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HSSB146: Specifically waiting for you to deliver yourself to me


Ah Hu was smiling coldly by the side, rubbing his fists, raring to go, obviously wanting to let Lin Zhou know the meaning of killing people to silence their tongues.

Having originally nearly been harmed by Lin Zhou in Old Man Great Sorrow’s tomb, Ah Hu’s killing intent had already solidified.

Yan Zhaoge’s expression, on the other hand, was a little strange.

He looked Lin Zhou all over for a long time, before finally blurting out, “The way you are now-it just doesn’t seem right ah.”

Yan Zhaoge’s words instead left Lin Zhou and Ah Hu rather stumped.

“My meaning is,” Yan Zhaoge sorted out his thoughts a little, then, looking a little as though he wanted to laugh but also cry, explained, “This kind of threat, seems like it should be me in the wrong; it seems like something that an antagonist would do, doesn’t it”

Lin Zhou laughed involuntarily, “You can’t be meaning to say that I’m base and shameless, right”

“Your family background is similar to mine, while we both have a similar cultivation.

Both of us also have numerous artifacts, and in terms of influence, it is unclear who would be able to best the other.”

“But this big fellow by your side-even though he isn’t showing his spiritual light, I know his cultivation is at least in the late Xiantian Martial Scholar realm, or possibly even touching the Heavenly Connection realm.”

Having said this much, Lin Zhou shook his head, “Having this kind of person as your personal servant, even I sort of envy you.”

“Even though I have great belief in myself, this kind of situation where I am fighting one on two, not to mention that one of my opponents is a Heavenly Connection Martial Scholar, is not something I’d like to waste my effort on.”

“Since I have other bargaining chips in my hand, why wouldn’t I use them”

Lin Zhou looked at Yan Zhaoge, “Of course, if we were to have a one on one battle for the Sacred Artifact fragment without any interference from that big fellow, I’d be happy to exchange some pointers with you.”

“However, I am in the mid Xiantian stage while you are only in the early Xiantian stage.

If I were to propose this, wouldn’t I be even more base and shameless”

Lin Zhou continued calmly, “What’s more, our two factions are hostile to each other and this Sacred Artifact fragment is clearly unordinary.”

“Let’s just say you agreed to a duel; I would still need to worry that you would renege on your promise.

Having some bargaining chips—isn’t this normal”

Yan Zhaoge laughed in spite of himself and shook his head, “Don’t misunderstand me.

This good fortune just came too suddenly is all, and I wasn’t quite prepared for it.”

Looking at Lin Zhou, he chuckled again, “This was a little bit out of my expectations.

The change from what I remember is too large.”

Lin Zhou spoke, “I only have gratitude towards those I value.

As for others, whether I use righteous methods or shady methods, what does it matter as long as I accomplish my goal”

“The Sacred Sun Clan’s Tang Yonghao is surprisingly moral and just, but that will end up being his downfall sooner or later.”

Hearing the latter half of his sentence, Yan Zhaoge’s gaze showed some consideration as he pondered it, but quickly resumed its normal state.

Looking at Ling Zhou, Yan Zhaoge racked his brains, “I really need to correct your previous mistakes.”

“Right now, you aren’t in a position to give orders.”

With Yan Zhaoge’s words, Ah Hu let out a shout as he rapidly shot forwards.

Despite his large figure, Ah Hu suddenly became light like a ghostly shadow.

In an instant, Ah Hu had lunged directly before Lin Zhou was.

“It seems like you have chosen the Sacred Artifact fragment,” Not changing in expression, Lin Zhou retreated, quick as a flash of lightning.

The swiftness of the Heavenly Thunder Hall’s movement techniques was displayed to the point of perfection.

However, Ah Hu gave a fierce roar.

After lunging with the Ghost Tiger Divine Claw, he followed up with the Howling Wind Leaping Technique of the Tiger Roar Demonic Fist.

Lin Zhou looked like he was about to evade, but Ah Hu’s body seemed to leap a second time, resembling an imposing gale of wind as he stepped into the air, appearing before Lin Zhou once again.

At this time, Ah Hu’s spiritual light shot straight into the horizon.

Rather than appearing illusory, it was a true pillar of light that seemed to be connected to the heavens.

Under the pressure of a Heavenly Connection Martial Scholar, the surrounding space locked up and the air itself was compressed till it resembled stone.

Facing this situation, Lin Zhou’s eyes instead exploded with a light.

Lightning flashed behind his back as he manifested a pair of wings entirely formed of thunder.

