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“Its no wonder I havent heard of anything.” The Shadow Devil said, “I merely hope him not to reenact the past mistakes.”

Previously the Devil of Aged Metal had reincarnated through the Immortal Court martial art cultivator – Yin Shiyang.

When Yin Shiyang was fighting against Yan Xintang, he willingly succumbed to the darkness and became the new vessel for the Devil of Aged Devil, turning him into the Sword Devil.

When a Great Devil resurrects, its vessel would turn into a Devil.

While their previous memories and understandings would remain intact, their instincts and apprehension would lean towards that of a Devil.

However, some anomalies might exist within.

Without violating the Infernal Devils instincts and apprehension, the cache of the vessels memories and temperament would more or less affect the Infernal Devils decisions and judgments.

As such, when the Sword Devil – Yin Shiyang became a Devil, he did not bother awaiting his cultivations recovery through the Spirit Divinity Overflowing Lid and immediately fought to the death against Yan Xintang.

In the end, the Sword God slew the Sword Devil.

Yin Shiyang perished under Yan Xintangs sword and perished not long after being resurrected.

The Nine Underworlds could only revel in helplessness.

After perishing for thousands of years, the Devil of Aged Metal had never been able to resurrect once again.

“As for the identity of his contracted vessel, only he knows.

Even Im oblivious of it.” The Primordial Heart Devil shook his head and said, “Which is why Im unable to tell you the general gist of things.”

“But, acting incognito might also be something good.

If we could suddenly strike them from the shadows, our chances of success shall rise.”

The Primordial Heart Devil sighed, “The main cause of the Water Devil and the Earth Devils failures was that they dragged the battle on for too long.”

“So, for now, we should continue stalling the Daoism, Buddhism, and the Demon Races Grand Heavenly Realm experts” The Shadow Devil said, “With the way things are now, one mistake would result in our perishment.

Even if youre not afraid of death, the resurrection takes time.”

The Primordial Heart Devil smiled and said, “Lets try our best to deal with them.

The Devil of Aged Metal had already started his actions.

We wont have to wait for long.”

He turned his head and looked at the dark boundless void, “Let us commence with haste.”

Yan Zhaoges group traversed through layers of void, finally returning to the Awakened Sky Cosmos.

The commotion that happened in the Blessed Lands of the White Lotus had gained many bigwigs attention.

To avoid the Awakened Sky Cosmos coordinates exposed, Yan Zhaoges group was of their utmost cautiousness.

They carefully disposed of their traces, preventing the possibilities of others tailing them.

Of course, making detours and faking their traces were essentials.

Yan Zhaoge was not afflicted with boredom.

He had just challenged the True Profound Tribulation and required sufficient conditioning.

After inheriting the Golden Body of the Great Sage, his North Ocean Clone also required time to cultivate and study his newly gained powers.

In her previous battles during the Water Devil and the Earth Devils resurrection, Feng Yunshengs state of mind had undergone intense ordeals.

After reaching the Blessed Lands of the White Lotus, she fought against the Buddhist heretic experts for Yan Zhaoges sake.

While her body could still withhold the exhaustion under the continuous battles, her mind had already reached its limit through its fortification against the devilish intents infestation.

She deeply required time for her recuperation.

Previously, to save Xu Fei, she stood her ground and gritted her teeth in persistence.

Now, she could finally relax and nonchalantly recover.

Xu Fei and Pan-Pan were doing the same as the North Ocean Clone.

They were all comprehending the boundless profundities contained within the Golden Body of the Great Sage.

While Yan Zhaoge was comprehending the arts of dao, he also continued his interactions with Chen Qianhua, reaping all sorts of benefits from him.

Yep. To Yan Zhaoge, Chen Qianhua was a humanoid Automated Teller Machine of decent quality or even a voiced treasured pouch.

Yan Zhaoge had presided over the Heavenly Court Divine Palaces Martial Repository before the Great Calamity, which gave him access to all sorts of supreme arts.

Among them, the supreme arts of the Daoism lineage were especially bountiful.

However, no Grand Clear lineage supreme arts had ever appeared in the Martial Repository.

