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Bizzare images flashed across quickly before his eyes.

Yan Zhaoge felt dizzy watching them pass through his eyes.

Watching the scenes, he felt as if he was back-pedaling through the river of time, flowing back to the times of yore.

All the specks of historical remnants seemed to have reappeared.

Yan Zhaoge felt as if his consciousness was being separated from his body.

A part of it dwelled within the slides of images, which the other part of it was merely spectating aside.

The more ancient the past was, the more scattered and blurry the images were.

The closer they were to the present era, the clearer the images become.

Yan Zhaoge watched the images that passed through hastily.

These were like the memories of the Great Sage Equalling Heavens.

There were scenes of him being borned from the Earthly Essence Stone when he became the Mountains of Flower and Fruits Water Curtain Caves owner when he headed to the seas to learn martial arts, and when he became a Demon Race Great Sage who stood pridefully above all others upon his return.

Then, finally, the battle where he created havoc in the Heavenly Palace, where tales of his magnificent feat were passed down through the following generations!

The process of this battle was the clearest out of all the memories and the most detailed one.

Yan Zhaoge felt as if he was experiencing everything as if he was present.

Some myths were the same as his memories, while some were different.

At that time, the dispute between Buddhism and the Demon Race was already being foreshadowed.

Groups of Demon Race experts erected a massive formation to stop Western Buddhism from propagating in the East.

The two were already confronting each other.

After the Three Clears transcended, the Jade Illusory Palace, the Eight Landscapes Palace, and the Roving Jade Palace secluded themselves from the world.

Then, the Elder Lord who resided by the Tu**a Palace seemed to have distanced himself from mortal affairs as well.

The Heavenly Courts Divine Palace, who became the orthodox embodiment of Daoism, had banded together with Buddhism to oppress the Demons.

Being met with such fate, the Great Sage Equalling Heavens went ahead to challenge the heavens.

A monkey and a rod dominated several heavens, causing the Heavenly Courts Divine Palaces Immortals to flee in fear, along with the humiliation of being defeated.

Everything went on until he met the strongest of the Daoism lineages third generation, someone who bested countless forebears – the Illustrious Monarch Erlang – Yang Jian.

With that, the greatest battle of the Middle era, the battle between two Grand Heavenly Realms commenced.

However, before the battle could conclude, a Vajra Ring descended from the skies, knocking the Great Sage Equalling Heavens to the ground.

Although the Great Sage was the one suffering, Yan Zhaoge still felt suffocated watching the battle.

That was the Elder Lords attack!

Buddhism had always prided themselves for their indestructible body.

However, from Yan Zhaoges perspective, the Great Sage Equalling Heavens was the only one qualified to be dubbed as the indestructible body.

No matter how many retributions he underwent, his body never faltered, far surpassing Buddhisms degree of indestructibility.

The Earthly Essence Stone formed the Great Sage Equalling Heavens.

He didnt have the Heavenly Essence Stones capabilities of blotting the skies with clones, nor could he utilize the faith power, an ability restricted to the Humanly Essence Stone.

However, he was accompanied with an Early Heaven advantage – his solid and tough physique honed to the extreme!

Upon reaching the Grand Heavenly Realm, he became on-par with the Primordial Heart Devil.

The two were the only ones unkillable even by Dao Realm experts.

Ultimately, the two could only be subjected to suppression.

As long as a life form still exists, the Primordial Heart Devil would be able to reincarnate.

However, the Great Sage Equalling Heavens formed by the Earthly Essence Stone was truly unkillable!

This was related to Mother Goddess Nuwas transcendence.

In this world, even a Dao Ancestor could only suppress the Great Sage Equalling Heavens.

Subjecting him to perishment would be impossible.

The Elder Lords way of thinking was unpredictable.

Perhaps, he didnt plan on crippling the Great Sage Equalling Heavens.

Yet, it was still undeniable that he didnt die after receiving the Elder Lords attack.

The situation alone was already enough to leave one in awe.

With the Elder Lord making his move, the monkey was ultimately unable to escape and was thus brought along to the Tu**a Palace.

After undergoing vigorous training in the cauldron, the monkey managed to escape in the end.

Yan Zhaoge could not help pondering what the Elder Lord was thinking.

The scenes flashing across his eyes continued changing without stopping.

The Great Sage Equalling Heavens who managed to escape passed through the Thirty-Three Heavens, descending upon the Heavenly Palace once again!

