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HSSB145: Broad Creed Young Master VS Thunder Rumbling Young Master!


The memories of his body’s original owner aside, this was still the first time Yan Zhaoge was seeing this Lin Zhou before him in person.

However, as compared to that high-spirited youth of those memories, meeting him now, Lin Zhou had a much calmer and quieter disposition than before.

Although he still looked high-spirited on the outside, within that sharp gaze of his, in those pupils, was evidently concealed the vicissitudes of life, even to the point of sombreness.

Lin Zhou similarly looked at Yan Zhaoge.

In terms of outward appearance, the Yan Zhaoge before him was no different at all from the one in his memories.

His air similarly sharp and forceful, his abilities similarly displayed strongly, to the point of even being a little high profile and domineering.

But thinking back to the numerous events that had happened over the course of this past one over year, Lin Zhou just couldn’t connect this Yan Zhaoge before him with the one in his memories.

So many things which were originally not supposed to happen had happened; too many changes out of his predictions had occurred.

Although these events had occurred far away in the Heaven and Mountain Domains, with information on them hard to gather, there being some inside information that Lin Zhou just could not get his hands on, just the information that he had managed to obtain alone, on those changes which had thrown his mind into chaos, more or less all had Yan Zhaoge’s shadow in them somewhat.

Lin Zhou didn’t believe that all of these had been coincidences.

Looking at Lin Zhou, Yan Zhaoge smiled lightly, “Senior Brother Lin of the Heavenly Thunder Hall, long time no see.

Giving me such a huge gift as soon as you see me ah.”

Looking at the fragment of the Eye of the Thunder Emperor entangled within his net, Lin Zhou smiled mildly, “It should be me who’s thanking you for giving me such a huge gift.”

“When was I talking about this Spirit Artifact fragment” Yan Zhaoge chortled, “I was talking about in Old Man Great Sorrow’s tomb and you with that generous hand of yours, collapsing the entire spirit formation and tomb and nearly burying me alive.”

Yan Zhaoge stared at Lin Zhou, “However, I’m rather curious.

How you passed through the restrictions guarding the tomb so speedily, taking away the Sacred Artifact fragment aside, you even managed to locate the core of the spirit formation.”

Neither hurriedly or slowly, Lin Zhou replied leisurely, “While Old Man Great Sorrow was a Martial Grandmaster and proficient in formations, he has, after all, been dead for many years.”

“With the spirit formation having deteriorated over the years, with me just happening to be proficient in formations as well, there was not much difficulty in it.”

He was all smiles as he looked at Yan Zhaoge, “What, did you find it very difficult”

Yan Zhaoge clapped lightly, “Excellent; I will have many chances to view your attainments in formations in the future.”

“I might not have the leisure for that,” Lin Zhou said mildly, “As for finding the core of the spirit formation and collapsing the entire tomb that you speak of, that had nothing to do with me.”

“I am uncertain how it happened; perhaps someone else entered the spirit formation as well.”

The corners of Yan Zhaoge’s lips curled lightly upwards.

Cracking the spirit formation could not be considered as something much, but having done so in such a short period of time and even finding its core, of which he gained the ability to control at will, as compared to Lin Zhou’s earlier performances, was really much too shocking, being too noticeably large a difference from the him in the past.

Lin Zhou also tried to avoid attracting unwanted attention as much as possible; while it was not at the point of keeping himself stifled, he still kept much more of a low profile than the Zhao Hao who was unbridled and without fear.

“Speak no lies before the true; why do you have to conceal it so.”

Yan Zhaoge similarly said neither hurriedly nor slowly, “That you Heavenly Thunder Hall disciples want to kill me is also not a secret; we can completely face each other with all honesty ah.”

“For example,” Yan Zhaoge smiled a totally natural smile, “I’m also feeling a little like seeing you dead now.”

Lin Zhou’s gaze was icy cold as he glanced at the fragment of the Eye of the Thunder Emperor which, enveloped by the net, was currently hovering silently by the side in mid-air.

He said, “There will surely be chances for us to face off again in the future.

Now, I’m going to first take what is originally mine.”

With a wave of his hands, that blood-red net dragged the fragment of the Eye of the Thunder Emperor, flying over towards him.

Earlier, it was because the two fragments had wanted to congregate that this Blood Cocoon Net had been unable to stop them.

Now, the two having congregated and even merged, they regained their original peaceful state once more.

As Lin Zhou called on his Blood Cocoon Net, the newly merged fragment began being pulled along to him over with it.

