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Yu Ye unsheathed, causing dark threads to blot the void.

Long Xueji unsheathed, causing layers of white gases to coalesce.

Daoist Cloud Conquest unsheathed, causing dark-red sword-lights to arise from his surroundings.

Finally, Yan Zhaoge attacked, arousing dense green radiances.

The Immortal Exterminating Four Swords sword intents appeared together, while the phenomena of chaos and destruction played within Yu Yes eyes.

The waning void resembled the sea, with countless bubbles appearing from within.

The bubbles were made up of runes.

They combined within the sea of void, forming one formation after another.

As countless runes surged, Yan Zhaoge operated the formations, causing them to fuse.

Daoist Cloud Conquest, who was also proficient in formation arts, also assisted Yan Zhaoge from aside.

With him as a catalyst, the fusion of formation became quicker.

A considerable palm manifested by the Victorious Fighting Buddhas Buddha light descended from the sky.

Gao Qingxuan, who was hovering mid-air, went against his attack using the Immortal Slaughtering Sword.

While the vast Buddha light palm was still descending, its speed decreased, successfully buying enough time for Yan Zhaoge and the others.

Vast amounts of yellow mists and golden radiances surged from the formation, instantly blotting the entire skies.

As light mists filled the surroundings, Gao Qingxuan dived within while wielding the Immortal Slaughtering Sword.


Thou hath no Grand Heavenly Realms backing, and only possess an Immortal Slaughtering Sword.

Without the other three swords, thou remain innocuous.” The Victorious Fighting Buddha remained fearless.

His twelve heads started chanting the Buddhist doctrines together.

Then, he extended his arms, each displaying different treasures.

He bashed them downwards, forcefully breaking through the golden radiances and yellow mists.

Gao Qingxuan released the Immortal Slaughtering Sword.

Her clone and she both stood in opposite directions, standing by two opposing corners of the formation.

Ling Qing did the same.

She stood opposite of the Immortal Slaughtering Sword, which occupied the other two corners of the formation.

As the profound and complex formation operated, all-encompassing Evil Qi skyrocketed, tainting Gao Qingxuan and her clone, tightening Ling Qings physique.

At this moment, three Grand Virtual Immortals were being integrated with the formations power.

Gao Qingxuan was shrouded in green radiances, while her clone was shrouded in red.

Beneath, Yan Zhaoge and Daoist Cloud Conquest unsheathed, their sword-lights befalling upon Gao Qingxuan and her clone.

The two Gao Qingxuans seemed to have shed off their human shell and transformed into two giant swords made up of radiances! One was green, while the other was red.

Ling Qing wasnt a Prime Clear sword cultivator.

Although Long Xueji had unsheathed, causing layers of Immortal Ending Sword qi to wiggle about elegantly, the integration with her cultivation wasnt all that apparent.

However, there were already three swords within the formation.

Ling Qing merely had to use her Grand Virtual Realm cultivation to preside over one corner of the formation.

The Immortal Exterminating Sword and Immortal Trapping Sword that Gao Qingxuan transformed into were merely replications of the real thing.

However, with them presiding over the formation, the authentic Immortal Slaughtering Swords sword-lights surged rampageously.

The Immortal Slaughtering Sword was now providing the formation with a steady flow of energy.

As the formation operated, radiances coalesced, manifesting four doors by four different corners.

Four swords hovered atop the doors.

One was authentic, two were fake, and one was illusory.

“Rise!” Yan Zhaoge yelled, with runes converging within his pupils.

In that instant, endless Evil Qi filled with maliciousness skyrocketed from the formation, transforming into an indestructible sword.

As it swung about in the universe, it instilled a deep fear in everyone present.

“Albeit being a coincidence, its truly a spectacle, being able to operate a formation of such degree!” The Victorious Fighting Buddha was surprised as well.

He retracted his feelings of disdain.

He clasped all his hands together, manifesting the Blessed Lands of Buddhism, cleansing away the sword-qis filled with Evil Qi.

Other than dealing with the Victorious Fighting Buddha above, roving yellow mists and gold radiances surged everywhere, devouring the surrounding universe.

Fuluo Zi, the Twilight Mist Devil Monarch, and all the other experts were already retreating beforehand.

However, the formations expansion was much quicker.

Its sudden increment of speed ensnared all enemies within!

To dispose of all her foes, not only did Gao Qingxuan transform into the Immortal Extermination Sword, but she also expressly relinquished the Immortal Ending Sword and used the Immortal Slaughtering Sword instead.

