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Shi Juns right hand moved uncontrollably, which then proceeded to press his head on the ground, preventing him from moving at all.

“Ying Yuzhen” sat in front of him and said, “Little Jun, why must you act like this”

Hearing her voice, Shi Juns struggle became even more violent.

He placed his left hand on his right, hoping to move it away.

However, his right hands strength was strong beyond imaginable, as if a mountain was lying there.

No matter how hard he tried, he couldnt move it at all.

The woman calmly said, “Previously, when that Devil asked if the Broad Creed Mountain would execute kin punishment, we all know that they would do so if Im the only one affected.”

“Youre the brethren that they prioritize.

After all, youre the offspring of your grandfather and Songtao.

As for me, Im merely receiving their treatment because of you.

Isnt that right”

Shi Juns body shook slightly.

“Ive already turned into a Devil.

Even those of the Broad Creed Mountain wont grace me with their mercy.

They would kill me right on the spot to prevent future troubles.” The woman quietly said, “If Zhong Yuan lets you go under my behest, what are you planning on doing Are you planning on killing me, then perishing alongside me”

Shi Juns body continued to struggle.

However, his magnitude of movement was already decreasing.

The Earth Devils words continuously rang inside Shi Juns head.

“Little Jun, things had already progressed till this state.

How about us two being together forever In the past, Songtao had succumbed to darkness solely because he hoped for us two to remain safe…”

Before she finished her words, Shi Jun suddenly made a move.

On his left hand, sword-light flickered, which he then proceeded to pierce through his right palm and his right eye!

Devil Monarch Zhong Yuan let out a bellow filled with rage.

The devilish lights by Shi Juns right hand and his right eye disintegrated, and the devilish marks started fading.

Devilish lights flickered by his right leg.

From there, Devil Monarch Zhong Yuans groans could be heard, “You dare…”

“My grandfather is Shi Tie!”

“My master is Xu Fei!”

“My senior apprentice-uncle is Yan Zhaoge!”

“My senior apprentice-granduncle is Yan Di!”

“I want to be like them!”

Blood leaked from Shi Juns right hand and eye like a stream of the river.

Yet, he didnt pay it any heed and continued sitting upwards.

“Ying Yuzhen” frowned and finally opened her eyes, displaying dark ocher-colored devilish lights, projecting the denseness of the earth itself.

She raised her hand, hoping to stop Shi Jun.

However, a sudden stream of light came flying in her direction, as if a meteor was descending.

The Earth Splitting Pearl created the stream of light.

Xu Fei had returned, wielding the Earth Splitting Pearl.

He had no devilish intent within him and was thus free from the Infernal Devils influence.

He immediately extended his hand and suppressed “Ying Yuzhen.”

The Earth Devil used Ying Yuzhen as his reincarnation physique.

As of now, her cultivation realm was still far too weak.

“Ill never be like my dad.

I wont succumb to darkness!”

On the other side, Shi Juns sharp roar resounded.

As his sword appeared, he immediately plunged it towards his right leg!

Previously, he had the intention of perishing alongside Devil Monarch Zhong Yuan using the Anti-Devil Countering Rune.

However, the rune was altered by Chen Qianhua, ultimately resulting in him being infested by the Infernal Devil.

Only, Devil Monarch Zhong Yuan took over half of his body, fusing with half of his flesh.

Shi Jun landed another two blows, reaping his right eye, right arm, and right leg of their vitality.

Moreover, it even damaged his soul, something deemed near impossible to cure once injured.

However, in turn, he managed to kill Devil Monarch Zhong Yuan, making him perish once again!

“Little Jun!” Xu Feis heart was filled with sorrow.

However, he knew that such an outcome was inevitable.

The brawl between the two sides was already over.

The Earth Devil and Devil Monarch Zhong Yuan had both reincarnated.

Under such circumstances, suppressing any one of them using external powers would already be futile.

The only method of solving such issues was to make them perish.

If Shi Jun werent decisive enough, he would only continue to be infested by Devil Monarch Zhong Yuan, ultimately becoming the devils reincarnated manifestation.

Xu Fei grabbed “Ying Yuzhen,” pulling her towards Shi Juns side.

Then, he extended his hand and assisted him in recovery.

