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Shi Jun, Xu Fei, and Ying Yuzhen were situated within the spatial domain manifested by the lights clump.

How matters transpired outside had no relations to them at all.

The only thing they could do was to focus on suppressing the Devils, robbing their chances of reincarnating.

If the devilish mark and devilish intent were entirely extracted, as long as no one else does anything out of the ordinary, this event would then be concluded.

From then on, they wouldnt have to worry about anything anymore.

Devilish qis encompassed the area outside, implying the approach of other Devils.

Xu Fei and Shi Jun felt the threat looming within.

However, they continued their matter at hand and couldnt afford to pay heed to anything else.

Fortunately, the Devilish qi gradually dissipated, which relieved Xu Fei and Shi Juns tensed feelings.

More experts approached and ultimately left, granting them peace once again.

“Little Jun, hold on for a while longer,” said Xu Fei as he activated the Earth Splitting Pearls abilities.

Shi Jun was already mentally exhausted.

Compared to the normal population, his cultivation was already deemed as sky-high.

If he were in a lower realm like the Eight Extremities World, he would have already been at the top of the hierarchy.

However, his opponent this time posed insurmountable difficulties.

While Yan Zhaoge and Chen Xuanzong had discovered a method of disposing the Earth Devil, there were specific requirements.

Shi Jun was currently shouldering the entire burden and could collapse anytime.

Yet, he still clenched his teeth and continued persisting.

“Relax, master.

I can take it.

Were already on the verge of victory.

How could I not push myself a little longer and end the source of my problems” said Shi Jun slowly.

Xu Fei nodded and continued activating the Earth Splitting Pearls abilities, assisting the two suppressing the Devils.

Suddenly, his expression changed.

As he activated the Earth Splitting Pearl, he vaguely felt that someone had torn apart the spatial domain created by the Earth Splitting Pearls radiance.

He had a bad feeling about this.

In the next instant, a teenager in purple appeared in front of them.

Laziness overwrote his facial expression, seeming as if he was indifferent to other matters.

Currently, he was only staring at Shi Jun and Ying Yuzhen with amusement.

After seeing his face, the master and disciple duo felt their heart sinking.

It was Chen Qianhua.

No one could discern how bewildering and abnormal Chen Qianhua was, other than Yan Zhaoge.

As such, the master disciple duo gained a certain degree of understanding towards him as well.

With his sudden appearance, no one would be convinced that he came here to help.

Sure enough, Chen Qianhua smiled, “Interesting.”

As he spoke, he extended his palm and slashed the air.

Then, the spatial domain started shattering along with the wilted tree.

The space between Xu Fei, Shi Jun, and Ying Yuzhen cracked open, causing a colossal chasm to appear.

Without giving them the time to react, the space swept Xu Fei away from the mother-son duo.

The Earth Splitting Pearl was the treasure belonging to an Immortal.

Xu Fei could only activate its abilities but couldnt control it to attack someone.

Even so, he attempted to hurl the Earth Splitting Pearl towards them.

Unfortunately, the convolution of space had already appeared, which brought him away from them.

“Master!” Shi Jun yelled and let out a groan.

Without the help of the Earth Splitting Pearl, the suppression on Devil Monarch Zhong Yuan weakened, which caused the Devil to launch his counter-attack.

Most importantly, the extraction of devilish intent at Ying Yuzhens side had slowed down as well.

They were on the verge of succeeding.

Only this remaining bit of devilish intent remained rooted within her, which extended the extraction process.

Ying Yuzhens eyes were still shut as if she was in deep slumber.

However, within her body, a different intent seemed to have awoken.

Shi Jun gritted his teeth as he looked towards Chen Qianhua.

Without saying anything else, he shut his eyes and continued stabilizing his emotions.

While he put up his defense against Devil Monarch Zhong Yuan, he also attempted to help his mother stabilize her situation.

“If youre waiting for others, theres no need to anymore,” said Chen Qianhua lazily.

“I purposely lured some Immortal Court heretics here after all.

Fu Yunchi and the Mars Halberd shouldnt be returning anytime soon.”

Shi Jun widened his eyes and glared at Chen Qianhua.

He had heard of the Immortal Courts heretics before.

Only, his knowledge about them was limited, and he wasnt aware of the Immeasurable Heavenly Lords existence.

However, at the very least, he knew of the conflict between the heretics and the orthodox Daoism.

He also knew that the separation of the World beyond Worlds and the migration of the Sky beyond Skies and the Roving Jade Heavens were related to the Immortal Courts heretics.

They were orthodox Daoisms archenemies.

Chen Qianhua working together with them enraged the usually righteous Shi Jun.

He forcefully suppressed his anger and calmed his state of mind, continuing his act of resisting Devil Monarch Zhong Yuan.

Chen Qianhuas slothful expression remained, and he didnt continue mentioning anything regarding the Immortal Court heretics.

This matter didnt interest Chen Qianhua at all.

He didnt intend to anger Shi Jun at all and merely mentioned it casually.

Or, it should be said that the matters regarding Shi Jun, Ying Yuzhen, or the Earth Devils reincarnation werent even on his mind.

Chen Qianhua was more concerned about something else.

“Say, if you two were to transform into Devils, what would Yan Zhaoge do”

The sudden question startled Shi Jun.

“Do you think he would execute kin punishment Or would he allow danger back near him” Laziness finally faded from Chen Qianhuas face, replaced with an excited expression.

Shi Jun glared at Chen Qianhua, “You madman!”

“What will Yan Di do What will Nie Jingshen do” Shi Juns comment didnt anger Chen Qianhua.

His curious expression remained as he asked, “Youre of the same sect as that father and son duo.

Based on your understanding towards them, what would they do”

Despite being much weaker than him, Shi Jun remained fearless.

He was on the verge of spewing scolds and insults to him.

However, feeling the Earth Devil and Devil Monarch Zhong Yuans counter-attack, he finally concentrated once again and focused on dealing with the devilish intent.

Chen Qianhua walked towards the side of them and smiled, “If I let the heretics illuminate you two, they would only have one choice for sure – detain, capture, and surveillance.”

“However, if you two were to succumb to darkness, I cant be too sure anymore.

After all, one of you is of the Twelve Devilish Gods.”

He raised his head and sighed, “I look forward to what they would do.”

“I wont succumb to darkness!” Shi Jun gritted his teeth tightly and continued suppressing the Devils counter-attacks.

The Anti-Devil Countering Rune might not be able to deal with two Great Devils.

However, Shi Jun was already preparing his final method.

Hed rather die than succumb to the Nine Underworlds!

However, at that moment, Chen Qianhua moved.

First, he pointed towards Ying Yuzhen.

Ying Yuzhens body trembled.

Then, the crack on her forehead expanded, with devilish lights surged from within.

The Earth Devil, who was on the verge of failing, instantly let out a deep roar, announcing his comeback.

Shi Juns eyes widened to the fullest, with blood veins filling his eyes.

He instantly shut his eyes!

The Anti-Devil Countering Rune started taking effect!

The devilish qi intertwining between Shi Jun and Ying Yuzhen started distorting.

However, with a chuckle, Chen Qianhua pointed his finger again.

The Anti-Devil Countering Rune cast by Shi Jun was forcefully stopped.

“This rune is very interesting.

I like it.” Chen Qianhua praised it, “Coincidentally, I detest repetitive things.

Lets make you something different.”

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