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Chapter 1479: The Existence that Shattered the Immortal Courts Final Straw of Security

“Your… your sword art just now…” The middle-aged Daoist struggled to look towards Yan Zhaoge, the bewilderment in his eye prevailing.

The shock brought about by Yan Zhaoges Immortal Slaughtering Sword far exceeded all the previous ones he received.

After all, it breached through the limits of the disparity between a Profound Immortal and a Virtual Immortal.

Previously, only the Immortal Extermination Formation was capable of such an overpowered technique.

While an Immortal Courts top-notch expert might know the reputation of the Immortal Extermination Formation and the Chaos Extinguishing Origin Scripture, the two were things that resided by the legends.

Before the Immortal Court was formed, the Immortal Extermination Formation and the Chaos Extinguishing Exterminating Formation had already been lost, never appearing in the world since then.

Without knowing how fearsome and gruesome the two were, the Immortal Court experts were not wary of them.

However, today, Yan Zhaoges Fallen Deity Sword had defeated a Virtual Immortal Realm opponent.

A Profound Immortal slaying a Virtual Immortal!

It was not even a fight, nor was it suppressing or capturing alive.

Instead, he truly harmed a Virtual Immortals Five Qis Unifications with his Profound Immortal cultivation!

Even the black dragon became disheartened by the unprecedented shock he felt.

If it were the Immortal Extermination Scripture or even the Chaos Extinguishing Origin Scripture, he would more or less expect such an outcome.

However, right now, he was truly taken aback.

For the longest time, while Immortal Court experts were inferior to the orthodox Daoism experts of the same realm in terms of strength, the Immortal Court martial art practitioners still had some confidence backing them.

After the Great Calamity, it became much easier for their cultivation to increase.

In fact, their cultivation speed far surpassed those of orthodox Daoism.

True Immortals triumphed over Martial Saints, Profound Immortals triumphed over True Immortals, Virtual Immortals triumphed over Profound Immortals, and Heavenly Immortals triumphed over Virtual Immortals.

No matter what, the advantage of the cultivation realm would always apply.

Suo Mingzhang managed to force the Immortal Court into such a sorry state and make the situation advantageous for the Blessed Lands of the White Lotus because he exceeded everyones expectations and ascended to the Grand Heavenly Immortal Realm.

If he continued to remain by the Grand Virtual Immortal Realm, even if he could escape from the besiegement, the Immortal Court would not succumb to such a state.

As such, while the Immortal Court was furious, they could only accept such a fate.

However, right now, the situation was completely different.

To a certain extent, the Immortal Court martial art practitioners final straw of security was shattered.

The middle-aged Daoist and the black dragon both had complex expressions.

When staring at Yan Zhaoge, hints of fear and gruesomeness were written all over their eyes.

As for Daoist Cloud Conquest, he looked towards Yan Di and Long Xingquan with commiseration.

He sent a voice transmission to the two, “Such a pity.”

Yan Di and Long Xingquan knew what he was talking about.

The requirements for cultivating the Fallen Deity Sword were extravagantly colossal.

To cultivate this sword art, one would first have to cultivate the Later Heaven Six Scriptures, the Numinous Treasure Four Swords, the Coiling Dragon sleeve, the Hill Light Flying Immortal Scripture, and various other supreme martial arts.

Moreover, specific criteria must be met.

Only with that would one manage to cultivate the Slaying Azure Dragon Sword, Slaying Xuanwu Sword, Slaying White Tiger Sword, and the Slaying Vermillion Bird Sword.

Only with these foundations would one have hopes of cultivating the Fallen Deity Sword.

Being the Fallen Deity Swords foundations, these martial arts all contained boundless profundities, far surpassing regular martial arts that others cultivate.

Even when spending most of their lives, most martial art cultivators would only be capable of comprehending one of these supreme martial arts.

They would have to pour in all their enthusiasm and energies into doing so.

No matter how exceptional a prodigys talent was, no matter how many supreme martial arts they could cultivate, fully comprehending all of them would be nigh impossible.

Each art had its specializations.

Even if one could speedily comprehend specific supreme martial arts, this did not imply the same to other different supreme martial arts.

The supreme martial arts required to cultivate the Fallen Deity Sword were scattered all over the place.

