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HSSB144: The two Sacred Artifact fragments becoming one

Lin Zhou looked moodily at the bolt of lightning formed of the Sacred Artifact fragment as, enveloped by the red net, it still forcibly shot off into the distance.

Relying on his own special advantage, it had really been a long time since he had suffered a setback like this.

This scene caused many unpleasant memories to surface within Lin Zhou’s mind.

Very quickly, he regained his calm, hurriedly going off in pursuit of the escaping Sacred Artifact fragment.

Held back by the red net, the Sacred Artifact fragment was slowed to the point where Lin Zhou could still keep track of it.

While hurrying, he pondered, “I never knew that there was actually a second fragment of the Eye of the Thunder Emperor here.

Just what…”

“Right! The words left behind by Old Man Great Sorrow on his coffin with his essence and energy actually had such a meaning!” Lin Zhou abruptly realised.

“He found a second fragment of the Eye of the Thunder Emperor, but needed time to refine and tame it.

What he regretted was not being able to live on to that point!”

Lin Zhou sighed, “Sadly, no one was able to notice this, only thinking that he regretted having a Sacred Artifact fragment yet having to live out his days in hiding, feeling uncomfortable all the way till his moment of death.”

Looking at that escaping bolt of lightning, Lin Zhou’s gaze was somewhat distant and deep, “This matter can also be considered as having taught me a lesson.

I only know ‘the information that I know’, rather than all the information there is to know.”

“In the future, I will have to observe and ponder upon any and all possible leads more carefully, rather than think only on the information that I already know, thereby gradually growing numb from reliance.”

“However, that second Sacred Artifact fragment must have been concealed to the point of extreme obscurity, to have avoided detection all the way.”

“Even with Old Man Great Sorrow’s tomb completely exposed, it still wasn’t disturbed at all.”

“Then, what was it now that disturbed this Sacred Artifact fragment Was it a coincidence from my obtaining of the first Sacred Artifact fragment” Lin Zhou’s gaze turned cold, “Or, was it someone else”

At this moment, a figure suddenly flashed through Lin Zhou’s mind.

A figure that felt somewhat foreign to him.

“The destruction of the tomb’s spirit formation still didn’t manage to claim his life Even a Martial Grandmaster might not have been able to escape, so how did he do it Martial Scholars can only wield low-grade spirit artifacts, and  low-grade spirit artifacts would not have been able to protect him from such a tribulation.”

Lin Zhou knit his eyebrows tightly, “As I expected, causing matters to change and far exceed predictions, churning the waters of the pond all turbid…”

The fragment of the Eye of the Thunder Emperor which had actually already been his now became indeterminate once more.

Thinking about this, Lin Zhou felt stifled, “Really, obstructive to the extreme.”

He let out a long breath, the lightning around his entire body roiling.

The Heavenly Thunder Hall’s martial arts emphasised speed, its movement techniques were valued rather highly amongst the martial legacies of the Six Great Sacred Grounds.

At this moment Lin Zhou executed his movement technique, his entire person resembling a bolt of lightning as he sped off in the direction in which the Sacred Artifact fragment had escaped.

And in the distance, already having left the deep underground region of the East Strangling Snow Mountains, a crimson red glow was speedily penetrating and breaking through the rock layer.

Yan Zhaoge and Ah Hu sat within the Underground Splitting Shuttle, controlling it to travel more quickly.

Before them, a tunnel had already been broken through the rock layer by the escaping Eye of the Thunder Emperor, causing the Underground Splitting Shuttle to be able to move with greater ease.

As the Underground Splitting Shuttle travelled upwards, the rock layer eventually loosened, turning into soil.

Then, a bright light abruptly appeared before their eyes, as they had arrived aboveground.

Squinting and looking, Yan Zhaoge saw the fragment of the Eye of the Thunder Emperor that he had chased here hovering within the air, flickering with roiling lightning.

From the East Strangling Snow Mountains emanated the sound of thunder rumbling.

Gazing into the distance, another bolt of lightning could be seen streaking through the air as it shot over!

Yan Zhaoge raised his brows slightly, “It’s that first Sacred Artifact fragment that was within Old Man Great Sorrow’s tomb.”

“The second fragment being bigger and stronger, breaking out into the world, it automatically drew the first fragment over to congregate with it.”

