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The Twilight Mist Devil Monarch was proficient in the arts of spatial transformations, which granted him the capabilities of soaring faster than anyone else.

However, before he even got the chance to do anything, he was already slain by the sword within this Immortal Extermination Formation!

Other than being swift, Fuluo Zi was also strong.

He managed to escape death, with only half of his wings being sliced apart.

A Buddhism Bodhisattva had managed to cultivate the indestructible body.

Yet, he couldnt escape the fate of being slashed in half.

However, thanks to Buddhisms supreme arts toughening the cultivators physique, he managed to survive, albeit barely.

Another Grand Virtual Realm Great Devil continuously shifted, leaving behind a trail of silhouettes.

By leaving behind countless mirages of himself, he finally managed to withstand the sword lights cleave.

However, he was already on the verge of death.

Before he could catch his breath, a jet-black blade-light suddenly flashed across his eyes!

The Great Devils eyes were enlarged to the maximum.

However, being incapable of dodging, he was immediately sliced by that blade!

Feng Yunsheng sheathed her blade and let out a long breath.

Previously, when the formation expanded outwards, it also pulled her in.

However, despite being free from the Victorious Fighting Buddhas oppression, she was still suffering in agony.

She only managed to remain there thanks to Yan Zhaoges proficiency in formation arts, as well as his subtle control over the formations powers.

Otherwise, she might have been rejected by the Immortal Extermination Formation or even be attacked by it.

“Yunsheng, go check out Little Juns side.

There seems to be something wrong going on over there.”

As Yan Zhaoge spoke, he operated the formation and released another sword together with Yu ye, Long Xueji, and Daoist Cloud Conquest.

Their attacks transformed into lightning, hovering over the four swords above them.

Sword-lights immediately arose from the Immortal Extermination Sword once again, instantly slashing towards the Victorious Fighting Buddha.

The billowing yellow mists and gold radiances continued flying upwards.

Finally, the Buddha sitting atop the golden lamps and green lotuses showed his true form, his image instantly becoming crystal clear.

The formations powers swept towards him in an attempt to drag the Victorious Fighting Buddha into the formation.

Watching Feng Yunsheng leave, the Victorious Fighting Buddha instantly attacked once again, attempting to block her path.

Another sword immediately slashed towards him from the formation beneath.

The Immortal Extermination Sword was an exceedingly mighty formation.

Each attack required a tremendous amount of consumption.

Especially when they only possessed one of the four Immortal Exterminating Swords, the Immortal Slaughtering Sword.

Other than Yan Zhaoge, Yu Ye and Long Xueji were already showing signs of exhaustion.

While Daoist Cloud Conquest fared better than them, he was also fatigued already.

Yan Zhaoge maintained a composed expression and yelled, “Ha!”

The formations aura became even more overwhelming!

Rays of sword-lights coalesced together, lining up together as one.

Then, it pierced through space and instantly shot towards the Victorious Fighting Buddhas true form.

As the sword-light passed through, it sliced the dilapidated Land of Buddhism into half, instantly causing it to disperse.

Seeing this, the Victorious Fighting Buddha dared not act recklessly anymore.

He finally gave up on stopping Feng Yunsheng.

He wiped the altocumulus golden clouds atop his head, making the golden lamp atop the cloud fall.

As sparks were descending downwards, a sarira was suddenly hurled into the Immortal Extermination Formation with lightning speed!

The Victorious Fighting Buddha extended his palm and went head on against the sword-light.

As a result, his palm was pierced through!

However, the sarira managed to destroy one of the Immortal Extermination Formations doors.

The one Ling Qing was presiding over, the door that belonged to the Immortal Ending Sword.

Among the four swords within the formation, only one remained authentic.

Two were imitations, while one was illusory.

Ling Qing wasnt a Prime Clear sword cultivator and wasnt proficient in the Immortal Ending Sword.

She couldnt possibly transform into a sword like Gao Qingxuan.

This was the only shortcoming when laying down this formation.

However, due to insufficient manpower, this problem couldnt be compensated for.

Previously, as the formation operated, they all became together as one, protecting each other.

As a result, the Victorious Fighting Buddha couldnt bring any harm.

Now, the Buddha went all-out and used this opportunity to break through the Immortal Extermination Formation.

However, the ruthless sword-light had also thoroughly exploded at that very moment.