The monkey wielding his cudgel smashed apart the Southern Heavenly Gate!

Within the Nine Heavens, a battle much more intense than the preceding battle happened.

In fact, without accounting for the Dao Realm, this might be the most intense battle that ever happened.

The Great Sage Equalling Heavens – Sun Wukong against the Welkin Golden Palace Gate Exalt – the Jade Emperor!

Contrary to the sloppy image Yan Zhaoge had in mind, this Jade Emperor was the true overlord of the Heavenly Courts Divine Palace!

Second only to the Three Clears, his position far surpassed even the Four Imperials.

Born before the Early Heavens, he governed over the entire world!

His full title was the Welkin Golden Palace Gate Supreme Exalt, Truthfulness Encompassing Splendid Jade Emperor.

Some even call him the Jade Eminent Heavenly Lord Emperor, The Benevolent Sage of Heavens, Jade Eminent Heavenly Lord Emperor of the Empyrean Skies, or the Emperor of Empyrean Skies.

After the Three Clear Grand Masters transcended, he was dubbed as the number one strongest among Daoism.

In fact, he might very well be the first Grand Heavenly Realm in the world.

Daoists refer to Grand Heavenly Immortals as Heavenly Lords.

Yet, the Jade Emperor had always been referred to as the Eminent Heavenly Lord!

Not only those of Daoism refer to him that way.

Even those of Buddhism, the Demon Race, and the Nine Underworlds had recognized his title.

Even when facing this expert sitting by the Grand Heavenly Realm peak, the Great Sage Equalling Heavens still raised his weapon against him!

Nine golden palace gates came crashing down on him, illuminating the jade pillars by the Three Realms, hurling the ape from the skies down to the underworld.

However, with an enraged roar, a cudgel came skyrocketing, piercing through the underworld, the mortal realm, and the Nine Heavens!

The tyrannical power forcefully clashed against the Jade Eminent Heavenly Lord Emperors empyrean palace gates, its shockwave rippling through the entire great thousand worlds!

The empyrean palace gates continued pressing downwards, attempting to bury the Demon Monkey into the ground.

However, the monkey was far too strong.

As the two contended against each other, the Yellow Springs and underworld were caught up in their clash, resulting in them crumbling thoroughly!

A huge calamity hit the great thousand worlds as if they were about to experience a significant declination.

The Immortals of the Heavenly Court Divine Palace either stabilized the great thousand worlds or joined the besiegement of Sun Wukong.

However, the Great Sage Equalling Heavens harbored an indestructible body, making him fearless of the besiegement.

Even if Grand Heavenly Immortals attacked him, if they werent strong enough, Sun Wukong would ignore them.

He would treat the destructive attack as a mere tickle from the raindrops.

The rampaging Demon Monkey came out of the crumbled underworlds and returned to the Nine Heavens, fighting against the Jade Eminent Heavenly Lord Emperor once again.

The Heavenly Court Divine Palace experienced its very first destruction ever since it was built.

All the palaces buildings were crumbling apart.

Yan Zhaoge even saw the Martial Repository being destroyed along with other buildings, turning into ruins!

The Martial Repository he resided in was built after this calamity was over.

Even the Soaring Clouds Palace was crushed to bits!

As the battle neared its end, the Great Sage Equalling Heavens managed to slap the Jade Eminent Heavenly Lord Emperors crown away while he was dragged down from the golden palace gates supported by the Thirty-Three Heavens divine light.

However, not only did he not plan on giving up, he became even more resolute.

Without backing out, he stood up and continued fighting again.

At that moment, a Buddhism chanting resounded from the skies.

Soon after, a giant Buddha palm came pressing down on all the golden palace gates, pressing the monkeys body straight to the ground!

The golden monkey remained fearless.

Amidst his furious bellow, he pointed his weapon towards the sky, facing the existence attempting to subdue him head-on.

The golden palace gates in between them shattered, resulting in a direct clash of power between the two.

The monkey was taken aback!

He widened his eyes in disbelief.


Furious roars resounded throughout the everlasting passage of time.

Doubt, shock, anger, sorrow, disappointment, anguish, disbelief…

All sorts of emotions fused, forever embedded by the cosmic skies, never to be erased.

The deafening Buddhist chantings covered his rageous roars.

The giant Buddha palm crushed him down, turning into mountain ranges which suppressed the monkey.

Everything seemed to have returned to normal.

Only the crumbled underworld, the vast mortal realm, and the shambolic heavens remained.

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