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“Lets continue like how we discussed earlier.” Gao Qingxuan said, “All of you will go while Ill continue the search alone.”

Her target was much smaller and was much more suitable in venturing aimlessly, continuing the search for others tracks.

“Alright.” Yan Zhaoge and the others didnt say anything else.

After bidding farewell with Gao Qingxuan, they immediately went toward the coordinates the Tranquil Emperor provided.

Upon closing in to the universe, they immediately felt an intense tremble by the void.

Someone else was fighting.

Yan Zhaoge and the others continued forward.

When looking afar, a field of purple clouds appeared by the void.

Under the purple clouds enshroudment, four dragons and four tigers of the earth, water, fire, and wind elements were continuously rampaging about.

The dragons and tigers combined their mights, causing crimson and golden radiances to intertwine together in an attempt to break through the layer of purple clouds.

Upon seeing this scene, Yan Zhaoge and the others immediately knew that it was the Roving Jade Heavens Kun Ningzi.

On the other side, countless sword-lights were undulating.

One of the sword-lights was emitted faint golden brilliance.

Wherever the sword passed through, the image of a brand-new world faintly appears.

As the sword-lights separated, presenting the majestic phenomena of the heavens opening and the earth splitting.

He was of the Jade Capital Crag lineage, the Sword sovereign – Yue Zhenbeis disciple, the former Southwestern Exalt – Bai Tao.

Although Bai Tao had yet to push open the Immortal Door and ascend to the Immortal Realm, he cultivated the Jade Illusory Heaven Opening Sword.

With the Immortal Artifact – the Origin Opening Sword in hand, his demeanor permeated, making one refrain from underestimating him.

Even if he could not utilize the Origin Opening Sword to its fullest, beaming radiances still appeared wherever his sword passed through.

His opponent was also a sword cultivator.

Bai Taos cultivation wasnt that weak, and he even had an Immortal Artifact in his possession.

However, despite that, he could not do anything to his enemy.

-because his enemy was a sword cultivator that had already opened the Immortal Door.

Only, it belonged to a True Immortal of the Immortal Court.

He was easily identifiable with his skyrocketing treasured lights imbued with faith power.

The one fighting against Kun Ningzi was also of the immortal Court – a Profound Immortal Sovereign that had passed the Pure Profound Tribulation.

Kun Ningzi wore the Dragon Tiger Crimson Golden Armor.

Dragons and tigers accompanied him.

With crimson gold radiances sparkling, his increasingly domineering power bolted toward his opponent.

However, a baldachin was erected atop the purple clouds.

Radiances descended from the baldachin, fusing with the purple cloud.

With their dense and compact fusion, they solidly obstructed Kun Ningzis attacks.

“A Tranquil level Immortal Artifact.” Yan Zhaoge could instantly tell, even when looking from afar.

He then looked at the Immortal Court sword cultivator fighting against Bai Tao.

Seeing the transformation in his sword arts, Yan Zhaoge touched his lips, “The Mountain Shu lineage.

No wonder why senior apprentice-brother Bai cant take him down in the meantime…”

Yan Zhaoge continued moving toward the battlefield.

Coincidentally, fabrics of voids were torn apart in another direction, with rays of brilliance emitting from within.

The newcomer had also come here for the Tranquil Emperor and Bai Tao.

Seeing the treasured lights imbued with faith power permeating through them, they were obviously of the Immortal Court as well.

There were a total of three, one Sovereign and two Emperors.

If they were to join the fray, the Tranquil Emperor and Bai Tao would instantly be met with immense trouble.

Even attempting to flee unscathed would be but a mere delusion.

However, Yan Zhaoge and the others reached before them.

They only noticed Yan Zhaoges group upon closing it.

The Tranquil Emperor and Bai Tao both displayed joyous expressions on their faces, and they let out a long sigh of relief.

Meanwhile, those of the Immortal Courts changed their expressions slightly.

