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The massive divine vessel enveloped in a dark-red sword-light traversed through the universe and soared through various kinds of nebulas without stopping.

Without the protection of the Domain of Thousand Scales and the Chaotic Heavenly Devil Slaying Ritual, the ubiquitous phantom form of the Heart Devil could still infiltrate the vessel and do what its best at doing.

Yan Zhaoge and the others could feel their heart wavering slightly, along with their mental state undergoing undulation.

The yellow clump of radiance situated by the roots of the green tree sparkled even more brilliantly.

Those present on the vessel calmed their mental state down as they sternly paid attention to the clump of radiance.

Just by closing in or remaining by its surroundings, one could already feel the presence of the Heart Devil.

Naturally, things were much worse for Xu Fei, Shi Jun, and Ying Yuzhen within the clump of light.

While the Primordial Heart Devil hadnt arrived personally, he still had a way of assisting the Earth Devils reincarnation.

However, just as everyone felt the signs of the Heart Devils emergence, a thunderous roar resounded by their ears.

While the sound of thunder was present, no signs of lightning could be seen.

However, as long as the thunderous explosion resounded, the Heart Devil would disappear with a “snap.”

The formless thunder resounded from the bottom of their hearts originated from the lightning mirror hovering over the vessel.

It belonged to the Southern Extremity Longevity Emperor.

Just like the Heart Devil, he wasnt present personally.

However, with his almighty techniques, he started combating against the Primordial Heart Devil.

The Primordial Heart Devil still had to deal with other Grand Heavenly experts attacks.

Moreover, he wasnt in the right state as well.

As such, even in his field of expertise, he couldnt show off his proficiency.

After hearing the thunderous explosion, everyone present could recover their former calm after a little conditioning.

Without the need to be on guard against the Heart Devil, everyone could focus on dealing with the upcoming disaster – the Earth Devils reincarnation.

Yan Zhaoge continuously wrote runes after runes in thin air, which then landed by the giant trees bark.

Ling Qing, Long Xingquan, Daoist Cloud Conquest, and the others stood by the trees surroundings.

By following Yan Zhaoges behest, they manifested one rune after another, reinforcing the formations laid down around the tree.

With external assistance, Shi Jun formed a hand seal with one hand while the other hand was pressed between his brows.

Ocher-colored streams of lights continuously gushed out from the crack by his forehead.

By the opposite of him, his mother – Ying Yuzhens body had already broken out of the ice coffin and hovered vertically in the air.

Suddenly, she widened her eyes.

Only, she still had yet to awake from her slumber.

The ocher-colored radiances took over her eye sockets, emitting dense feelings of emotionless ice-coldness.

She opened her mouth as if she was about to say something.

Shi Jun stared at his mothers face.

Awakening his mother had always been his goal.

However, now wasnt the moment!

Before she spoke, Shi Jun tapped the air according to how Yan Zhaoge taught him to.

Then, a turquoise strand of light advanced, entering the crack between Ying Yuzhens brows.

Being placed between the two, the strand of turquoise light became more extensive and thicker, resembling a knot.

The light spots continued expanding, ultimately turning into a clump of light.

The appearance of the vast tree outside was projected within the clump of light.

Then, Shi Jun raised his hands in unison and clasped them together while also letting out a soft groan.

Following his actions, the ocher-colored devilish radiance gushing out of the twos forehead started converging at one point.

They followed after the turquoise strand of light and converged by the center of the radiance clump.

As the devilish ocher lights converged, the tree projected within the clump of light gradually started withering.

However, the two Great Devils who intended on reincarnating let out a ferocious roar and underwent a violent struggle.

The stand of turquoise light vibrated as if it was about to snap.

Without the Domain of Thousand Scales and the Chaotic Heavenly Devil Slaying Formation, a human would be facing gargantuan difficulties when dealing with Great Devils of their level.

Suddenly, Xu Fei, who had been remaining quiet, lifted his finger from afar.

The Earth Splitting Pearls spiritual energy received his behest and transformed into chains of light streaks.

Then, the chains spurted from all directions, constraining Shi Jun and Ying Yuzhen.

Being constrained by the chains, both Great Devils bellows became softer.

The turquoise strand of light regained its balance as well.

The ritual started being operated.

Rays of devilish radiances and devilish intents were extracted to the light sphere hanging in mid-air.

Outside, the tree which Yan Zhaoges group surrounded also started wilting.

Upon seeing this happening, everyone became joyous, and their worries lessened.

Yan Zhaoge remained his composed self and hastened his actions.

More and more runes flew out from his fingertips.

While the runes shrunk in size, they became much more profound and intricate.

A dense amount of runes landed upon the tree.

This time, they werent engraved by the tree bark alone.

Instead, they landed on the tree leaves as well.

A rune landed on each piece of leaves.

Under these runes reinforcement, the tree about to wilt suddenly stopped wilting, as if it was about to turn lush green once again.

With Shi Jun and Xu Feis diligent work, the trees signs of wilting became more and more intense.

However, with the assistance of Yan Zhaoge and the others from outside, the speed of wilting was significantly decreased.

It could bear to receive more pressure and last even longer.

With how matters developed, everyone felt excited.

As long as it could hold on until the devilish intents were extracted, that would imply their victory.

With their opponents path to reincarnation being cut off, the Devils would be rendered powerless to do anything.

As of now, their plan had only succeeded by half.

The other half depended on whether they could withstand the pressure from the other side.

The dark-red sword traversed through the universe, speedily soaring through the nebula.

As they passed through a particular universe, encompassing Devilish qi were suddenly emitted, with malicious intents birthing.

The ruthless figure of a Great Devil emerged from the dark roving mists.

Without any hints of fear, he lunged towards the giant dark-red sword in an attempt to hinder its path.

However, the humongous dark-red majestic sword-light was far too fast.

With only a flicker, it already passed through the Great Devils blockage.

The sword-light had no intentions of counter-attacking.

Instead, it continued advancing, instantly disappearing by the universe.

The Great Devil was unwilling to surrender just like that.

As such, he quickly chased after the sword-light.

However, no matter how hard he tried, the gap between the two only grew larger and larger!

In the end, the sword-light disappeared without a trace, ultimately leaving the Great Devil behind.

Yan Zhaoge, Feng Yunsheng, Yan Di, and the others were all conditioning themselves, giving the Nine Underworlds sufficient time to move troops around.

While the Nine Underworlds were being restricted as a whole, and the Grand Heavenly Realm Devil Lords like the Primordial Heart Devil and the Wood Devil had no way of escaping their enemies attacks, other Infernal Devils were continuously leaving the Nine Underworlds.

By scattering around, they managed to gather quite a number of troops, who were all coming for the Earth Devil.

However, if ones cultivation wasnt in the Grand Heavenly Realm, they could hardly chase up against the dark-red sword-light.

There were two reasons as to why Gao Qingxuan was handling the maneuvering of the vessel.

Firstly, she was in the Virtual Immortal Realm.

Secondly, her Immortal Trapping Sword Manual was capable of piercing through the void.

Under her reinforcement, the divine vessels speed when moving forward was so quick that most Great Devils were only left with frustration.

The dark-red sword-light hovered through the universe without stopping.

Using its advantage in speed, it broke through seals after seals, leaving behind the Great Devils, who could only whine helplessly.

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