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After capturing an Immortal Court Virtual Immortal and a Profound Immortal, Yan Zhaoge immediately started interrogating them.

Their previous actions were already plenty self-explanatory.

They intended to capture some orthodox Daoism experts and bring the captured targets back to the Immortal Court.

Then, the Immortal Court, or even the Immeasurable Heavenly Lord, would forcefully illuminate them.

As for whether any effects would prevail, such matters were not on their minds any longer.

Because the Immortal Court was deeply lacking in manpower and required immediate replenishments.

Otherwise, they could not possibly perform their counter-attack effectively, recovering their territories in the process.

Among the Three Thousand Immortal Territories, eight hundred were occupied by the heretical Buddhists.

Not only were the cached treasures and resources occupied by them, but even the treasured lights imbued with faith power were also of no exception.

While their populations had not decreased drastically, the publics grievance would not be curbed if peace had yet to return.

In fact, such times filled with uncertainties would gradually shake the publics feelings of worship and faith, further posing threats to the Immortal Courts imperialistic foundations.

In the past, they were caught off-guard by Suo Mingzhang, causing a massive blow toward the Immortal Court.

Suo Mingzhang massacred four out of twelve Heavenly Lords in the Immortal Court.

Through tremendous efforts, the Immortal Court finally managed to produce one more in recent years.

However, the Immortal Courts Grand Heavenly Immortals were already inferior in numbers compared to the Blessed Lands of the White Lotus.

Their disadvantage remained prodigious.

Under normal circumstances, the Immortal Court could afford to raise seventy-two Heavenly Monarchs.

During the previous battle in the dao universe, their numbers of Heavenly Monarchs had also suffered greatly.

Through years of hard work and even some desperate measures, they only managed to recover around sixty of them.

After all, being in this realm, the increment was already difficult, to begin with.

Even the heretics suffered from such difficulty scaling.

On the other hand, by losing those eight hundred Immortal Territories and the myriad of worlds contained within, their supply of treasured lights imbued with faith power was damaged, making it harder for them to produce more experts in the meantime.

Their shortage of manpower rendered them powerless to claim back those conquered territories.

With the loss of territories, the number of perished lackeys could not be compensated.

Being locked into this vicious cycle, the Immortal Courts hearts wrenched agonizingly, further adding fuel to their flame of hatred toward Suo Mingzhang.

During the battle against the Nine Underworlds, Suo Mingzhang appeared once again.

If the Blessed Lands of the White Lotus invasion were not so pressing, the Immeasurable Heavenly Lord would have personally hunted Suo Mingzhang down.

If the Immortal Court intended to escape their current dismal situation, they could illuminate other forces exports, hence replenishing their manpower.

Only, their manpower was already seriously lacking, to begin with.

Distributing their forces to take advantage of unsuspecting others posed significant difficulties.

With two Heavenly Monarchs appearing together, even Yan Zhaoges interest was caught.

“The Nine Underworlds fun isnt as easy to join as you think.” Yan Zhaoge said, “This is the battlefield filled with the Demon Race and the Western Pure Lands.

Even if you intend to illuminate my brethren to replenish your manpower, the Western Pure Lands should be the one assisting you in this.”

He stared at the two Immortal Court martial art practitioners, “For what reason did the two of you come here for”

The two Immortal Court experts snorted, “Vile heretics, youre wasting your energy.”

“I cultivated the Immortal Exterminating Sword, the Faceless Devilish Scripture, and the Taiyi Fist.

Any one of them could easily disrupt your faith powers from returning to the Immortal Court.” Yan Zhaoge chuckled, “So, dont place your hopes on others for taking revenge on your behalf.”

“Fearless of death You should know, there are things much scarier than death in this world.

With your cultivations and positions, you should be aware of my Nine Bends Yellow River Formation, right”

The middle-aged Daoist and the black dragons bodies trembled violently.

Yan Zhaoge glanced at them and suddenly said, “You werent here for us.