This Blood Cocoon Net was one of the unique advantages he possessed, a unique treasure which he had secretly unearthed from an obscure secret realm.

This greatest function of this net-shaped treasure was that it could lay down a strong barrier, which Martial Scholars would be extremely hard pressed to break through.

Even if they wielded low-grade spirit artifacts in doing so, it would still be hard for them to break through the barrier.

Within a short period of time, Martial Grandmasters would also not be able to resolve it so easily.

Yan Zhaoge looked at this scene nonchalantly, as he said in a slow, ordered manner, “I should remind you that that fragment of the Eye of the Thunder Emperor, does not belong to you.”

Saying thus, opening up his palm, a flat, transparent crystal container appeared within, flickering with a blood-red glow.

As Yan Zhaoge opened the container, streaks of blood-red light instantly rushed out from within!

Under the guidance of Yan Zhaoge’s aura-qi, those streaks of blood-red light lunged towards Lin Zhou’s Blood Cocoon Net, which instantly trembled!

The exterior of the net rose with streams of light, forming a blood-red barrier of light as it attempted to hold off the encroaching enemy.

However, after being touched by those streaks of blood-red light, even the Blood Cocoon Net which could withstand the full-powered attack of a Heavenly Connection Martial Scholar, seemed weak beyond compare!

Assaulted by those similarly-coloured streaks of light, that blood-red barrier seemed to have been corroded, as a large hole was noiselessly created within.

That ripped opening now even began expanding unceasingly at an extremely high speed.

“What is that thing” Lin Zhou’s gaze hardened.

Yan Zhaoge’s expression was as per normal as he played with that already completely empty transparent container with his hands.

This was precisely the Blood Devil Plate which he had forged using the Blood Refining Orb and the Flowing Cloud Mirror as the main ingredients.

Specialised in breaking through all kinds of barriers!

Ah Hu grinned widely and happily as he strode towards the large hole in the Blood Cocoon Net, his target the Sacred Artifact fragment.

A cold light flickered in the depths of Lin Zhou’s eyes as, looking at Yan Zhaoge, he suddenly said, “In your heart, I wonder if it is your personal gains and losses or the overall benefit of Broad Creed Mountain that is more important”

“Eh” Yan Zhaoge raised his brows slightly.

Lin Zhou said mildly, “I heard that your Broad Creed Mountain has a new disciple, known as Feng Yunsheng.

“As you say, speak no lies before the true.

She was actually a past Maiden of Extreme Yin of the Sacred Sun Clan who lost her Extreme Yin Physique, right”

“I’ve heard that she and some others are cultivating together at the Yin Yang Cloud Spring of the Mountain Domain’s Cloud Portent Mountain.

You have done well in avoiding detection, but…”

Lin Zhou smiled lightly, “However, I just happen to have researched a little into Maidens of Extreme Yin as well.

The method of yin and yang coexisting and a land of solitary yin that also contains solitary yang-these have the possibility of helping to restore that Feng Yunsheng’s Extreme Yin Physique, am I right”

Hearing his words, Yan Zhaoge’s eyes momentarily narrowed slightly into slits.

Totally self-composed, Lin Zhou continued, “What do you think the Sacred Sun Clan will think upon learning of this piece of news More importantly, what would Infinite Boundless Mountain think”

“Although you are now in a collaborative relationship, Infinite Boundless Mountain is not subordinate to your Broad Creed Mountain.

They have wanted the Extreme Yin Crown a lot all along as well.”

Ah Hu’s footsteps towards the fragment of the Eye of the Thunder Emperor halted as he turned and looked at Lin Zhou with an unfriendly expression on his face, “You want to threaten my Young Master”

Lin Zhou smiled, “I know that you, big guy, are not simple.

However, looking at speed, wanting to chase down and kill me of the Heavenly Thunder Hall would also not be all that easy.”

He looked at Yan Zhaoge, “So, your Broad Creed Mountain’s Maiden of Extreme Yin who was only obtained after so much painstaking effort, and this Sacred Artifact fragment-which one will you choose”

“Do not worry about me wanting to take all the benefits for myself, taking the object and still sending the news over to Infinite Boundless Mountain- I’m not a greedy person, and will only take one benefit.

Although our two clans are currently antagonistic towards each other, I myself am always happy to wipe off enmity and start a friendship with those who are able.

It’s just-are you willing to forsake this Sacred Artifact fragment”


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