lost, there arent many which you cant discern.

Using this logic, there can only be a few.”

Yu Ye turned towards him and said word by word.

“Its the Lord of Plentiful Treasure!”

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