It wasnt brilliant and only resembled the chaos itself.

As the sword-light cleaved through, it slashed away four of the Victorious Fighting Buddhas arms!

The necklace, umbrella cap, magic pestle, treasured filer, golden bell, golden bow, silver halberd, and banner fell off!

On the Buddhas physique, which emitted boundless crystalline radiances, a colossal wound as deep as a chasm was slashed open!

Within the Immortal Extermination Formation, gold radiances and yellow mists dispersed while the runes were crumbling.

Ling Qing spat out blood and fell from the destructed door.

The bodies of Yan Di and the others who were suppressing the formation shook violently, and they spat out blood as well.

Evil qi started gushing out from the formation, tearing space apart, with the lingering sword-lights cleaving once again.

Fuluo Zi and the Bodhisattva were already deeply wounded, to begin with.

With no way of blocking the attack anymore, they could only watch in despair as the sword-light took their life away!

At this point, all the foes that entered the formation had all ceased to exist any longer, including Fuluo Zi!

As the formation collapsed, space was also torn apart, causing an incredibly eerie black hole to appear.

Even when the Blood Star Devil Monarch self-destructed, the black hole he created wasnt as horrifying as the current one.

The considerable suction force dragged everyone within.

Only Gao Qingxuan could still stand her ground.

After the formation dispersed, she grabbed the Immortal Slaughtering Sword and pointed it towards the Victorious Fighting Buddha.

Seeing this, the wounded Victorious Fighting Buddha knew that he couldnt possibly chase after Feng Yunsheng anymore.

Facing a Virtual Immortal wielding an Immortal Slaughtering Sword, he would have to remain vigilant against her.

Even if nothing terrible would happen, he couldnt possibly win effortlessly.

In the scenario where he managed to shake off Gao Qingxuan, Feng Yunsheng wouldve already left long ago.

Watching Feng Yunshengs figure going further and further away, the Victorious Fighting Buddha let out a long sigh and slowly transformed into a beacon of serene radiance, fading back into the void.

Gao Qingxuan continued wielding her sword, not letting her guard down even for a moment.

She stared tightly until the Victorious Fighting Buddha left and fell into the black hole along with Yan Zhaoge and the others.

Being unable to care for any of them, she could only hope for their wellbeing.

The Immortal Extermination Formations collapse had shaken the entire universe.

Even Chen Qianhua and Kung Ningzi fighting afar could feel the ripples released from its explosions.

“These energies, and the ruthless sword-intent just now…” Chen Qianhua looked afar with curiosity.

Kung Ningzi attempted to pass through him during that short moment of daze, but alas, it was no avail.

Simultaneously, devilish qis surged within the dilapidated spatial domain, already reaching a vigorous state.

Ying Yuzhen was sitting in a lotus position.

While her eyes were still shut, the devilish mark by her forehead had disappeared.

However, her aura sufficed in making one shudder.

In front of her, Shi Jun was crouching with one knee, his breathing rough and course.

He raised his head with difficulty, showcasing an eerie face that would shock others.

The appearance of the righteous teenager remained on the left side of his face.

However, the other side was filled with dense devilish marks, as if he was a monster of darkness.

Devilish lights arose from his right hand and right leg, which continued creeping towards his torso.

His current appearance resembled that of a half-human and half-devil.

The right side of his face was queerly distorted, and dark, devilish lights shone from his right eye.

A queer laugh came out from the eye, “This person truly deserves to die.

If he didnt make so many pointless refutations, this entire body wouldve been mine!”

The woman sitting opposite to him didnt open her eyes and only said in a nonchalant tone, “Stop spouting nonsense.

Quickly take over your physique.”

“Yes, my liege.” Bellows resounded from Shi Juns right eye, its momentum capable of causing a mountain to crumble.

“Dream… On!” Shi Jun was gasping for air.

He forcefully raised his head and looked at the womans ice-cold face.

He dragged his body forward, hoping to get closer to the woman.

However, his right arm and leg wouldnt heed his commands anymore.

Instead, they hindered his movements, causing him to fall to the ground!

Devil Monarch Zhong Yuans voice resounded from his right eye, “The reincarnation of my liege and I had already been set in stone.

By taking one more step forward, our brawl would end, and we would stand triumphant!”

Shi Juns right hand moved uncontrollably, which then proceeded to press his head on the ground, preventing him from moving at all.

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