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From the rocks engulfing Xu Feis chest, a voice resounded, “Is this worth it”

“This woman is merely a Martial Scholar, while youre already in the Martial Saint Realm.

Youre already a Seeing Divinity Martial Saint.

Youre only a step away from the Immortal Bridge.

With your talents and potential, youll become an Immortal sooner or later.

Yet, youre willing to exchange your life with hers”

“If this woman was your disciple, then I wont be so surprised.

However, this woman truly had no ties to you at all.”

“So, is it worth it”

Xu Fei fell to the ground.

He took the wine pouch hanging by his waist and chugged it a few times.

“Whenever I do something, I only seek to fulfill my compassionate wants.

Ill never think if it is worth it or not.”

“Master!” Shi Jun stumbled his way towards Xu Fei and fell heavily on the ground.

His right hand and leg couldnt move at all.

His left leg grazed forward, his left hand pressed on, and he dragged himself closer to Xu Fei, “Master…”

“Boy, dont be like this.” Xu Fei sighed.

Theres the saying that men shouldnt shed tears so easily.

Yet, at this moment, streams of tears were flowing on Shi Juns face.

Ever since he matured, he had been someone possessing righteousness and valor.

When the Vast Ocean World was hunting him down under accusation, he had never shown signs of weakness at all.

Yet, right now, he was crying like an infant.

Tears and blood mixed, falling uncontrollably from his face.

“Master!” Shi Jun crawled beside Xi Fei and lifted his shaky hand, grabbing onto his master.

Xu Fei laughed self-deprecatingly, “I heard that when the Astro Sovereign used the Anti-Devil Countering Rune, it took effect immediately.

For me, thanks to the Earth Splitting Pearl delaying its effects, I still have some time to nag you.”

He grabbed the wine pouch and chugged a few more times, choking himself in the process.

He lowered his head and saw the rocks by his chest growing larger and larger, expanding quicker and quicker.

It wouldnt be long before he turned into a rock statue.

“I cant even finish my last bottle of wine.” Xu Fei laughed and threw the wine pouch away.

“But, thats fine.

I cant finish the wine in my chalice, yet my sorrow of parting has vanished.

Little Jun, dont feel bad for me.

Im merely fulfilling my selfish desires.”

Xu Fei lightly tapped on Shi Juns shoulder, “Youve stood your grounds, firmly standing by your own beliefs.

Even when going through hardships, you never flinched and had never been allured by the Infernal Devils.

Such is a commendable feat.”

“Only, its such a pity that I couldnt take care of you, which made you suffer from such heavy injuries.”

Shi Jun shook his head desperately, sobbing at his masters comments.

“I only have one lingering concern.

My departure would surely sadden my betrothed.” Xu Fei seemed a little disappointed, “We promised that we would live together forever.

Pity, Ill have to break that promise today.”

Shi Jun shook his head violently, “You wont, master! You wont!”

“Master, hold on for a little while longer, just a little while longer! Senior apprentice-uncle Yan and the others should be arriving soon.

Hell have a method of saving you!”

Xu Fei smiled, “The Anti-Devil Countering Rune was created by Zhaoge, junior apprentice-sister Feng, and the Astro Sovereign.

You and I have also participated in studying it in the past.

We all know the details of this art.”

“The Astro Sovereigns condition was special, which allowed him a chance to survive.

As for us, Zhaoge had warned me that the same method wont work twice anymore.”

He smiled, “I cant possibly find any True Immortals of our lineage to turn into a stone statue alongside me.”

Currently, the Broad Creed Mountain had a Virtual Immortal, a Profound Immortal, and a True Immortal.

Yet, even if Yan Zhaoge, Feng Yunsheng, and Yan Di were willing to sacrifice themselves, it was still impossible.

Xu Fei was Shi Ties disciple.

He was the inheritor of Shi Ties martial arts.

While Shi Tie and Yan Di received teachings under the same master, their martial arts and comprehension concepts were vastly different.

Yan Zhaoges Broad Creed Martial Arts were the same as Yan Dis.

Feng Yunsheng could only achieve the Five Qis Unification due to the Spirit Divinity Overflowing Lid.