“Oh, right.

I remember the Mars Halberd mentioning something about compensating for your lack of manpower by forcefully illuminating us.” Yan Zhaoge curled his lips.

Atop the purple clouds, atop the baldachin, a deep yet deafening voice resounded, “Youre all heretics.

Only by returning to the orthodox path would you be enlightened righteousness!”

Yan Zhaoge smiled widely.

Yan Di and Daoist Cloud Conquest were currently injured, and Yan Zhaoge didnt want them to make a move at all.

Hence, all responsibilities fell upon him.

He didnt bother answering at all.

With a step forward, he instantly reached the front of his enemy.

He extended his palm and tore the purple clouds apart!

Red radiances came crashing down from the baldachin.

However, Yan Zhaoge didnt even bother reacting to it.

His palm continued forward, and with what seemed like a casual pluck, the baldachin instantly fell into his hand.

Then, he extended his palm again, causing the calamitous clouds to descend, blotting the entire skies.

The Immortal Court Sovereign had intentions of evading, but Yan Zhaoges palm seemed to have enveloped the entire skies.

As he clenched his fist, the whole universe seemed to be contained within.

No matter how hard his opponent tried to evade or attempted to shift away, he just remained on the same spot, unable to escape from Yan Zhaoges grasp.

Space itself was sealed tightly.

When Yan Zhaoges palm descended slowly, he immediately grabbed the Immortal Court Sovereign.

“Ho Youre a Demon” Yan Zhaoge raised his brows.

He exerted force into his grab, causing the Immortal Court Sovereign to wail in agony.

Then, his original form finally appeared – a black dragon.

“Malign heretic, cease your insolence.

Our Immortal Courts Heavenly Monarchs shall force you into submission!” yelled the Immortal Court Emperor of the Mountain Shu lineage.

Yan Zhaoge plainly looked toward him.

A “buzz” sound resounded within the Mountain Shu sword cultivators mind, causing undulation of waves within his mind.

He froze on the spot, seemingly turned into a statue.

Traces of shapeless mist-like gases continuously excreted from his body.

Even his opponent – Bai Tao, was taken aback.

Bao Tao always had to predict his opponents movements and strife for counterattacks.

As such, to fight his battles meticulously, he would have to use both brains and brawns.

However, with his opponents movements suddenly freezing, Bai Taos attack almost missed.

Ultimately, he still mastered the ways of sword arts and could utilize his attacks as he willed.

With a mere thought, the Origin Opening Sword immediately returned to his grasp.

At this moment, his perception toward his opponent had changed entirely.

Just like an Immortal Sword originally beaming with glaring sharpness, it was now rusting without any warnings!

The sharpness ceased to exist any longer while the sword was being clad in layers of dust.

Its surface, filled with rust, now became highly fragile.

Bai Taos Jade Clear Heaven Opening Sword aside, even an average persons strike was capable of crushing this sword apart!

Yet, just a few instances ago, it was still an extraordinarily sharp Immortal Sword that slashed apart the Immortal Door.

Mixed feelings churned within Bai Taos heart.

While all these happened without any warnings or reasons, Bai Tao knew that Yan Zhaoge was its cause.

So quickly, so casually.

Thinking back to when the Broad Creed Mountain first established their sect in the World beyond Worlds Southeastern Yang Heaven Territorys Royal Reed Sea, Bai Taos mind went into a daze.

During that time, Yan Zhaoge was already beaming with his extraordinariness.

However, at that time, he was still a mere Immortal Bridge Martial Saint.

“Just how many years had passed” Bai Tao sighed in his heart, “Thirty years”

The years Bai Tao took to ascend to the Martial Saint Exalt Realm had already far surpassed Yan Zhaoges age.

Although he was still a Martial Saint Exalt, Yan Zhaoge had already challenged the Pure Profound Tribulation and became a Profound Immortal – just like his master Yue Zhenbei.

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