Ah Hu grinned happily, “That Lin Zhou also only just obtained that Spirit Artifact fragment, he’s not  had the time to nourish and refine it.

Not being a Martial Grandmaster, he cannot possibly lock down that Sacred Artifact fragment ah.”

Putting his hand to his forehead, Yan Zhaoge gazed at the lightning bolt that was shooting over, as he observed that there was actually also a red net wrapped around it.

“This thing, looks a little like a Blood Cocoon Net”

Yan Zhaoge murmured, “No wonder that Sacred Artifact fragment is moving so slowly.”

As the two Sacred Artifact fragments met in mid-air, the sound of rumbling thunder within the sky grew more and more deafening as they shocked the ears.

The Sacred Artifact that Yan Zhaoge and Ah Hu had chased over, originally hovering within the air, with a ‘weng’ sound now moved once more, transforming into a purple bolt of lightning and shooting into the gigantic red net.

As the two Sacred Artifact fragments collided, causing furious lightning, shockingly, they began to merge!

Within the gigantic red net, two Sacred Artifact fragments in the form of purple orbs, one big, one small, came together as one, forming an orb which was slightly bigger than a human fist.

This orb was enveloped by lots of purplish-green lightning; numerous destructive forces were birthed, grew, matured, decayed and were then extinguished within; a continuous cycle which repeated itself up to tens of thousands of times in a single instant!

It was like the course of the world’s creation and destruction, a feeling of the infinite sea flowing, that feeling of being momentary whilst also eternal instantly filling the heavens and the earth.

Ah Hu curiously appraised the orb of thunder, “It is rumoured that this Sacred Artifact existed before the Great Calamity, only shattering as a result of having experienced its tribulation.”

Yan Zhaoge didn’t say anything, falling into a slight trance as he looked at the fragment of the Eye of the Thunder Emperor before him.

He knew clearly that Ah Hu’s words were not just mere rumours.

The Eye of the Thunder Emperor was indeed a Sacred Artifact that had existed before the time of the Great Calamity.

Yan Zhaoge had also heard of it that year.

Amongst Sacred Artifacts, it was one of the most supreme ones.

Yan Zhaoge even knew of its origin.

It was formed of a pupil of an ancient expert, the Thunder Emperor, who had been on the level of the Flame Devil Emperor in the past.

Sadly, following that Great Calamity, all of that had become a thing of the past.

The Sacred Artifact fragment before him took on a form of its own, similar in shape to the past Eye of the Thunder Emperor.

This was from the Sacred Artifact’s own spirituality.

However, the Eye of the Thunder Emperor had not merely shattered into two fragments-in fact, it was many more than that.

Yan Zhaoge recovered from his trance, “According to our information reports, that Lin Zhou is already a mid Xiantian Martial Scholar.

Because of the Blood Cocoon Net, the Sacred Artifact fragment has been escaping at a somewhat slower speed.”

“With such a speed, not facing any obstruction, he should rightly be able to catch up to it.”

Yan Zhaoge gazed far away in the direction of the East Strangling Snow Mountains.

Indeed, on the flat plains of the snowy mountains, a human figure sped over in this direction as he resembled a flash of lightning.

The other party had evidently also noticed Yan Zhaoge and Ah Hu, as he abruptly slowed.

The electricity around him dissipated somewhat, revealing the figure of a handsome youth, face sunken like water, gaze resembling lightning.

Seeing the Underground Splitting Shuttle that Yan Zhaoge and Ah Hu were in, he let out a sigh of relief, “While I don’t know what exactly this is, it should only be a unique treasure that can travel underground, not possessing an exceptionally strong power.

This two people have not yet reached the Martial Grandmaster realm.”

He looked at Yan Zhaoge, his mind momentarily wavering as the person before him was evidently not any different from usual in terms of outward appearance and actions, even in terms of disposition and personality.

If not for Lin Zhou’s own special experiences, he would have been completely unable to see any abnormalities.

But now, he just couldn’t connect this Yan Zhaoge before him completely with the one in his memories.

Yan Zhaoge was similarly appraising Lin Zhou.

In the memories of his body’s original owner, he had seen the Thunder Rumbling Young Master Lin Zhou three years ago in the Heavenly Connection Meet then.

However, Yan Zhaoge felt that the changes in the other party were too great.

It was far from something that a period of three years could bring about.


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