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Chapter 1467: Tranquil Profound Immortal Realm

Yan Zhaoge remained silent when watching the colossal Buddha palms descent.

It belonged to the Tathagata Buddha.

Also otherwise known as the Grand Master Bodhi, or Daoists Zhunti.

An opponent which far exceeded the monkeys expectation.

When the Five Elements Mountain descended, his life experienced a complete turnabout.

However, looking at it from a different perspective, this might have been his fate from the start.

A fate someone imposed upon him.

In fact, Buddhism even had to pretend posting their six-word mantra by the mountain.

As a result, when the destined moment arrives, the Arhats would appear, “break” the seal, allowing the Demon Monkey to “reappear” once again and commence his journey to the West.

However, the true Great Sage Equalling Heavens was still being crushed beneath the mountain, which lasted for several millenniums.

Today, he finally had the chance to bask in sunlight once again.

Even if he had to discard his unparalleled cultivation, he was not afraid of starting all over again.

The scenes flashing by Yan Zhaoges eyes blurred.

Blurred… The silhouette of the monkey fighting against the world alone, smiting the heavens with his weapon seemed to have reappeared, gradually overlapping with the silhouette being suppressed beneath the mountain as if all specks of dust were being cleansed away.

Beneath the Five Elements Mountain, the colossal monkeys projection stood by the North Ocean Clone, Xu Fei, and Pan-Pans heads.

The projection slowly disintegrated, transforming into clumps of gold radiances which then scattered, enveloping the three.

The stone statue, shrouded with the radiances, flashed with the color of gold.

Turbulence appeared on the stone statues surface, causing ochre-colored steams to leak out.

The steams flitted in the air and slowly fused with the gold radiance.

As the gold radiance permeated through the North Ocean clone and Pan-Pans body, the ochre-colored steams were also integrated within.

Yan Zhaoge showed no resistance to what had taken place.

He merely stood aside and patiently waited for the process to complete.

The ample Demonic powers were divided into three.

All sorts of bizarreness imbued within Xu Fei had also disintegrated, moving towards the North Ocean Clone and Pan-Pan, which created a balance between the three.

As time moved on, patterns surfaced by the skin of their backs, their right shoulders, and their scapulas.

The shape of the rampageous ape by their backs and shoulders was the semblance of tattoos and engravings.

Finally, the all-encompassing gold radiance seemed to have found their outlet to vent and started fanatically surging towards the three patterns!

The overwhelming powers started bending the time and space, along with all the laws accompanying it.

Time seemed to be moving in reverse, while space seemed to have dissipated.

The concept of life and death reversed, while the concept of truthfulness and falsities intertwined together.

The cinereous-color by Xu Feis face faded, with vitality surging within his body.

Through the North Ocean Clone, Yan Zhaoge was also being affected.

The Great Sage Equalling Heavens was undoubtedly one of the strongest existences in the world.

If his foes cultivation was much lower than him, he could even eliminate the clones owner through the clone alone.

As the North Ocean Clone was receiving a part of his Vajra Body, Yan Zhaoge himself was also affected.

He accepted the influence unreservedly.

He sat in a lotus position and quietly conditioned himself.

Using this opportunity, his previous wounds started recovering quickly, almost fully recovering in an instant.

At the same time, vast amounts of profound laws started filling up Yan Zhaoges mind.

The skies above him seemed to be continuously elevating upwards while he was continuously descending downwards.

As the distance between the heavens and earth gradually became larger, Yan Zhaoge felt as if he had transformed into an ape.

He had the strong urge to rush towards the sky and surpass the elevating skies.

Yan Zhaoges state of mind was as calm as a tranquil lake.

His mind seemed to have taken form and went along with the urge of leaping towards the skies.

As he leaped upwards, three different phenomena were on display.

There was a long river, which spanned across the edge of the skies.

The river surface was glittering while the river flowed endlessly.

However, the long rivers glitters were blurry, making it seem washed out as if it had been frozen.

The river expounded the mix of everlastingness and transience.

The ends on both rivers were out of sight.

When looking upwards, one wouldnt see the past; When looking downwards, one couldnt see the future.