Upon entering the formation, everyones view of the universe changed.

As sword qis filled with maliciousness wreathed about, they shattered the void, causing the most primordial elements of earth, water, fire, and water to go out of control.

As if the worlds creation was destroyed, everything was already on the verge of falling apart, with foreshadows of everything returning to the void, seemingly showcasing the phenomena of doomsday itself!

“Immortal Extermination Formation!”

Fuluo Zi blurted out.

Paleness overwrote the faces of everyone who were trapped within the formation, along with hints of shock.

While it remained incomplete, they were currently situated within the formation renowned for its unrivaled ruthlessness.

The Immortal Extermination Formation!

Crafted out of neither worldly metals, Mount Meru was where it once was hidden.

Destitute of yin and yangs reversal refinement, how could no water or fire quench its edge

Immortal Extermination represents sharpness; Immortal Slaughtering symbolizes death; Immortal Trapping encompassed beacons of red luster.

Immortal Extermination brings about endless transformations, causing bloodshed against Grand Heavenly Immortals.

While today wasnt perfect, countless Immortals and Buddhists shall perish!

“Even if that lassie cultivated the Chaos Extinguishing Origin Scripture and knew of the Immortal Extermination Formations patterns, how could they lay it down within such a short amount of time!” Both Buddhists, Demons, and Devils were wailing in agony.

Having knowledge of the formation pattern and laying it down were two different matters.

Especially when it was the Immortal Exterminating Formation, a formation unparalleled in terms of cruelty, them laying down the formation alone already posed insurmountable difficulties, to begin with.

However, at this very moment, the horrifying formation had indeed appeared in front of them.

The formation lost during the Ancient era appeared in the world once again!

Yan Zhaoges group laid down the formation, while Gao Qingxuan and Ling Qing took the form of swords.

Yan Dis group heeded Yan Zhaoge and Daoist Cloud Conquests instructions and firmly took their stances by the formation, presiding over it.

“Now!” Yan Zhaoge yelled softly.

Yan Di, Nie Jingshen, Yue Zhenbei, and Long Xingquan, situated in the middle, exerted their strength.

Yan Di assisted Yan Zhaoge, Nie Jingshen assisted Yu Ye, Yue Zhenbei assisted Long Xueji, while Long Xingquan assisted Daoist Cloud Conquest.

Meanwhile, Yan Zhaoges group both unsheathed.

Under the yellow mists and gold radiances influence, the sword intent turned into countless lightning.

Amidst the thunderous roar, lightning befell upon the Immortal Slaughtering Sword, Gao Qingxuan, and Ling Qing.

With the Immortal Slaughtering Sword in the lead, sword qis instantly skyrocketed, slashing through the universe, destructing yin and yang in its wake!

Even when Gao Qingxuan utilized the Immortal Slaughtering Sword to the fullest by fusing with her clone, it was still far inferior compared to this swords ferocious mightiness.

Wherever the sword passed through, all lifeforms were placed in tormented agony.

All things ceased to exist, and space itself crumbled, with the great dao nearing its end!

The Blessed Lands of Buddhism manifested by the Victorious Fighting Buddha seemed to be awaiting doomsdays arrival.

Within the Land of Buddhism, countless Bodhis and treasured trees were wilting.

Countless green lotuses withered.

Countless Buddhist lamps extinguished.

Countless Buddhist stupas crumbled.

One of his arms holding a necklace and umbrella cap was slashed by the sword, instantly causing a rupture!

“One sword alone suffices in producing such might” The Victorious Fighting Buddha sighed and retracted his palm.

He started chanting the Four Noble Truths, harvesting all sorts of concealed sufferings.

He first dispersed the Immortal Exterminating Formations horrifying sharpness and chanted the final Four Noble Truths, a doctrine only Grand Heavenly Realm Buddhism experts could cultivate.

At this very moment, all of Buddhisms supreme martial arts – the Thirty-seven Bodhipakkhiya Dhamma appeared together.

The Noble Eightfold Paths, the Satipatthana, the Four Right Exertions, the Iddhipada, the Indriya, the Five Strengths, and the Seven Factors of Awakening went up against the Immortal Extermination Formations might together.

As the Victorious Fighting Buddha blocked the sword, the sword suddenly reversed in direction, causing blood to rain throughout the formation!

Currently, the Buddhist Bhantes, the Demon Race, and the Nine Underworlds Infernal Devils were being wiped out.

Other than the few individuals at the Grand Virtual Peak Realm, those beneath were annihilated by this sword!

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