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Chapter 1450: Sending the Maiden to the West

Someone of the Grand Heavenly Realm exists eternally along with space itself.

That was why there was this saying, “Heavenly Immortals Grand Physique, An Everlasting and Unbounded Existence.”

So many subtle marvellousness were contained within.

There were other famous sayings like “cultivating together with the world” or “remaining extant as long as the word prevails.” For those beneath the Grand Heavenly Realm, most Grand Heavenly Immortals seemed to be ubiquitous existences.

They seemed to fathom that Grand Heavenly Immortals could jump through the passage of time, painting them with a shade of obscureness.

Which was why theres the saying, “Escaping the cycle of samsara, escaping the restraints of mortal affairs.”

With the Dao Realm bigwigs keeping the Grand Heavenly Realm experts in check, most of their marvellousness would only be displayed occasionally.

Being in the Dao Realm, one would become Dao itself.

Meanwhile, someone of the Grand Heavenly Realm would be an existence closest to the Dao itself.

Under certain circumstances, they could even be equal to the Dao or even surpass the Dao, producing various other instructable wonders incomprehensible by others.

However, as a result, they would be significantly affected by the Dao.

Or, one could even say that they suffered much greater restraint from the Dao.

The profundities contained within were beyond profound.

Just like how Grand Virtual Realm experts could cancel out each others sonorous voice of the great dao.

If Grand Heavenly Realm experts fought against each other, they would be capable of canceling out each others instructable wonders.

For example, profundities exceeded the concept of space.

The main reason why many others feared the Demon Race Great Sage – the Roc of Ten Thousand Cloudy Miles was that he was extremely close to being a ubiquitous existence among all other Grand Heavenly Realm experts.

It was as if he resided by all sorts of instructable wonders of creation.

As such, based on ones intuition, he seemed far “faster” than a majority of other Grand Heavenly Realm experts.

The Roc of Ten Thousand Cloudy Miles aside, many other top-notch bigwigs had their field of expertise, which made them far stronger than other Grand Heavenly Realm experts in a specific area.

As a result, they seemed jarringly stronger, becoming legendary figures who left glamorous tales to be told.

For example, the prestigious Peacock Great Sage – Kong Xuan, whose name was well renowned during the Ancient Investitures of the Gods era.

With his Five-Colored Divine Radiance, he prevailed as a sanctimonious existence during that era.

Even when fighting against other Grand Heavenly Realm opponents, one move was sufficient in overpowering his opponents.

When accounting in all the experts since the dawn of time, when comparing each others cultivation, old Peacocks cultivation would be listed among the top three ranks.

Of course, those of the Dao Realm wouldnt be included among the rankings.

It was merely the comparison between Grand Heavenly Realm experts.

Under most circumstances, those beneath the Grand Heavenly Realm wouldnt dare look, speak of, describe, or fathom those in the Grand Heavenly Realm.

When someone of the Grand Heavenly Realm descends, ordinary people would only witness a queer phenomenon blotting the skies and were incapable of making out the experts true appearance.

When the Water Devil was undergoing reincarnation, and the Devil Lord descended, he manifested a devilish domain that resembled the Nine Underworlds itself.

When the Nine-Headed Bug arrived, the entire skies cracked, with white lights shining everywhere.

As Feng Yunsheng fought against them, she lowered their marvelousness to a certain degree and finally made them present themselves, becoming a part of reality.

Now, when the Buddha struck the dark-red sword, everyone on board the vessel finally made out his appearance.

It was the Victorious Fighting Buddha!

Initially, he resided in the central Blessed Lands of Saha.

During the Middle era, he joined the Western Pure Lands and secluded himself within.

Now, he finally re-emerged along with other Buddhas.

After his appearance, he didnt waste any time and released another palm strike.

Funnily speaking, the enormous dark-red sword capable of speedily shifting through space and leaving all enemies behind couldnt even escape the Buddhas palm attack.

It wasnt because Gao Qingxuans group had “slowed” down.

Instead, he was merely much “faster”!

Or, it should be said that no matter where the giant dark-red sword shifted, the Buddhas palm seemed to be waiting for them there.

As a result, the definition of speed lost its meaning.

As the two clashed, the dark-red sword-light instantly dissipated.