This was the profound conception of the Jade Clear Aeon Light Heavenly Scripture.

Now, Yan Zhaoge had already fully grasped the Aeon Light Heavenly Scripture.

Which was why he could execute punishment upon Chen Qianhua so efficiently.

Beyond the river of time, two gases – one crimson and one white, were converged together.

They displayed the furtive extremities of yin and yang, warmth and coldness, movement and silence, and toughness and vulnerability.

As if the heavens were opened and the earth was split apart, these premonitions of creations transformation could be seen from these primordial affinities.

These were the manifestations of the Prime Clear Bright Red Tribulation Scripture.

Within the New Era Five Scriptures, it was only second to the Dragon River Tribulation Scripture.

It expounded the dao of the Bright Red Tribulation, which contains similarities with the Jade Clear Yin Yang Heavenly Scripture and the Prime Clear Taiji Yin Yang Palm.

After the Roving Jade Heavens moved to the Sky beyond Skies, Yao Zhaoge had discussed this scripture with other Prime Clear lineage experts.

He owned this supreme martial art when Chen Qianhua was captured.

Now, integrating his understandings, the laws within were becoming more and more apparent.

Beyond the two converged gases, the void seemed ethereal.

It seemed tangible yet intangible at the same time, un-interpretable by ones senses.

It was the primordial state of the cosmos before the heavens opened and the earth split.

This phenomenon belonged to one of the Grand Clear Grand Cosmos Five Manifestations – the Grand Beginning Bright Emptiness Form.

The Three Clears Supreme Martial Arts supported Yan Zhaoges leap, instantly bringing him to the skies!

Right before his eyes, a shapeless door appeared.

Yan Zhaoge smiled slightly.

If a True Immortal intended to challenge the True Profound Tribulation, before they reach the Duo Qis Fused Aura Profound Immortal Realm, they would have to perfect all their martial arts and go through countless hurdles.

After everything was settled, only one would be qualified to challenge the True Profound Tribulation.

Otherwise, they would perish by the tribulation.

Some people would have many hurdles, while some would hardly have any.

For example, if Yan Zhaoge did not ruin Chen Qianhuas cultivation, he would only have to face one hurdle in the True Immortal Realm.

After passing through it, he would gain the confidence to challenge the True Profound Realm.

As for Yan Di, the Creation Sabers subtleness was so jarring that even most martial arts of the past could not compete against him.

As such, he had no hurdles in the True Immortal Realm, which allowed him to ascend straight to the Leakless Realm, giving him the qualifications of ascending to the Tranquil Realm.

“I dont have any hurdle as well.

I just need some time to comprehend the Three Clears supreme martial arts fully.”

Amidst Yan Zhaoges snicker, spirit qi started circulating in the real world, undergoing continuous transformations.

The worlds pulsating qis, their transformations unbounded, converged by Yan Zhaoge.

Changing Qi – one of the Immortals Five Qis!

When the Changing Qi entered his body, it didnt undergo its usual act of respiring.

Instead, it fused with the Clear Qi harbored within Yan Zhaoges body!

Two different kinds of Immortal Qis fused, gradually emitting a colorless radiance!

That was the Immortal Aura formed by two combined Qis.

As the Immortal Aura started cleansing Yan Zhaoges body, it implied the start of the True Profound Tribulation!

This tribulation originated from within.

If he couldnt pass it, no matter how much of a prodigy he was, how unparalleled or heroic he was, only one result awaits him – death.

However, to Yan Zhaoge, such a hurdle was flat as the grounds surface.

He was already filled with sturdy accumulations, to begin with.

By comprehending the Great Sage Equalling Heavens understanding of the worlds laws through the North Ocean Clone, he achieved his final comprehension.

When taking that last step forward, he was already brimming with utmost confidence.

All the phenomena displayed disappeared, bringing back the scenery of the Five Elements Mountain.

Yan Zhaoge took a deep breath, causing the Clear Qi and Changing Qi wreathing around him to fuse.

From then onwards, they became inseparable and continued circulating on endlessly!

Currently, not only was Yan Zhaoge not leaking with worldly desires, he felt as if his entire world had turned tranquil.

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