With this added technique, his speed was raised by yet another level as he evaded Ah Hu’s direct attacks.

Lin Zhou looked over at the faraway Yan Zhaoge, then at the Blood Cocoon Net and the Thunder Emperor’s Pupil, then at the Ah Hu who was chasing him before letting out a cold laugh.

“Very good, everything is going according to the original plan.”

“You’re not willing to part with the Sacred Artifact fragment Well, I am.”

Lin Zhou’s gaze sharpened as he coldly looked over Yan Zhaoge.

The slowly regenerating Blood Cocoon Net suddenly exploded into blood colored strands that burrowed into the Sacred Artifact fragment.

Under the stimulation of the Blood Cocoon Net, the Thunder Emperor’s Pupil began to react violently, letting out berserk thunder everywhere.

The roar of thunderbolts resounded through the heavens, and an incomparably terrifying aura exploded out of the Thunder Emperor’s Pupil that seemed about to sweep through the heavens and the earth.

The Ah Hu who had just about caught up with Lin Zhou suddenly turned around as his expression changed abruptly, “From the very beginning, his target wasn’t the Sacred Artifact fragment.

He was aiming for Young Master all along!”

Whether it was the news about Feng Yunsheng’s Extreme Yin Physique, talking about dueling Yan Zhaoge for the artifact, or baiting Ah Hu into attacking, it had all been a psychological trap.

From the moment he had seen Yan Zhaoge in this place, Lin Zhou’s goal had been to kill him all along.

To that end, he was even willing to give the Sacred Artifact fragment up.

Making a prompt decision, Ah Hu immediately turned around and charged towards the area with the Thunder Emperor’s Pupil and Yan Zhaoge.

Lin Zhou calmly looked at at the unfolding situation, “This servant of yours; even though his cultivation is not weak, his weak point is glaringly obvious, making him much too easy to deal with.”

“You always place Yan Zhaoge’s safety as your utmost priority.

Between killing an enemy and protecting Yan Zhaoge, you will always choose the latter.”

“It’s a pity that it is already too late.

You turning around will only mean that you’ll accompany him in death.”

Ah Hu increased his speed as he hurried back.

The retreating Lin Zhou also stopped, then headed back as well.

“Even though the Sacred Artifact fragment is good, it is only one kind of destiny.

If your Yan Zhaoge dies, and everything returns to normal, even more fortuitous encounters are patiently waiting for me.”

“You, Yan Zhaoge, are too much of a hindrance.”

Even if the Sacred Artifact fragment wasn’t able to directly kill Yan Zhaoge and Ah Hu, they would definitely be like an arrow at the end of its flight.

Lin Zhou would not let go of such an opportunity.

Yan Zhaoge attentively watched Lin Zhou, as the corners of his mouth curled up into a mirthless smile, “Blood Cocoon Net, good stuff.

It’s rarely seen.”

Lin Zhou’s expression didn’t change at all, but suddenly felt a cold shiver, “He knows the Blood Cocoon Net’s origin as well as all its functions.”

Yan Zhaoge let out a strike towards the net and the Thunder Emperor’s Pupil.

“I was specifically waiting for this move of yours.

I just knew that you would deliver yourself up.”

The demonic red light of the Blood Devil Plate that had previously been corroding the Blood Cocoon Net suddenly turned dark and gloomy, jet-black like ink.

As soon as the black light made an appearance, the Blood Cocoon Net was instantly stopped in its tracks.

The Thunder Emperor’s Pupil continued to emit lightning, but the storm was no longer intensifying.

As Ah Hu hurried back, he clapped his palms together to produce numerous black whirlwinds that enveloped the area.

Using his full cultivation as a Heaven Connection Martial Scholar, he forcefully suppressed the explosive force from the Sacred Artifact fragment.

Closely chasing after him quick as flashing lightning, as Lin Zhou saw this, he immediately wrinkled his brows.

His Wind Thunder Wings allowed him great maneuverability, allowing him to advance and retreat as he would.

Realizing that things weren’t going according to plan, he prepared to escape.

“Too late.” Yan Zhaoge let out a long laugh, then lifted his hands upwards.

Two bright lights, one green, one purple, streaked through the sky like a rainbow, piercing through the clouds.

At such a close distance, regardless of his speed, Lin Zhou would also be hard pressed to evade the attack.

The most he could do was twist his body in an evasive motion.

The green and purple lights missed his body, but shattered the two wings of thunder behind his back.

Yan Zhaoge’s body crouched and leapt as like a howling gale and flashing lightning, he shot murderously towards Lin Zhou.


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