“Master, youre back…” Shi Jun smiled weakly, his voice barely seeping out of his mouth.

“Ive met the Roving Jade Heavens Liberal Emperor.

He was the one who brought me back here.” Xu Fei said, “Hes currently fighting against Chen Qianhua outside, along with the Roving Jade Heavens Tranquility Emperor.”

Shi Jun turned his head and looked at the “Ying Yuzhen” captured by Xu Fei.

Yet, contrary to his previous emotional expression, he was currently filled with calmness.

“So, the two of you.

Who shall make their move first” said “Ying Yuzhen” in a calm tone.

Xu Fei turned to look at Shi Jun, “Chen Qianhua had provided an alternative for us.

Could you reenact what happened to you and alter the Anti-Devil Countering Rune within her body With this, you can trap the Infernal Devil within her body and send it to the afterlife once again.”

While this might inflict severe injuries on her, this could very possibly save her life.

“The Devil residing within my body is a Devil Monarch, which was why I could settle it like this.” Shi Jun tragically shook his head, “Such a method wont work against the Earth Devil.”

Xu Fei remained silent.

He lowered his head and looked at the Earth Splitting Pearl.

He could only awaken the pearls intelligence, not use it to attack his foes.

Even if he could gain complete control over it, it still wouldnt solve their current problems.

Because Ying Yuzhens cultivation was still far too low, Xu Fei could slap the Earth Devil to death even now.


After a momentary silence, a decisive look appeared on Xu Feis face.

He let go of Xu Fei, lifted “Ying Yuzhen,” and walked to the side.

“…” Shi Jun opened his mouth, yet no voice came out.

Only his entire body was trembling.

“So, youre the one doing it” The woman calmly said, “Little Jun might resent you in the future.”

Xu Fei remained silent and merely took out the Earth Splitting Pearl.

Engravings of the devil-suppressing ritual were carved unto the Earth Splitting Pearl.

Due to the previous clashings, the ritual was damaged a little.

Xu Fei had been working diligently to repair it.

In the Sky beyond Skies, Yan Zhaoge, Feng Yunsheng, and Chen Xuanzong werent the only ones proficient in dealing with the Devils.

While Xu Feis cultivation was far inferior compared to them, he was also an ace in this particular matter.

All thanks to Shi Jun and his mother.

“Its useless.” The woman plainly said, “Do it the straightforward way. Sigh, its such a pity for me to perish by the hands of a mere Martial Saint.”

“Earth Devil, no one said that you were victorious,” said Xu Fei slowly.

Then, he raised his head and swallowed the Earth Splitting Pearl!

Seeing this, Shi Juns eyes widened.

Even the Earth Devil was a little surprised.

Xu Feis entire body emitted dark-ocher lights as if an ocher brilliance was shrouding his entire body.

The rich and active spiritual qi of the earth continuously surged within his body, causing blood to permeate through every pore of his body.

“Master!” Shi Jun exclaimed.

The Earth Devil stared at Xu Fei, and his amusement arose, “So youre doing it this way… After swallowing the pearl, you could temporarily become my compatible reincarnation physique.

However, since you cant handle the pearls spirit qi, youre bound to be torn apart very soon.”

“Could it be, youre planning on replacing my current physique and perish alongside me”

Xu Fei didnt bother answering him.

He only grabbed “Ying Yuzhen”s body.

As the Earth Splitting Pearls spirit qi continued to surge, the Anti-Devil Countering Rune buried within Xu Feis body started taking effect, forcefully pulling the Earth Devil into his body!

By right, after the Earth Devil managed to reincarnate, he shouldnt be able to change his husk anymore.

However, using the Earth Splitting Pearls innate countering powers, Xu Fei managed to do so!

The dark-ocher devilish lights within Ying Yuzhens eyes dispersed.

She shut her eyes, lost her consciousness, and weakly fell to the ground.

The rune by Xu Feis chest solidified into stone, which then covered his entire chest.

Rocks started expanding outwards, transforming most of Xu Feis body parts into a stone statue.

He lowered his head and stared at his chest.

Then, he looked at the mother-son duo and smiled with sincerity.

“Master… senior apprentice-brother Shi… Ive lived up to your trust…”

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