Yan Zhaoge was not certain if this was related to the Elder Lord or not.

Grand Clear had enlightened the entire world with knowledge.

In this world, countless pre-existing Daoism martial arts were somewhat related to the Grand Clear.

If one did not care about their subsidiaries, they could classify themselves as the Grand Clear branched lineage.

Yan Zhaoge had the luxury of choosing from all these martial arts.

Some of these martial arts contain marvelousness that surpassed the Three Clear Lineages indomitable martial arts.

Unfortunately, none of the Grand Clear lineages ten great supreme arts – the Grand Cosmos Five Manifestations and the Later Heaven Five Ultimates were transcribed in the Martial Repository.

The Grand Cosmos Five Manifestations that Yan Zhaoge had were obtained through other methods.

Similarly, Chen Qianhua himself harbored many different kinds of supreme arts.

Most intriguingly, he even had supreme arts of Buddhism and the Devils.

As for the Daoism supreme martial arts, Yan Zhaoge placed the most interest in the Origin Heavenly Scripture and one of the Later Heaven Five Ultimates – the scepter arts.

There was no need to explain the marvelousness of the Origin Heavenly Scripture.

Similarly, Yan Zhaoge already had nine of the Primordial Heavenly Scriptures in his possession.

The only one he lacked was the Origin Heavenly Scripture.

After acquiring the Origin Heavenly Scripture from Chen Qianhua, Yan Zhaoge had officially collected all Primordial Heavenly Scriptures.

Of course, even if he collected all of them, it did not imply that he could master them instantly.

With how unique the Origin Heavenly Scripture was, mastering it proved ample difficulties.

Other than his talents in martial arts, Chen Qianhua was only able to master it due to external opportunities.

With the Peerless Heavenly Scripture, Yan Zhaoge had a deep understanding of the Jade Clear Lineage.

As such, the matters he contemplated far surpassed his peers.

The Origin Heavenly Scripture could be cultivated by several, but only one would manage to achieve the realm of great mastery.

Whoever managed to ascend first would then automatically obstruct others continued advancement in the Origin Heavenly Scripture.

There was a layer of blockade behind this.

Those inept in the comprehension of this Heavenly Scripture would deter those with weaker comprehension.

While Yan Zhaoge was confident in his comprehension, he had just came in contact with the Origin Heavenly Scripture.

Since he started far later than anyone else, he had to consider if anyone else had cultivated the Origin Heavenly Scripture.

Naturally, Yan Zhaoge would not let go of such a solid supreme martial art.

For the basis of his assurance, he had to take many other things into consideration.

Compared to the Origin Heavenly Scripture, where progressions were comparatively slower, the Grand Clear lineages scepter art was much beneficial to Yan Zhaoge during the meantime.

The other things that would instantly benefit him were not his other supreme martial arts but all the marvelous treasures Chen Qianhua had amassed during the past few years.

While the Immortal Artifacts wielded by the Chen brothers were important, Yan Zhaoge was much satisfied with other things.

Some treasures that were hard to come by, or were even deemed to have disappeared from the world, were likely in Chen Qianhuas possession.

Throughout the years, this person had been venturing around, collecting countless bountiful treasures along the way.

With how much wealth he amassed, even Yue Zhenbei or Jiang Shen would be astonished.

Perhaps, the total amount might still seem insignificant.

However, the diversity was truly remarkable, including even all sorts of treasures one might not even know of.

Yan Zhaoge had resided in the Heavenly Court Divine Palaces Martial Repository.

Other than the supreme martial arts, he had also come across countless archives.

Such privilege allowed him to execute methods and tactics which forced his enemies into unfavorable situations.

Using the old tactics prescribed in these archives, Yan Zhaoge continued his improvisation, which resulted in him creating various fresh tactics.

In truth, Yan Zhaoge felt as if he was an engineer without his tools.

While many thoughts sprouted in his mind, he could not execute them due to his lack of resources.

Now, such problems have become practically non-existent.

Just by looking at his harvests, various methods of utilizing these resources appeared in his mind.

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