While Yan Di and the others intended to assist her, all their efforts were to no avail.

The two sides disparity in cultivation was far too massive.

To a Grand Heavenly Realms Immortal Splendour, a Profound Immortals Immortal Aura was so insignificant.

It was even deemed as negligible.

Among everyone present, only Feng Yunsheng and Ling Qing could assist Gao Qingxuan.

Only, they couldnt hope to win over the Victorious Fighting Buddhas mightiness.

Feng Yunsheng decided to temporarily let go of all her worries and only paid attention to the current situation.

Blue-black devilish flames instantly arose from her eyes, allowing her to keep the enormous vessel intact.

Only, with this, the flames within her eyes surged rageously, rampaging about with an ice-cold attitude, as if she was gradually losing all sorts of human emotions,

“Namo Amitabha.”

A Buddhists chanting resounded within the void, “Obenevolent Buddha, how couldst thee bear to stomach Doomsdays descent”

“If you didnt come here, this wouldnt have happened,” answered Feng Yunsheng coldly.

The black radiance flashed continuously, with two ethereal flashes of brilliance hanging atop her head.

After the previous battle with the Water Devil, she went all out for far too long.

While she wasnt tired out, her state of mind was close to going haywire.

If she went all-out once more, the devilish intent within her would merely grow even vigorously.

However, if push comes to shove, she wouldnt hesitate to participate in the battle.

“I am hither to send thee to the West.” The Buddha sitting atop the green lotus remained calm and unfazed, keeping his stern appearance intact.

He widened his arms and clasped them together by the center.

The ceaseless Buddha light transformed into a Womb Realm shining with infinite brilliance, entrapping Feng Yunsheng within.

The Buddhist chantings resounded without stop, yet feelings of joyousness budded within her heart.

Being entrapped within the Womb Realm, her desire to let go of her saber and indulge herself with the tranquility was about to overwhelm her.

While the Victorious Fighting Buddha was attempting to illuminate Feng Yunsheng, he sealed off her potential of challenging the Origin Heavenly Tribulation.

Otherwise, if Feng Yunsheng remained stubborn and ascended to the Grand Heavenly Realm right here, the Victorious Fighting Buddha would have no choice but to fight.

Without a doubt, the Victorious Fighting Buddha was strong.

However, he was to face the Doomsday Saber of a Grand Heavenly Immortal.

Being as strong as he is, he couldnt possibly predict the outcome of such a battle.

“Oh” Feng Yunshengs heart underwent a tremor.

As her devilish intent grew stronger, she continued being on guard against it, with the reluctance of being controlled by the devilish saber.

Such was her inevitable perseverance and belief as a martial art practitioner.

Yet, such belief was used by the Buddha instead.

Buddhisms doctrines and devilish intents were originally two opposing concepts, to begin with.

Currently, while snatching after Feng Yunsheng, they were rejecting each others infestation.

If Feng Yunsheng were to maintain her state of mind, she would have to resist the twos influences!

However, the two concepts originated from two different individuals with solid foundations, surpassing hers.

Even if she merely wanted to stand aside and watch the two go against each other, she didnt have the freedom to choose such a luxurious option.

However, the woman in white quickly stabilized her state of mind and resisted the twos infestations.

Even in the past, when she was merely in the Seeing Divinity Martial Saint Realm, she was already brawling against the Exalted Rahu Luminary – Jian Shunhuas intent.

With so many years of temperament, her soul, filled initially with unswerving determination, was reinforced even further.

Previously, she had to defend the vessel using her devilish intent, which sunk her in such a non-optimal situation.

While keeping her cool, Feng Yunsheng decided to change the course of the battle and drag the Victorious Fighting Buddha into this contest.

Her opponent was of the Grand Heavenly Realm.

Astounding strength aside, he was filled with limitless profundities.

But, if you want to illuminate me, you shall only do so after fighting against me on a different battlefield.

In that brand new domain, your advantages shall cease to exist!

“Namo Amitabha.” The Victorious Fighting Buddha instantly sensed the changes, “This maiden is extraordinary, as I wouldst expect.”

As he chanted the Buddhist chantings, the sarira within the golden lamp atop his head suddenly flew out.

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