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Chapter 1451: Fall from the Skies to the Chasm, Rise from the Abyss to the Skies

The Victorious Fighting Buddhas goal was to bring Feng Yunsheng away.

He wasnt merely going to suppress Feng Yunsheng.

At the same time, he intended to cut off Feng Yunshengs pathway to challenge the Origin Heavenly Tribulation, just in case she did something unfavorable.

With these intentions in mind, he felt constrained in many areas.

While he might have ascended to become a Grand Heavenly Realm Buddha long ago, he still faced enormous difficulties when trying to suppress her.

Feng Yunsheng, bearing the Duo Flowers Converged Crown, was near undefeatable among Grand Virtual Realm experts ranks.

She was even capable of fighting against some Grand Heavenly Realm experts.

If she hadnt been so exhausted after the previous battle, even if the Victorious Fighting Buddha could overwhelm her in strength, he had no ways of suppressing or capturing her, let alone preventing her from challenging the Origin Heavenly Tribulation.

Buddhisms supreme arts were specialized in cultivating ones body, as well as ones mind.

As such, the Victorious Fighting Buddha didnt mind fighting against Feng Yunsheng in the mind department.

He was aware that Feng Yunsheng had already won over Jian Shunhua, an Immortal when her cultivation was still weak.

In fact, during that time, she could even keep her pristine state of mind despite possessing the Doomsday Heavenly Devils authority.

As such, he knew how outstanding Feng Yunsheng was in terms of her mind.

However, only after truly trading blows with her did he truly realize how exceptional she was.

Being made aware of this, the Victorious Fighting Buddha chanted the Buddhist chantings, releasing the sarira placed within the golden lamp atop his head.

Then, he sat in a lotus position.

All of his twenties heads started chanting while his eighteen arms opened up.

Green lotuses bloomed one after another, manifesting a realm of Buddhism which came suppressing Feng Yunsheng.

Feng Yunsheng guarded her state of mind and stood firmly, rejecting the Victorious Fighting Buddhas suppression.

However, the sarira that flew away still more or less affected her mind.

After the dark-red sword-light was struck down by the Victorious Fighting Buddhas palm attack, the divine vessel stopped moving, causing the Buddhists, the Demon Race, and the Nine Underworlds to swarm it.

Gao Qingxuans face was already pale, while her aura was also weakened.

Her stern look remained on her face as she worked together with her clone.

They released another Immortal Trapping Sword once again, hoping to bring everyone out from such besiegement.

However, the Victorious Fighting Buddhas sarira flew over, its radiance ensnaring the considerable vessel in place.

Atop the vessel, a layer of pellucid crystalline brilliance surfaced, preventing Gao Qingxuans Immortal Trapping Swords dark-red sword-light from fusing with the divine vessel.

With no way of fleeing, the surrounding enemies instantly swarmed them.

While the Victorious fighting Buddhas goal was Feng Yunsheng, leaving Yan Zhaoges group behind would be considered a bonus.

Moreover, with the vessel remaining here, Feng Yunshengs mental state would experience disturbance.

As expected, seeing how her companions couldnt escape, worries filled Feng Yunshengs face.

However, she forcibly calmed her state of mind, and her expression returned to normal.

She had to preserve her mental state, especially when shes fighting mentally against him.

She couldnt afford to lose right there.

Even if she were to lose, she couldnt possibly be defeated so quickly.

Otherwise, if an expert of the Grand Heavenly Realm focused on dealing with Yan Zhaoge and the others, a true calamity would befall upon them.

Being enveloped by the sariras Buddha light, Gao Qingxuan couldnt increase the vessels speed.

However, they still held control over the vast vessel.

They could maneuver the vessel, continue to move around, and fight while fleeing.

However, with its speed slowed down, their enemies managed to chase after them, following up with a barrage of attacks.

Yan Di, Gao Qingxuan, Ling Qing, and the other Daoism experts defended the vessel.

However, facing so many foes, their diminutive manpower couldnt possibly deal with all of them.

Suddenly, the Great Devils aura skyrocketing maliciously from the vessel weakened!

