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Feng Yunsheng immediately traversed through the “wall” surrounding the Blessed Lands of the White Lotus, pulling all attention towards herself.

In almost an instant, radiances surged from countless Lands of Buddhism.

Amidst the dark void, white lotuses bloomed without any warnings, which came crashing towards Feng Yunsheng.

The Blessed Lands of the White Lotus was currently in a war against the Immortal Court.

Due to their previous advantage, they managed to occupy eight hundred of the Immortal Courts Immortal Territories and a myriad of worlds.

With how the battle waged on, the current battlefield was located in the Immortal Courts territory.

A large majority of the Blessed Lands experts were on an expedition against the Immortal Court.

As such, their territory was a little empty.

Previously, when the Victorious Fighting Buddha and other Western Pure Lands experts managed to infiltrate, they had to rely on the Demon Races Great Sage who Pacifies Heavens to fend off their foes, which caused great humiliation upon everyone of the Blessed Lands.

This time, the instant an external foe infiltrated, they immediately dispatched experts to deal with the infiltrator.

Due to her previous battles, Feng Yunsheng had to carefully deal with the situation, as she could hardly utilize her full strength.

Her dark saber sliced through the skies, destroying a white lotus.

Then, she immediately fled from the area.

Rays of Buddha lights chased after her.

Simultaneously, countless white lotuses appeared in the void, attempting to block Feng Yunshengs path.

Using this chance, Yan Zhaoge rushed into the Blessed Lands of the White Lotuss cosmos.

He concealed his presence and traversed through layers of void, rushing towards the Obscured Way World.

As he was about to approach the Obscured Way World, Buddha lights flickered.

Two Bhante level Buddhism experts appeared.

Upon recognizing Yan Zhaoge, they became surprised, “Its you”

Yan Zhaoge didnt bother answering them.

Dark-red sword-lights flickered by his body as he stepped through space, instantly closing in on the two.

Without giving them any time to react, Yan Zhaoge arched both his hands, unleashing a palm strike and a punch.

The Heaven Splitting Halberd decapitated ones head, while the Cyclic Heavenly Seal shattered the other.

Bypassing through them, the two Buddhism Bhantes had already perished.

Buddha lights surged from their body as if they were about to fly towards the sky.

However, Yan Zhaoges palm grasped onto them, causing them to disintegrate by the chaos, ceasing to exist any longer.

Yan Zhaoge immediately rushed towards the Obscured Way World and headed towards the Two Boundaries Mountain.

The Two Boundaries Mountains seal was troublesome for Yan Zhaoge, especially when he didnt have Feng Yunshengs assistance this time.

However, thanks to his previous experience, he managed to retrace his path.

He successfully reached the mythical area beneath the mountain peaks after some effort.

There were still two seals present.

The seal inside was still as quiet as ever, giving off no response to uninvited guests like Yan Zhaoge.

Only, the premise of such quietness was if Yan Zhaoge doesnt touch the seal and doesnt help the Great Sage Equalling Heavens escape.

Otherwise, this seal left behind by the Gautama Buddha would activate, forming an impassable chasm.

Upon reaching the depths of the mountain, Yan Zhaoge felt a pair of eyes staring at him.

A silhouette descended from the skies.

A face full of fur, an ape-shaped mouth, and the Ru Yi Golden Cudgel he wielded.

It was the projection of the Great Sage Equalling Heavens – Sun Wukong.

“You little brat, you made me wait long enough,” said the monkey.

Yan Zhaoge hugged the stone statue and said, “Ive fulfilled the requirements you asked for.”

“Youre injured” The Great Sage Equalling Heavens scanned Yan Zhaoges body with his eyes.

When previously fighting against the Victorious Fighting Buddha, the Immortal Extermination Formation was destroyed.

While the Victorious Fighting Buddha was injured, those maintaining the formation had also received considerable damage.

