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The giant dark-red sword pierced through the void, instantly traversing through layers of space.

After a while, it stopped by a universe.

As if a lunar eclipse had just ended, and the extreme yin resurfaced, brilliance suddenly appeared by the gloomy universe.

The Exalted Lunar Luminary – Ling Qing appeared from within.

She then looked at the dark-red sword with a surprised look.

The sword-light suddenly vanished, leaving behind the appearance of a huge flying vessel.

“This isnt the Wind Riding Heavenly Vessel.” Ling Qing analyzed it, “Instead, it looks like an improved version of the Heavenly Courts Divine Palaces Heavenly River Vessel.”

While thinking about it, she boarded the colossal vessel.

Upon boarding it, dark-red sword-lights resurfaced once again, enveloping the entire divine vessel within.

Then, it regained its initial sword form and pierced through the void, instantly disappearing without a trace left behind.

On the vessel, Yan Zhaoge was sitting in a lotus position.

He nodded as a form of courtesy, “Youve worked hard, Exalted Lunar Luminary.”

“This is your fellow disciple The Earth Devils reincarnation physique” Ling Qing looked towards the clump of light floating between Yan Zhaoges hands and looked at the silhouette within.

“Thats right.

Please take care of him later on,” said Yan Zhaoge.

A dense and malicious threatening aura emitted from within.

After leaving the Pill Hall, they were gradually unable to prevent the Earth Devils reincarnation.

He was about to undergo the process of reincarnation soon.

“I will try my best.” Ling Qing nodded lightly.

Yan Zhaoge took out the genealogy bestowed by the Southern Extremity Longevity Emperor and waved his hand upwards.

The dark-red sword continued traversing spaces without any signs of stopping.

Countless bolts of lightning surged from the genealogy.

They remained undissipated and hid within the sword-light as if they were a piece of mirror.

Finally, Yan Zhaoge stood up and entered the cabin along with the clump of light.

Gao Qingxuan continued standing by the deck, with Feng Yunsheng, Yan Di, and Long Xingquan by her side.

The others followed after Yan Zhaoge and entered the cabin.

There was an anechoic chamber within the cabin.

Only a pool of water existed within the chamber.

Yan Zhaoge carefully sunk the rampaging clump of light deep into the pool.

Ripples appeared by the pool water.

The water surface dropped quickly as if it was being sucked dry by the ocher-colored radiance.

Very quickly, a stalk of sapling sprouted.

It grew speedily and instantly gained a straight trunk with lush foliage.

The green tree took root by the bottom of the pool.

The pool water gradually dried up, while the clump of light had also vanished.

Only, by the roots, one could still vaguely see an ocher-colored radiance flickering.

Yan Zhaoge continued writing all kinds of runes, forming numerous formations which surrounded the newly-sprouted tree.

He was already assisting Shi Jun and the others in dealing with the Earth Devil, as well as the subordinate Devil, who were both undergoing reincarnation.

“Seems like the Exalted Solar Luminary isnt free.” Yan Zhaoge casually mentioned as he continued his actions according to his plans.

Ling Qings gaze remained calm.

She calmly answered, “He only told me that he was busy.

I have no prior knowledge of what hes doing now.”

Yan Zhaoge nodded.

He sat in a lotus position and started at the trunk, “The Nine Underworlds Devils should be arriving soon.”

Currently, the group of Devils was indeed on the verge of making a move by the void.

To save the Water Devil and the Earth Devil, countless top-notch Great Devils had left the Nine Underworlds, with devilish flames encompassing the entire cosmos.

However, after receiving the joint-attack by the Daoists, the Buddhists, and the Demon Race, the Devils couldnt withstand it anymore, even with their abundance of Great Devil experts.

After the Water Devil had perished again, the Daoism experts didnt continue pressing further, which gave the Nine Underworlds room for relaxation.

However, other forces took advantage of the Devils sorry state and brought colossal pressure upon the Devils group.

Even the most top-notch Devil Lord had to be careful when making his move.

If he wasnt careful enough, he might get himself stuck in a besiegement.

In contrast, the Daoisms Grand Heavenly Immortals were having a much easier time, as they only had to be wary of the Great Devils.

With the Earth Devil at his reincarnation phase, they couldnt simply make a move anymore.

However, upon sensing that the Earth Devil was undergoing reincarnation, other Devils anger was immediately incited.

The Great Devils who werent entrapped by others started making their moves.

Within the voids boundless outskirts, an old man silently stood by the side of a star, gazing at a distant location.

Beneath his feet was a long shadow projected by the starlight behind him.

Such a shadow looked so superficial when projected upon the empty void.

Yet, it still existed.

“Its… moving” From the shadow, a voice resounded.

The old man nodded, “Indeed, its moving.

To those beneath the Grand Heavenly Realm, its scurrying fast.”

“Even without the Domain of Thousand Scales and that queer ritual, they still dont plan to reveal the location of the Pill Hall.

So, while discarding geographical advantage, theyre planning on dealing with us while moving” A voice resounded from the shadow.

“If we cant shake off our opponents, we wont be able to capture them.” The old man smiled, “Let the underlings go.

If they arent quick enough, they would be unable to chase after them and can only resort to besiegement.”

“That new Grand Heavenly Immortal of the orthodox Daoism, Suo Mingzhang, is like a counter specifically designed for you.

If not, you wouldve had other ways.”

Hearing the old mans words, the shadow remained silent for a while.

Then, he said, “Without that thing hindering us now, you should be able to deal with them and assist the Earth Devil, right”


Ive already tried it beforehand.” The old man shook his head, “This should be the work of the Southern Extremity Longevity Emperor.

He left the battle to protect the youngsters of Daoism.”

With the three forces working together, the Nine Underworlds could only feel restraint from such pressure.

They werent able to juke their opponents.

In contrast, the Southern Extremity Longevity Emperor had a lot more freedom.

He could withdraw from the battle and protect others from the Primordial Heart Devils ubiquitous infestation.

“Hoho, its here again.” The old man looked towards the faraway void.

There, the dark starry skies suddenly became brilliant.

Various vigorous auras were gathered there.

The chanting of Buddhist scriptures and the Great Demons bellow intertwined together.

While both sides were still wary of each other, their main focus was placed on the old man and the shadow.

The shadow gradually diminished and disappeared.

The old man flew backward into the star, disappearing by the stars sea of fiery flames as well.

However, the horrifying devilish qi which shook the universe was set ablaze, forcing their enemies into a disadvantageous position.

A fight broke out once again between the two sides.

On the other side, Yan Zhaoge and the others were riding by the divine vessel, which transformed into a vast dark-red sword.

It pierced through the void, continuously traversing through different kinds of universes.

Gao Qingxuan, situated by the deck, raised her head to look at the mirror formed by the lightning.

At this moment, the mirror was flickering non-stop.

As if invisible lightning were raining down one after another.

There werent any warnings nor any reasons.

In fact, there was no way to trace its origins.

There seemed to be an endless stream of specters spawning by the vessel.

However, before they could fully spawn, they were smitten to bits by the invisible lightning.

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