Beneath the wilted tree within the cabin, a clump of radiance was sparkling ethereally.

Within, the Primordial Heart Devil, who spoke through Ying Yuzhens mouth, let out a groan.

The tint of black by Ying Yuzhens eyes faded, causing clumps of colorful smokes to arise.

The clouds became thinner and thinner, gradually dissipating from the environment.

Then, a weak figure emerged from within.

The Heart Devils disruption imposed upon Shi Jun and Xu Fei started weakening.

“Victorious… Fighting Buddha…” The Primordial Heart Devils tone was extremely complex.

With the Southern Extremity Longevity Emperor being held back, the Primordial Heart Devil took advantage of Yan Zhaoges lack of preparations and barged into the fray.

Logically speaking, with Victorious Fighting Buddhas descent, it became significantly disadvantageous to Daoism, especially when he wanted to suppress Feng Yunsheng.

As he released the sarira and anchored the vessel in place, Yan Zhaoges enemies gained the opportunity to besiege them.

However, the sariras Buddha light had blocked off the Primordial Heart Devils infestation to a certain extent!

Such interference was unfavorable to the Great Demons.

The Buddhists and Demons didnt care whether the Earth Devil had successfully reincarnated or not.

To them, they just had to prevent Shi Jun and Ying Yuzhen from leaving this place.

It didnt matter if they were still humans or devils!

The group of Nine Underworld Devils could only break through the line of defense in hopes of bringing Shi Jun and Ying Yuzhen away from here.

Yan Zhaoge rushed behind Shi Jun and Xu Fei.

Then, he arched both his hands back and slammed them on their backs.

Xu Fei took out the Earth Splitting Pearl and hit it towards Ying Yuzhens head.

The ocher-colored devilish radiance instantly went dim.

While Shi Jun was re-stabilizing his mental state, he immediately started counter-attacking Devil Monarch Zhong Yuan under the aid of Yan Zhaoge.

Without the Primordial Heart Devils assistance, the scale of victory shifted once again.

-Instantly reversing the situation completely!

Previously, due to the Primordial Heart Devils interference, Shi Jun fell from the skies into a pool of mud and was on the verge of failing.

Now, the situation reversed, causing Shi Jun to skyrocket instantly, soaring from the abyss back to the skies.

In fact, compared to his previous progress, he was currently much closer to victory!

However, before Yan Zhaoge could be overjoyed, their surroundings trembled violently, as if an apocalypse had arrived.

Outside, the experts of Buddhism, the Nine Underworlds, and the Demon Race were attacking.

Yan Di and the others stood their ground firmly.

Even with their life in line, they refused to retreat.

The three enemy factions both harbored their selfish wishes.

As such, rather than working together, some of them were even attacking each other.

Only, the three forces troops were all still paying attention to the enormous vessel.

With the abundance of experts present, there were many other top-notch helpers like Fuluo Zi.

In the end, Daoisms defense line was broken through.

A Nine Underworlds Great Devil destroyed the colossal vessel!

The pool of water within the cabin instantly dissipated.

Specks of dust flew afar, including the wilted tree itself.

“Hold on for a while longer!” yelled Yan Di with a deep tone.

Everyone could feel that the auras of the Earth Devil and Devil Monarch Zhong Yuan were dissipating.

If they managed to hold on for a while longer, the two Great Devils would be sealed away.

With the devilish mark being extracted, they wouldnt be able to return for the time being.

When that time arrives, the devilish mark wont expose their locations anymore, making it much easier for them to escape.

The group continually fought and retreated, fending off waves of enemies while protecting the wilted tree.

Many enemies were present.

With Fuluo Zi and other Grand Virtual Realm experts holding the Daoism side back, other weaker Demons and Buddhist Bhantes slipped through and attacked the wilted tree.

The man in charge was a Buddhist Arhat.

When he came close to the wilted tree, brilliance suddenly filled his vision, with someone emerging from within.

Yan Zhaoge was the one emerging from within.

With a palm, he instantly knocked the Arhat back.

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