Even when accounting for her Broad Creed martial arts origins, she was under Fu Enshus lineage, which meant she wasnt compatible with Xu Fei as well.

Chen Xuanzong had taught Jie Mingkong and Chu Lili.

Similarly, the two had pushed open the Immortal Door.

However, chances of such cases happening was extremely scarce.

Shi Jun understood this as well.

However, due to this layer of understanding, he was currently filled with despair.

As Shi Jun watched, Xu Feis entire body gradually transformed into a stone statue right in front of him.

Xu Feis skin was covered with a layer of lifeless cinereous-green brilliance.

Suddenly, an overbearing aura descended outside.

Xu Fei raised his head with difficulty.

Then, he saw Feng Yunsheng descending along with the Tranquility Emperor and the Liberal Emperor.

Seeing this, Xu Fei discarded his last bit of worries, and his expression had thoroughly relaxed.

“Senior apprentice-aunt Feng, quick, take a look at my master!” yelled Shi Jun.

Feng Yunshengs expression turned serious upon seeing Xu Feis current appearance.

“What exactly happened” While checking out Xu Feis condition, she asked Shi Jun.

Shi Jun quickly explained.

Hearing his explanations, Feng Yunshengs worried look remained.

“Ultimately, the Earth Devil won the brawl and managed to reincarnate in this world.” She sighed, “Either we allow looming danger into our houses or send her into perishment.”

“The only other option would be senior apprentice-brother Xus method.

But…” A sense of helplessness overwrote Feng Yunshengs expression.

She looked at Xu Fei, “Senior apprentice-brother Xu, youve secretly altered the Anti-Devil Countering Rune and prepared it beforehand, right”

“Hope my unsightly plan doesnt embarrass myself,” said Xu Fei as he put on a weak smile.

Shi Jun stared at his master, his nose turning red.

Only after the Great Devil reincarnates would one be forced to use the Anti-Devil Countering Rune.

This was practically the last resort.

However, Xu Fei had thought much further ahead.

No one expected that he would make such decisions and make such choices.

“Swallowing the Earth Splitting Pearl…” The Tranquility Emperor – Kun Ningzi suddenly said, “It didnt have to be him.

Daoist Feng had already captured Chen Qianhua.

If you waited a while longer, he wouldve been the one suffering from this retribution.

He deserves it, after all.”

“The process of using the Earth Splitting Pearl to lure the Earth Devil requires the persons consent.” Xu Fei softly said, “If not, this plan wouldnt have been discarded when we were making plans with Zhaoge.”

Shi Juns left eye stared at Feng Yunsheng, “Senior apprentice-aunt Feng, according to what the Tranquility Emperor said, youve captured that rascal”

He furiously said, “If it wasnt for him, how would the two Devil revive At that time, we were merely half a step away from succeeding!”

“Ive captured him.” Feng Yunsheng nodded.

Previously, when she hurried back, she came across the Liberal Emperor and the Tranquility Emperor who were fighting against Chen Qianhua.

Without the freedom to think too much, Feng Yunsheng decided to deal with Chen Qianhua first.

Then, she brought the Liberal Emperor and the Tranquility Emperor along with her to where Shi Juns group was located.

Unfortunately, by the time she arrived, everything had already developed to the point of no return.

Shi Jun had also thought about this.

His stomach, full of anger, turned into rage.

Even if he killed Chen Qianhua, things wouldnt turn back in time anymore.

In the distant cosmos, waves of ripples appeared.

Then, a silhouette rushed out from the void.

The one who did so was Yan Zhaoge!

When the Immortal Extermination Formation collapsed, everyone had fallen into the black hole and were transported into different spatial convolution.

As the conductor of the formation, Yan Zhaoge was protected by it.

As such, he didnt have much difficulties stabilizing his condition.

The instant he broke free from the spatial convolution, he instantly rushed here with full speed.

The sensation of devilish qi earlier gave Yan Zhaoge no room to relax.

Despite being weakened, it still planted a deep sense of concern into him.

Upon reaching the dilapidated spatial domain and looking at the surroundings, he immediately felt anger rushing to his head.

Every part of his hair was standing straight!

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