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Chapter 1447: Soaring About, Leaving All Enemies Behind!

With the Immortal Trapping Swords capabilities of piercing through space, its movement speed had already hit a whole new level of swiftness.

Although Gao Qingxuan had only entered the Virtual Immortal Realm not long ago, she had her clone with her.

Using the Dual Swordplay, they simultaneously cast the Immortal Trapping Sword Manual together, increasing the vessels efficiency and speed.

Initially, if she were to carry others along, her speed could very possibly be dragged down by others.

Similarly, it wasnt beneficial for the devilish intent extraction, as she would undoubtedly interrupt the ritual.

However, Yan Zhaoge remodeled the Heavenly River Vessel, relinquishing many of its original abilities and enhanced a few of its features.

As a result, a special kind of divine vessel was created.

If an Immortal Realm expert focused solely on maneuvering this vessel, they could enhance the divine vessel, causing its speed to increase tremendously.

With the enormous divine vessel, not only could she carry Shi Jun, Xu Fei, and Ying Yuzhen along, there wouldnt be any issues bringing along Yan Zhaoge and the others as well.

Gao Qingxuans speed when soaring with her sword-light was already breakneck.

With the dark-red sword-light, she had already reached the peak of speed, seemingly unprecedented among all other Grand Virtual Immortals.

The Grand Heavenly Realm experts were all holding each other back.

Without these experts interference, their advantage in speed being increasingly jarring.

The giant dark-red sword soared and spun around, continually shifting away from their enemies, avoiding everyone they came across.

The Great Devils werent the only ones blocking their path.

Buddhist chantings resounded throughout the universe and encompassing Demonic clouds filled the surrounding universes.

Even Buddhist and Demon Race experts had joined the fray and attempted to stop Yan Zhaoges group in their path.

Initially, they moved whenever they heard the vessels movements.

However, everyone was only left with disappointment.

The Demon Races Great Sage – the Roc of Thousand Cloudy Miles was feared by many others, including even other Grand Heavenly Realm experts, due to his supersonic speed.

He could turn the tides of battles in just an instant.

At this moment, the group of experts surrounding the dark-red sword bore the same feeling they had when facing the Roc of Thousand Cloudy Miles.

Time passed as the game of cat and mouse continued.

Using their advantage in speed, Yan Zhaoge and the others managed to acquire more time and space.

As the passage of time flowed and the dark-red sword was soaring through the void, the suppression of the Earth Devil was undergoing as well.

The Nine Underworld Devils chasing after the darting vessel could sense the weakening of the Earth Devils devilish intent.

Many foreshadowings implied that the Earth Devil could be very well following after the Water Devils footsteps.

It caused the group of Great Devils to become anxious and furious.

The Demon Race bigwigs and the Buddhist experts werent as anxious as the Nine Underworlds Infernal Devils.

Compared to the residues of Daoism, their utmost priority was to prevent the Earth Devils reincarnation.

However, stopping Yan Zhaoges groups advancement was also their intention.

With a laxer treatment from the Demon Race and the Buddhists, the Nine Underworlds had more leeway in planning their placements.

As a result, more and more Infernal Devils managed to group up with each other.

With that, they managed to predict Yan Zhaoges groups general location and lay down their besiegement in advance.

Then, they slowly closed in, attempting to constrain the giant dark-red swords area of freedom.

Even if they shook off by the dark-red sword-light, they could still cooperate and shift their locations.

Utilizing the time others used to block Yan Zhaoges group, the other Devils reformed their besiegement, ultimately becoming a group of relentless Devils.

The flying vessel shifted once again, breaking through another layer of the cosmic space.

However, more than one Great Devil was already awaiting their arrival.

The roving Devilish qi connected, manifesting a devilish domain resembling the descent of the Nine Underworlds.

The domain sealed the entire space, blocking any possible methods of advancement.

Facing such a blockage, the dark-red sword-light would have a hard time breaking through it.