Ling Qing was attacked by the Victorious Fighting Buddhas sarira, while Gao Qingxuan had suffered from transforming into a sword.

Similarly, Yan Zhaoge, Yu Ye, Long Xueji, and Daoist Cloud Conquest had suffered grave injuries.

When the Immortal Extermination Formation collapsed, the backlash of power came crashing towards them first.

The ones who presided over the Formation – Yan Di, Nie Jingshen, Yue Zhenbei, and Long Xingquan were also wounded.

Using the protection of the formation, he managed to escape from the spatial distortion very quickly.

However, the injuries he received were still present.

Without conditioning his wounds, he immediately searched for Xu Feis group and immediately headed towards the Blessed Lands of the White Lotus.

On the way, he had Feng Yunsheng transporting him.

He then used that moment to prevent his injuries from worsening.

Only, his injuries couldnt possibly be recovered overnight.

While it didnt seem so on the surface, the Great Sage Equalling Heavens wasnt just a random joe.

With his honed sense of perception, he could immediately tell that Yan Zhaoge was inflicted with serious injuries.

“Its fine.” Yan Zhaoge shook his head.

Then, he placed the stone statue down and summoned his North Ocean Clone along with Pan-Pan.

“Great Sage, please have a look.

Do they fulfill your requirements Can it be done”

The Great Sage Equalling Heavens first looked at the stone statue, “Oh I cant tell if hes dead or alive.”

“This brethren of mine was involved in an incident.” Yan Zhaoge explained, “If possible, Id like you to save him.”

“While I do know a few things about remedy, your brethrens vitality is almost at its end.

Even a Grand Heavenly Immortal wouldnt be able to save him.” The Great Sage Equalling Heavens said, “Im merely someone being suppressed here.

Even if I wanted to help, Im unable to do so.”

“But, youre truly slick.

Youve managed to fill him with an abundance of Yin Yang Earthly Spirit.

Using this, he would be able to receive my Golden Body, and in turn, I would be able to escape.

With this, hell have a chance of surviving.”

The monkey praised, “What kinds of treasures and secret arts did you use to make him like this His cultivation should be around humans Seeing Divinity Martial Saint Realm.”

Yan Zhaoge said, “The treasures related are all of the Immortal Realm.

Moreover, there was also the Nine Underworlds Earth Devils interference.”

“Oh Its related to the Nine Underworlds” The Great Sage Equalling Heavens stared at the stone statue with curiosity, “I cant sense any devilish qi nor devilish intents.”

Yan Zhaoge explained the gist of the situation to him.

The monkey then smiled and said, “He truly deserves this opportunity.”

“Senior apprentice-brother Xu turned into a stone statue thanks to these events.

Fortunately, he already has the foundations of an Immortal Realm, which is why I could confidently bring only three individuals here to meet you.” Yan Zhaoge solemnly said, “Please make your judgment, Great Sage.

Is this sufficient enough”

“Its enough.” The Great Sage Equalling Heavens raised his head and muttered, “Ive waited for this day for far too long…”

“Far too long!”

With his sudden roar, the entire skies seemed to have changed its color.

The golden ape somersaulted and disappeared midair.

Radiances emitted from the Earthly Essence Stone half embedded into the stone wall, which shone on Xu Fei, the North Ocean Clone, and Pan-Pan.

A stone statue, a person, and a panda; their bodies trembled at the same time.

On the stone statues surface, layers of stone started being peeled off as if its skin was being shed.

Yan Zhaoges North Ocean Clone and Pan-Pan growled together.

Using their refined Monkey Demon blood, they started transforming, taking the form of an ape.

Atop the three of them, a colossal projection appeared.

A giant ape that bellowed towards the heavens!

As the giant ape projection bellowed, it slowly disintegrated.

Finally, it transformed into golden lights, which enveloped the three of them.

Yan Zhaoges mind was connected to the North Ocean Clone.

As his mind blanked for a moment, countless images flashed across his eyes.

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