Even if they could gather all the scriptures, cultivating so many supreme martial arts ultimately required time and accumulation.

God knows how long one would take to complete all these tasks.

Moreover, mastering so many supreme martial arts was merely an entry foundation.

If one desired to cultivate the Fallen Deity Sword, they would have to comprehend these supreme martial arts, integrating them as one, and freely command all these arts as they pleased.

This alone would eliminate countless candidates.

While the requirements were indeed harsh, the Fallen Deity Swords mightiness was enough to make one strongly covet after it.

The only issue was that achieving all these were far too difficult.

“While Chen Qianhua truly deserved death, hes still the closest one ever to learn Yan Zhaoges Fallen Deity Sword,” said Yan Di plainly.

Yan Di had already heard of the previous events after meeting Yan Zhaoge again.

“You have a chance as well,” said Long Xingquan with a smile.

“Originally, I did.” Yan Di was neither self-effacing nor prideful.

During his youth, he walked the path which encompassed a wide range of martial arts.

Later on, as his cultivation increased, the Creation Saber became more and more matured.

With this, he started focusing on one path while using others as references.

Being in this situation, while he could attempt to comprehend the Fallen Deity Swords sword intent, it would undoubtedly slow down his Creation Sabers progress.

The Creation Saber only permitted progress.

Slowing it down would bring harm instead.

While surpassing the gulf between the Immortal Realm might be a good thing, advancing triumphantly was much more suitable for Yan Di, which allowed him to be equal or surpass his opponents.

If he learned the Fallen Deity Sword, he would lose a tremendous amount of time even if he did learn something.

As such, it was deemed unsuitable for him.

If he had the time to do so, his cultivation would have already increased.

“I heard of the latest talent in your sect.

He possesses the Big Dipper Body, which granted him an innate clear state of mind from what I have heard.

Perhaps, he could accomplish it as well,” said Daoist Cloud Conquest.

Yan Di nodded, “Longtu does have hopes of accomplishing it.

However, he still requires some training before doing so.

He cant possibly cultivate that Fallen Deity Sword in the Martial Saint Exalt Realm, like what Yan Zhaoge did.”

Ying Longtu was the second most knowledgeable person among the Broad Creed Mountains younger generation, second only to Yan Zhaoge.

Moreover, rather than being someone slothful, he was someone with great mastery in many martial arts.

Even Yan Zhaoge himself was positive that Ying Longtu could cultivate the Fallen Deity Sword.

“Compared to Longtu, Yu Yes Heaven Containing Purified Soul has more potential.” Yan Di said, “Only, the martial arts she learned previously werent as complex and what Yan Zhaoge and Chen Qianhua came in contact with.

Building such foundations would require an ample amount of time.

Otherwise, she might even surpass Chen Qianhua and successfully cultivate the Fallen Deity Sword first.”

“Of course, now that she has the Chaos Extinguishing Origin Scripture, she didnt have to consider cultivating the Fallen Deity Sword anymore.”

Long Xingquan sighed, “Little Ye, Zhenbei, and Jingshens whereabouts are still unknown.

I bless nothing bad befalls upon them.”

Yan Di and Daoist Cloud Conquest nodded, “Now, let us continue our search.”

“Were kind of tight on time.” Yan Zhaoge walked towards them while grabbing the Immortal Court Heavenly Monarch, “Other than this bastard, theres another heretical Virtual Immortal somewhere else.”

Yan Di and the others frowned.

Under normal circumstances, seventy-two out of the Three Thousand Immortal Territories would pay tribute to the Virtual Immortal Heavenly Monarchs.

Every Heavenly Monarch could enjoy the treasured lights imbued with faith power from thirty-six to forty-five territories.

During the great battle that transpired twenty years ago, other than the four Heavenly Lords, various Heavenly Monarchs had also perished by Suo Mingzhangs hands.

Later, after being invaded by the Blessed Lands of the White Lotus, the Immortal Court, initially in a disadvantageous position, to begin with, was then lacking in manpower.

Yet, being in such a situation, they still dispatched two Virtual Immortal Realm Heavenly Monarchs.

With how tight their situation was, this must be no small matter.

Who knows if there would be additional reinforcements later on

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