Through refurbishment, the divine vessel could cooperate well with Gao Qingxuans speed.

However, it still wasnt proficient in displaying Gao Qingxuans sword-intent filled with her honed killing intent.

If she were to display its might, the vessels speed would decrease.

If she slowed down, her enemies would immediately surround her.

By then, it would already be challenging to accelerate.

As such, the dark-red sword-light had never clashed against any opponents at all.

Most of the time, it was focused on escaping with full-speed ahead.

The Devils had also been interacting with Yan Zhaoge and the others for quite some time.

Gradually, they begin realizing that as long as they banded together, they could halt the dark-red sword-lights advancement.

However, Gao Qingxuan remained her composed self.

The giant dark-red sword continued soaring forward.

It flickered mid-air and continued dashing forward.

As the red light flickered, the ethereal dark-red sword suddenly attacked one of the Great Devils present.

It was a Devil Monarch on par with Daoisms Virtual Immortal.

Due to its extreme speed, the Devil Monarch was instantly face-to-face against the sword-lights attack.

The Devil Monarch kept his calm and coldly stared at the dark-red sword-light without retreating.

Just like how a mountain stood its ground against a flood, he was about to go head-on against the attack.

Currently, no one else could help him.

He could only rely on himself to fend off against the attack.

However, he had sufficient confidence to withstand the attack and force Yan Zhaoges group to stop here!

Boundless Devilish qi converged, turning into a sea of darkness, and prepared to receive the attack, which exceeded the concept of time.

However, all of a sudden, the dark-red sword-edge was imbued with a layer of faint-purple radiance.

The purple radiance flickered, bringing about the sword of great dao, which bore unobstructed momentum.

It opened the heavens, split the earth, leaped towards the future, and ended history itself!

The horrifying flood of momentum embedded with the transformation of creation came crashing upon the Great Devil!

The intent of an era breaking away from its matured shell caused the giant dark-red sword to slash through the dark Devilish sea!

The Devil Monarch groaned.

As the purple lights flickered, his Devilish Aura experienced signs of stagnation.

While it didnt harm his body which had achieved the Five Qis Unification, he didnt have any more confidence in facing the dark-red sword any longer.

Thus, he was forced into retreat.

The giant dark-red sword brushed past him and audaciously dashed through the gap created by him.

It came out of the devilish domain, undergone a spatial shift, and instantly flew into a different universe.

Gao Qingxuan remained her usual self as she continued maneuvering forward.

By the bow of the ship, Yan Di stood there pridefully.

The invisible blade formed by the Grand Illusory Spatial Thunder pointed forward, his unobstructed momentum fused with Gao Qingxuans sword-light.

The dark-red sword continued soaring through the vast and boundless voids outskirts, dodging through one opponent after another.

However, as more and more Devils gathered, someone could finally catch up with the dark-red swords speed.

That Devil Monarch was someone specialized in speed.

Taking the form of smog, his speed didnt pale in comparison to the Golden-Winged Great Roc!

The Great Devil tightly followed after the sword-light.

Whenever the sword-light required breaking through a particular barricade, its movement speed would decrease slightly.

Whenever such an occasion happened, the smog-like Great Devil would inch closer to them!

Finally, he managed to catch up with the enormous dark-red sword and instantly wreathed around the sword-light!

However, all of a sudden, the dark-red swords hilt turned black!

Blue-black devilish flames scorched about, bringing about the end of a timeline, ending the world thoroughly.

The black flames formed a gaping gulf, instantly stopping the smog-like Great Devil from his chase!

The ruthless saber-intent swung about, clashing against the Devil Monarch.

As a result, the Devil Monarchs body went numb, forcing him to remain on the spot.

The dark-red sword-light flickered and instantly disappeared without a trace.

Their enemies efforts to chase after them had all been in vain.

Standing quietly by the ships stern, Feng Yunsheng, clad in snow-white, held her black saber upended.

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