Otherwise, you wouldnt have arrived so late, right”

“You were chasing after senior apprentice-brother Nie and senior apprentice-sister Yu and planned to seize the Chaos Extinguishing Origin Scripture and the Immortal Extermination Formation”

The middle-aged Daoist closed his eyes and remained silent.

The black dragon lowered his head and let out a sigh.

Through Yan Zhaoges vigilant wordplay, he finally managed to dig out some information.

The middle-aged Daoist was a stubborn individual.

Truth and lies came from his words to mislead Yan Zhaoge.

However, Yan Zhaoge separated the two before they answered and compared their answers through their testimonies.

Slowly, he managed to discard the fake information and acquired some useful ones.

A distant yet familiar name popped up in his mind.

Lofty Sovereign, Zhang Buxu.

He was the initial target of the two Immortal Court Virtual Immortals.

While originating from the Roving Jade Heavens, his ideals were different from Gao Qingxuan, Li Ying, Daoist Cloud Conquest, and the others.

Instead, his mindset was similar to the World beyond Worlds Exalted Earth Luminary – Jiang Shen.

Due to the disparity in mindset, the Lofty Sovereign decided to desert from the Roving Jade Heavens.

While he did not join the Immortal Court, he was not as hostile, and he did not reject the Immortal Court doctrine as intensely as the others.

Moreover, he was a Profound Immortal of the orthodox Daoism that was regularly unchaperoned.

This made him the perfect target for the Immortal Court to illuminate.

Previously, the Immortal Court discovered by chance on the tracks left behind by the Lofty Sovereign and tracked him down.

With this, they dispatched two Immortal Court Heavenly Monarchs to search after him.

One of them had also interacted with Zhang Buxu many times.

While they were not really on friendly terms, they still knew each other well.

The Immortal Court was determined to illuminate him this time.

However, while tracking him, they noticed that Zhang Buxus destination had something within, something filled with profundities.

“Does that mean Daoist Zhang also discovered the Lord of Plentiful Treasures remains” Daoist Cloud Conquest had a serious expression on his face, “Previously, I deduced that someone else was also present.

Could it be Daoist Zhang”

“Most likely.” Yan Zhaoge nodded, “In the end, it turned into a battle of mayhem.”

A group of Immortal Court experts noticed a stagnated Immortal Extermination Formation enveloping the Lord of Plentiful Treasures remains and paid heed to it.

The Immortal Court forbade the cultivation of the Three Clear Lineages martial arts, dubbing them as heretical arts.

However, to the group of Immortal Court experts that had pushed open the Immortal Door, the magnificence of the Immortal Extermination Formation echoed by their ears.

Even if they had not witnessed the true might of the Immortal Extermination Formation, this was still the most brutal formation in the legends, capable of surpassing the gulf between humans and Immortals.

Just like Yan Zhaoges Fallen Deity Sword, the Prime Clear Immortal Extermination Formation was something that shattered their straw of security.

Even if they could not take control of it, no one else should be allowed to do so.

“Fortunately, albeit being caught up in a mess, senior apprentice-sister Yu still managed to acquire the Lord of Plentiful Treasures heritage and the Immortal Slaughtering Sword.” Yan Zhaoge said, “Time flows differently in the Lord of Plentiful Treasures burial spot, much faster than the outside world.

Being situated within, senior apprentice-sister Yu had ample time to cultivate the Chaos Extinguishing Origin Scripture, and even managed to provide aid to us, forcing the Victorious Fighting Buddha into retreat.”

The group of Immortal Court experts was reluctant to leave matters just like that.

Immediately after the battle, they headed towards the universe, which Yan Zhaoge and the others fought in.

Since they could not deal with Yu Ye, they took the opportunity to capture other Daoism experts.

Of course, if they came in contact with Yu ye, who was wounded by the Immortal Extermination Formation, that would be for the best.

One thing worth noting was that Zhang Buxu had followed suit.

He was also in this area!

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